The 5 Fitness Secrets That All Women Should Know

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Wait, don’t close out on me… because I hate that word too.

How people throw it around when you just want to enjoy some cake.

How people still throw it around when you want to enjoy a salad.

How it comes out as the first suggestion when you want to start your “healthy living” journey.

It even comes as a piece of unsolicited advice during family gatherings and reunions.



But what most people know (and I will tell you this now), is you don’t have to do it. That even if you don’t want to do a diet, you will still be able to lose fat and build your body.


Yes, you read that right. Dieting is so overrated for us who just want to get a better body.


Here’s the deal. You give me your attention now and I promise you, you will find that getting your dream body or fitting in that little black dress is not an impossible dream. In fact, it may only just be weeks away.

Are you reading? Good.


Who am I?


Just like you, I was stuck not knowing where to start, how to stick with it and how to even end this vicious cycle of food and exercise. I have been motivated, demotivated, desperate and I have even given up.

My name is Cho and just like you, I have had my struggles with gaining weight as well as losing fat. I have felt embarrassed, disappointed and can recall that familiar sinking feeling in my stomach that tomorrow, it’s still my same old body.



Sounds familiar?  See, I don’t have much on my list and it already drives me crazy, what more for females like you? How you would try to juggle family, career, makeup, friends, relatives, cooking dinner… the list just goes on.


I have also seen my friends and their attempt at “Day 1” and never getting to Day 2. I have witnessed disappointed looks at the mall when a woman tries on some nice clothes but calls the sales lady after to get a higher size.


I have seen how women get frustrated running after their kids or tirelessly doing chores and finding out their waistline stayed the same even after being active for years.


How my officemates got gym memberships, trainers, pills, detox teas, meal subscriptions – only to realize that the only thing they burned was money.


It’s hopeless. Might as well accept it.

I’m too old, I can’t do it.

I have a job, kids, husband, house and I need to sleep. Where am I going to squeeze fitness in there?

Of course, celebrities have trainers that look after them. They don’t worry about anything else.


All these lines? I’ve said them, I have heard them. But this stops now.


It’s time for you to stop believing these lines and start believing that you can turn this whole #bodygoals journey around and actually get results.


After years of studying what works and doesn’t work, asking my friends to try this and that, I finally figured out the things that were holding them back from progress. Because once they found out the secrets, the fitness train started rolling almost effortlessly and take note: rolling almost effortlessly and continuously.


I want you in on this, because the frustration stops now and you’re only a couple of things away from finally using #bodygoals as your hashtag. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need a bit of push and guidance. And that’s why I’m here and that’s why, today,  I’m giving you the 5 fitness secrets that all women should know.

The 5 Fitness Secrets That All Women Should Know

 1. Dieting is not about salads and boiled food


This is the one thing that I mistakenly believed in when I was starting out. Boiled chicken, boiled eggs, boiled fish and all the greens you can think of. Hold the oil or mayo, add a little salt and pepper and you have an instant pale and gross-looking meal. Absolutely below the standards of Instagram #foodporn. Nope, not putting that on my feed and definitely not in my tummy.


If you were given the chance to eat anything you want and still achieve your fitness goal, would you take it? Who wouldn’t right? After all, the #1 reason why a lot fail with their nutrition is because they remove things that they love. So, can a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup make you fit into a tiny black dress? Yes, of course.


Believe me, my friends enjoy buffets regularly without hanging out at the salad bar. In fact, they do not miss the salad bar at all.


2. Cardio is great but it’s not the answer to fat loss.


Cardio is short for cardiovascular. Yes, it is great for heart and lung health as well as to teach your body how to become more efficient. But for fat loss? You don’t have to slave away on that machine. Heck, you can do your chores, chase after kids, party all night long while still making progress.


Running on the treadmill is just another form of activity that trains your heart and lungs. But any activity that gets your heart rate up at a certain level is considered cardio, whether it be walking your dog around or walking around the mall looking for the perfect outfit.



In fact, cardio may even be considered a reason why you are not making any progress at all. Why? Doing too much cardio leads to muscle loss. See, the higher your existing muscle mass, the faster your body can burn off fat. If the muscle mass drops, then the rate at which your body burns fat slows down as well. Which leads us to the next mistake that most people make: doing more cardio.


“But I was told I should do cardio to lose weight! Shouldn’t I?”


Nope. Doing cardio isn’t necessary to lose weight. You can if you want, but it’s not necessary. In fact, most of the women I am teaching prefer not to do any cardio exercises even if their goal is to lose weight, and they do. 





Hint: Your nutrition plays a much larger role in weight loss than exercise.


So if you are stuck in this cycle, then it’s about time to step off. You might be doing more harm than good. You don’t need to be bestfriends with the treadmill or sign up for every Zumba class this week. Yes, you don’t need to, and you can still get good results.

3. Lifting weights will not make you look manly.


Before the rise of fitness chains, let’s do a throwback to the “female” section of your friendly neighborhood gym. It consists of 5 pieces of equipment: a stationary bike, a pink pair of 2.5lb dumbbells and the “heavy” 5lb dumbbells. Anything beyond this area will apparently make a female bulky.


A little throwback to high school biology as well, women have more estrogen than testosterone. Testosterone is what makes a man easily bulk up and gain hard muscles. Females, on the other hand, have much less testosterone than men (much much less) and this fact proves that lifting weights will not make you look like the next cover model of a muscle magazine. Yes, even if your goal is to be bigger than your boyfriend, that probably won’t happen or it would be very very difficult.


Women in bodybuilding competitions have specific methods meant for that sport that’s why they become huge like men do. Simply put, it’s not naturally attainable. Angry veins from the forehead to their feet, every inch of their body with visible muscle, sunken cheeks, sharp facial features — This is the result of the extreme conditions that these athletes must be under (hint: there are drugs involved).



But for most women like you, I know you just want to look good. You just want to fit in those jeans. You just want to get your waistline back. And in the absence of drugs, lifting weights will just make that process go smoother and enjoyable


The point is, you should not be afraid of lifting weights because you won’t just get “bulky” overnight. Despite that, building muscle should still be your focus in fitness. 


To get that sexy and toned body, you must strength train to add a little muscle in the right areas to enhance your shape. Because no matter how hard you try, you can’t have that “toned” look doing cardio and ultra high rep exercises and circuits. Getting that toned look requires additional muscles, and building additional muscles requires you to train for the purpose of it. In this case, weight training.


A properly designed strength training program for women will support the sexy, fit, and lean shape that you are after. You would want to add just enough muscle to your frame, remove unwanted fats, and reveal the best body you’ve long been dreaming of.


And remember what I said in #2? Having more muscle mass leads to faster fat burn.


Plus, strong women are amazing women. Why? Because in this society, females are still perceived to be weak. Why not prove them all wrong by being able to carry those grocery bags by yourself? By being able to carry your kids without anybody helping? By going beyond the female gym area and eating those iron plates for lunch? Just kidding. But you get my point.

4. Women can actually do more than men.


Did you know that women can recover faster than men? This means you can do more than what I can do. You can lift more and do it again in a much faster time than I can. What takes me 5 minutes to be ready for might only take you 2 minutes. Of course, not applicable on date nights, but women can simply do a whole lot more because the female body was designed to handle more.


Your body is primed to go through survival mode and at extreme conditions, women perform amazingly well than men. Men may be stronger, but females can do the same task repeatedly before burning out. What’s that term they use? Girl power. That’s girl power for you.



Lastly and perhaps the most important secret you should know…


5. Carbs, fast food, chocolates, rice, milk tea, cake, pasta can all help you to either lose fat or gain muscle.


It’s true. If you enjoy these food items, why remove them from your life? Food is a basic requirement and when people remove it, they feel deprived.


Can you live without sweets? Will you enjoy a party while refusing every food offer you get because you must stick with vegetables? What if I tell you that you can say yes and still lose fat?



Right now, this is a secret that most people do not know. If they did, salads would not sell anymore. Nobody would buy “organic” labeled stuff anymore. But here is your chance to learn more about it.


See, our body needs certain things called macronutrients. Macronutrients or macros, for short, are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We need all 3 macros for our body to function efficiently, and that includes fat burning and/or muscle building. Take one out and the balance is gone. Pretty soon the effects will show like being moody, irregular hormonal cycles, breakouts, bad hair days… name it, you’ll see and feel it.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a chocolate bar or a cup of rice – as long as it fits your needs, you’re good to go.


What’s in it for you?


Now, you have the knowledge that most people do not have. You now know the only 5 things you need to be successful with your fitness journey… well… ALMOST.




In my next article, I will teach you all about secret #5. How you can make food work for you. How food can help you reach your goals and how you can enjoy life while still making progress. It’s easier than you think, and I can assure you 100% that even the busiest woman on Earth will be able to do it.


If you think it’s hopeless, think again. She also thought it was. Are you excited? I am too. Till the next article!





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