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Results of #MFChallenge Summer Edition -- Paolo

#MFChallenge 4th place - Jhong

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Vincent MF results

“Sobrang nakatulong tong MF coach. Kala ko wala ng iimprove yung katawan ko…
– Vincent

“Please don’t stop sharing knowledge, you’ll never know who else you’re helping and inspiring”

– Carlo

“Nagtiwala lang ako sa mga sinulat mo bro at sinubukan ko. Bro can u believe I am 39 yrs old…
Laki tulong parang hindi ako nagmukhang 39”


“Mga 2 years na ko nag-ggym coach kung alam mo lang. Pero wala improvement
tapos yung sinunod ko yung sayo tignan mo laki improvements.”

– Dixcy

“Grabe! Di ko talaga expect na mangyayare to. Ilang beses na ko nagtry noon.
Pagod na dapat ako by this time pero excited pa rin ako sa changes to come.
Thank you sobra!”

– Oliver

“All these years malaki nagastos ko sa ibat ibang program I purchased online…
Pero dito lang ako sa program mo nagbago”


“63 (kg) ako nung nagkakilala tayo. Tapos 66 (kg) nung start ng MF.
Almost 70 (kg) na (ngayon) pero pag empty stomach 69.3 (kg).
Never akong tumaas ng ganito…”

– Ryan

“Salamat talaga sa help mo coach. Kahit di manalo sa contest. Panalo pa rin kame sa naachieve namin.”



Oh wait… but there’s more!


Haven’t I told you that you’ll be getting version 2.0 of the Minimalist Fitness program?!



How did I almost forget that?!



You’ve gone this far and I don’t want you clicking around and turning this page off so
here’s what you will be getting if you invest before the timer hits zero…




Minimalist Fitness v2 bundle


As you can see, I’ve added 2 more bonuses


Bonus #6: Minimalist Fitness Recipes

Minimalist Fitness recipe book

I’ve included 40+ easy-to-make recipes that you can make with little cooking skills.
The best part is, I’ve included their respective calories and macronutrients.

Bonus #7: Minimalist Fitness Sample Meal Plans

Minimalist Fitness Meal Plans

I’ve included sample meal plans with the simplest and most generic ingredients you can get at your local supermarket.
What you’ll have here is a 2-day sample meal plan broken into 5 meals for each caloric target:
from 1600 calories to 3600 calories!


In addition to these two added bonuses, these are the changes that I’ve made in the Main Guide. There’s a lot of additional contents
that have been added so please check them out!

Take a moment to consider this…


What would you have paid if you could have gotten the same results right from the start?

What if you were able to sculpt your physique at WILL, without the aid of nonsense 

supplements, expensive personal trainers, and countless hours in the gym

Can you even put a dollar value onto that?

What if you had the strategy to finally get the body that you’ve always wanted… without depriving
yourself of your favorite foods, and without spending your whole life working out?

This is what this program was created for.

The principles and philosophies in the Minimalist Fitness Program
could enable you to reach the next level — to live the life that you enjoy,
while adding all the benefits that a great physique provides.

Some of you may think it’s expensive, but let me ask you…

How much money have you already wasted on supplements?

How much money have you wasted on fitness instructors that couldn’t give you the results?

How about the time, money, effort?

I bet it’s a lot already or else you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Think about this…

If all this program did was provide you with the knowledge and tools
on how to lose TONS of fat, gain rock-hard muscles, skyrocket your strength
WHILE enjoying your party life

would it be worth it?

If all this did was save you from getting ignored by your crush because
you lack the “sexiness” that a good physique has, would it be worth it?

If all this did was make your ex crawling back to you or regret dumping you or cheating on you,
would it be worth it?

This program contains the BEST system available for building muscle and losing fat


Just imagine what life will be like when you already have the body that you’ve always been dreaming of.
Will that change your life? You bet.

I want to make this affordable enough that ANYONE can invest in themselves.

I’m not going to charge you $1000.

I’m not going to charge you $500, or even $100.

If you act now, you can get Minimalist Fitness Program, with all of these bonuses,
for only $47 or ₱2400+php!

*That’s less than a price of your protein powder or your 1-month gym membership*  

 So, what are you waiting for?
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(₱2400+)Minimalist Fitness: Building The Ultimate Physique While Enjoying Life

*60-day money back guarantee*

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(₱2400+)Minimalist Fitness: Building The Ultimate Physique While Enjoying Life

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