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[3 of 4] The 6 Ingredients of A Great Female Workout Program

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In the previous article, I showed you some results from the women I teach to prove that it’s possible to be losing 1lb a week (or more) eating anything you want and how you can do it too.



If you haven’t seen it yet, go to this link and don’t come back here until you’ve finished reading all of it. This is 4-part article series and it’s highly recommended to see the previous articles first to get the most out of everything that I teach.


And if you haven’t read any of them yet, here are the links to them:


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Done reading? Let’s proceed.

Let me ask you…


How many workout programs have you tried?


And out of all those programs, how many have actually worked?


When I first started, I was so confident with the knowledge I have from magazines, from videos of my favorite bodybuilders and from my bros at the gym.


My goal? To put together the best workout program. After all, these were all legit sources. And so I did and put in the work, time and effort.


Spent hours in the gym, becoming obsessed with doing every move imaginable, loved the days when I can barely walk. Go hard or go home, right?


Lo and behold, after years of doing everything to the dot… I was nowhere near my goal.


It wasn’t only me. This girl was trying for years to see something change in the mirror. You might even be exactly like her.



In 3 months, you can pretty much see she nailed it. Finally.


Would you believe that there were only 6 elements in her workout that ended her struggle to finally make progress?

Read on and find out how she did it.


In my last article, I taught you how to manipulate your food in the form of calories. You are pretty much set at this point but… I can teach you to make it even better.


Any fitness journey isn’t complete without a great workout program.


But the problem is, how can you tell if the program is effective? How can you avoid wasting time doing a program only to find out in the end that it isn’t doing anything for you?


And perhaps the most exciting (but most women will never ask) question of them all: how can you create a perfect program that will ensure results and progress?


But you are not most women, right? You are a woman who is in control and you have the power to change your body. You are here today because you want to start strong on the right path. You already have the first pieces of the puzzle.


Now, let’s complete it.


The 6 Ingredients Of An Awesome Training Program

1. Progression or progressive overload should always be the goal


What is progressive overload? No, it’s not lifting heavy, heavy, heavy. It’s striving to lift more or heavier bit by bit. In other words, no workout should be the same.


A muscle grows by stimulating it consistently. As your body gets stronger, you need to give it more in order to.. well.. become even stronger!



This is where a lot of trainers get it wrong. You show up on Day 1 and they give you your “plan”. After a few weeks, you’re still doing the same plan, the same weights, the same exercises. No wonder you look the same!


If your goal is to strengthen and tone your arms, then why are you still doing thousands of reps with the same pink dumbbell that you bought 3 years ago?


If your goal are toned thighs and glutes, then why are you still staring at the squat rack until today?


To upgrade our body, we must also learn to upgrade our mindset. Let go of your fears and take that first step down from the elliptical machine and get some real work done.


2. Prioritize quality over quantity


This is perhaps one of the reasons why so many people are afraid of getting under a barbell bar or lifting some weights. There are far too many ridiculous videos of people doing all sorts of crazy things in the gym. Crazy, dangerous and downright wrong.


Never, ever do this.


You will be able to reap the benefits of an exercise if, and only if, it is performed correctly. See, there are 2 things that can happen when somebody cares more about the weight they are lifting and not about their goal:


  • They work all the wrong muscles
  • They set themselves up for injury


Remember Ingredient # 1? One sign to know that you are progressing is if you are able to lift more and do more without sacrificing your execution. One thing to go about this is taking a video of yourself while doing the exercise and see points for improvement.


It can be as small as the distance between your feet or as big as dropping the weight and taking a step back. Regardless of what the improvement needs to be, simply being aware is already setting you up to become stronger and better.


If you need resources, there are a lot of credible coaches doing tutorial videos on Youtube. You may even send me an email or catch me on social media if you need a quick check on your form!


3. Recovery is crucial to success


I know, this is a tricky one. After all, we are at a time where we hustle all the time. We work, we take care of family, we socialize. This comes along with sleepless nights, overtime at the office, back-to-back events.


But what most people do not know (but again, you are not most people) is that your body occurs changes when you rest. Your muscles grow and fat loss occurs when you are resting.


However, a good workout program would recognize this fact and would allow sufficient rest days for you. This does not only make sure that you have time to live your life but it also prevents you from feeling burned out.



One of the first workout programs I tried was a 6-day-workout program and believe me, I felt like being run over by a truck almost every day. And I didn’t even reach my goal of getting a ripped body.


The last thing you want is a workout program that adds even more stress in your life so why are you looking for a program that requires you to be in the gym every day?


A good example here is my friend Meg.



Meg has a family and a 3-year old boy. She didn’t hire a nanny as she is very hands-on with him. But she was able to drop her body fat from 35% to 23% without sacrificing time with her son and their family. Do you think a 6-day workout program would have given her the best of both worlds? I don’t think so.


4. Keep it basic


Bicep curls, crunches, bicep curls, crunches. Add a few squats, a few more crunches. And then 2 hours on the treadmill.


What a fantastic waste of time when in fact, you can become stronger, better and faster using a lesser number of exercises. And in less than the time you were asked to go on a treadmill.


By basics, I meant compound moves. There are categories of movements in lifting and two of them are compound and isolation moves. Compound moves are also called multi-joint moves since they involve more than just one joint in your body. Isolation moves, on the other hand, do just that. They use mostly single joints and isolate a single muscle. As an example, let’s take the squat for compound moves and the abdominal crunch for isolation.


When you are asked to squat down, you bend your knees, put tension on your legs and glutes, fold at your hips, you tense your abs and your back stabilizers are also involved to make sure you are positioned properly. The legs alone have 3 muscles, and I haven’t even started with the other parts.



The abdominal crunch is as it is: it involves your abdominal muscles and only that. No legs, no arms, no back. Nothing else. Just abs.



And what do you know… The more muscles are involved in a movement, the more calories your body burns. But wait, there’s more!


  • More muscles involved means less time needed to stay in the gym (see Ingredient # 3)
  • Basic movements mean you need to prioritize form all the more (See Ingredient # 2)


So, if you are given the choice to hit more muscles in one exercise, less time to spend working out and more time to enjoy life plus have a better shot at being stronger, injury-free, and getting more results, would you take it? I know I will. 


She did, too, and look at where she is now.




5. Appropriate volume and intensity


It’s funny, see, most workout programs you see today are on both ends of the spectrum: it’s either too much or too less.


Volume and intensity dictate how your body would respond to the training you have. It’s just like in the kitchen:


  • Too much baking powder will set a cake but good luck with the taste
  • Too little baking powder will set a cake but good luck with how it forms


There is a delicate balance that will allow a person to be successful with their journey. Remember my experience with element # 2? Because the truth is: 6-7x a week workout is just overkill for most people.



In my previous article, I mentioned the use of drugs for some athletes. These drugs do allow them to work more and do more. But we are not them. We’re all natural here and our body can only take in so much before it turns its back on us.


But at the same time, we can’t be all relaxed and just be content with doing “something”. We still have to bring it on every time we are at the gym but not to the point that we injure ourselves or actually stop progress.


Each person has individual requirements, however, we can all begin from a base and referring to Element #1 — always strive for progress.


6. Flexibility with your current needs and level


I once encountered somebody who was so traumatized by her experience at the gym. She wanted to lose some weight and she never had any workout experience prior to that first visit.


When the trainer saw her, he made her do sets of this and that and the ever-so-loved treadmill session. She stayed in the gym for about 3 hours. That was the last time she did because she never went back. Luckily, it was a free trial.


This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of a workout program. Look, I may be a guy but I have been around a lot of wonderful women and if there is one thing that affects me is this: when women think of fitness, they see it as difficult and impossible. They think that it’s not for them.



Remember, a good workout program is only good for you if YOU can stick to it. There is no reason for you to do something which you cannot enjoy.


If your goal is to lose fat, then your program should revolve around that. If it’s to gain muscle, then your program should be able to make you gain muscle.


Flexibility also means it should be able to address your current weaknesses for overall development. If your legs are weak, then your program should have specific exercises meant to strengthen your legs.


We all lead different lives and have different fitness levels. If the same fixed workout plan was given to each of us with no possibility of adjustments, do you think we’ll all have the same results? Maybe at some point. But the bigger question is: will we all get there?


Chances are, at least one might drop out. It’s good to have determination and heart to do what is expected, however, we are looking for long-term success. If you can’t stick with it now, it’s just setting up for failure.





By now, you can see that all these ingredients cannot exist without the other. Each of them plays an important role in creating a workout program that you can progress on.


Each of these ingredients may have been the reason why you have not been seeing any progress or why your progress has stopped.


Try it out today. Take a look at your program and check it alongside these 6 ingredients I gave you. You might be surprised.



Or maybe you don’t have the program yet?



Well, you’ve seen the results and photos.


Did you know that these ladies all used a program that is highly flexible, ensures progress for a long time, fuss-free, enjoyable and can be modified freely regardless if you’ve never stepped inside a gym or have been going for years?


A single program that has all 6 ingredients plus the ability to change it according to works for you? I know it sounds too good to be true… but I’m not kidding at all.


Now, if you’re interested in becoming the super girl that you were always meant to be, I’ve finally put together a training program especially for women that covers all the elements that we’ve discussed above and all the things we’ve talked about in the previous articles.


I know some of you are still a bit confused on how to set up your own training and nutrition program where you can enjoy your life and achieve the fastest results, and this is why I created this amazing product.


It’s called… 


Minimalist Fitness for Women: The Revolutionary Step by Step System to Building Your Sexiest Body While Enjoying Life.




If you want that toned body and curves like your favorite model but don’t know where to start, or if you’ve been into fitness for a long time now but you’ve never seen results, listen up.


Is it possible for you to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more without giving up the #foodislife lifestyle? YES.


Is it possible for you to sculpt and tone 5, 10, 15 pounds of muscle without doing endless curls and other crazy moves? I’m telling you, Y-E-S.


Is it possible for you to be stronger than ever before, to be injury-free and be the fittest version of yourself? YES.


Minimalist Fitness is going to take you to results that will blow you away. This is the program to finally shift your fitness life around and make up for all the time you’ve wasted by doing the WRONG THINGS!


Check out all of the ladies and what they had to say:




Special Note


This program will only be available for 7 DAYS starting January 3, 2018, up until January 9, 2018 — then it will be closed again. Strictly 7 days with no extensions.


So, if you’re ready to bring on your most epic transformation this 2019, stay tuned for the next post for details about the program and the exclusive launching bonuses included!



In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts about the things you’ve learned over the past few days. What will you do with this information? Scroll down and leave a comment for me. I’ve been reading every comment and responding to dozens of them and I would love to hear from you.


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