[1 of 4] – The 6 Fitness Secrets That Allowed Me to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Faster Than Ever

The 6 Fitness Secrets That Allowed Me to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Faster Than Ever


Whether you’re a newbie na nag-start palang sa fitness journey nya, or a gym addict na hindi makuha yung gustong results nya, this is the place to be — the place where you will learn how to get your dream body 3X FASTER in 2022!


My name is Cho and I’ve been teaching people how to get their desired physique in the fastest and easiest way possible. 




I’ve been doing this (teaching) for around 5 years now.


At sa 5 years na yan, I’ve already created a fitness empire and produced almost 2,000 client transformations, success stories, and testimonials — all just by teaching the most up-to-date, cutting-edge, and simplest methods of fitness available.


This is the first in a series of FOUR training lectures in this mini-workshop where I will be teaching you how to lose fat, build muscle, look good naked, or just be fitter in general — all without killing yourself in the gym and in the kitchen.


So how will you achieve your dream body this 2022?


Pano mo ‘to gagawin kung nag uumpisa ka palang at wala ka pang knowledge sa fitness?


Pano mo ‘to gagawin kung ‘hardgainer’ ka at na-try mo na lahat pero wala pa rin gumana? 


At pano mo naman ‘to gagawin kung wala kang time mag-gym, or kung hindi mo alam ang kakainin mo?


The goal of this workshop is to answer these questions and to show you the critical things you need to know to get astounding results… at sure akong gagana sayo lahat ng ituturo ko kahit feeling mo:


  • Hardgainer ka

  • Hindi maganda yung genes mo

  • Wala kang disiplina

  • Wala kang control sa pagkain

  • Tamad ka

  • Wala kang oras tumira sa gym at mag-diet

  • Over 40s ka na


Lahat ng yan, akala ko rin at namin! But once we found these “secrets” that I’m about to teach you, magbabago lahat yan.


The only possibility that this won’t work for you is if you will not apply the principles properly, pero pag-usapan natin yan later on.





How I Discover The “Secret” To Making Faster Gains 



Nadiscover ko yung secrets na ‘to long after I started my fitness journey.


Nag-start ako when I was 17 years old, after ko grumaduate ng High-School.


And like many of you, hindi ako nag-start na “macho” na agad at may abs. In fact, madami akong pinag-daanan before I came to this point.


This was me when I was 17 yrs old:


Featherweight division =)


In this picture, at a height of 5’10”, I weighed a staggering 130lbs. Isang hipan na lang!


For most of my life, I was underweight, unhappy, and insecure with myself. I tried almost everything para tumaas yung timbang ko, but nothing ever worked (dahil wala pa kong alam).


“Kumakain ka ba?”

“You need to take your vitamins, bro.”

“Matulog ka ng mahaba.”

“Don’t forget to drink your milk at night.”



These were the things I kept hearing when I was in my teens, and I grew tired of it. Change topic ako lage pag usapang payat, macho, muscles, gym, fitness, kasi andito yung biggest frustration at insecurity ko. Feeling ko wala na kong chance tumaba or maging “bulky”.


Then one day came at nag-decide ako na mag-gym na kahit ayaw ko talaga. Ayaw ko kasi naniniwala ako dati sa sabi-sabi sa mga gym bros at tao sa paligid ko na bago raw mag-gym, dapat daw magpataba muna kasi ang yung taba yung magiging muscles. Well, I found out later on na it’s not true..


So, tumuloy pa rin ako despite believing that dahil baka eto na nga yung “solution” sa kapayatan ko..


And since eto na yung time na may internet na tayo sa bahay, free information was within reach. I began researching, reading, and studying anything I could see about fitness.


Binasa ko lahat ng articles sa net, bumili ako ng mga fitness books, e-books, at magazines, and I applied every strategy and technique that promised to “deliver fast muscle gain”. 


Araw-araw pag-gising ko, ang nasa isip ko agad “pano ba gaganda katawan ko?“.


I became obsessed with it.


The real reason? To build my confidence and get girls to like me. Yes, I wanted to feel “wanted”. Insecure ako eh dahil lage ako natutukso dahil sobrang payat ko.


And I think all of us are insecure in some way, and that’s why we look for means to feel somewhat special. Good thing, fitness yung napili ako.


4 years after following the bodybuilding magazines’ advice, consuming tubs of supplements, and devoting almost my entire life sa pagbubuhat, this was the “new” me:



No one will understand how terrible it feels pag naririnig ko ‘to sa mga tao:


“Nag ggym ka ba? Parang wala namang nangyayari eh.”


Wala naman nga talagang ngyari, pero in denial ako syempre.


I thought, “Maybe it’s normal. Building muscle takes time. I just need to work harder.” So I committed myself even more.


No results? Work harder! That was my motto. I was already working 6x a week at this point dahil yun yung mga routines ng bodybuilders na ginagaya ko sa magazines.


This continued for days, months, years, and sadly, wala pa rin akong nakitang results.


This was me on my 5th year of lifting:



And my 6th and 7th year of lifting:



Oh well, at least hindi na ko lampayatot, tumaba na ko haha. “Eat big to get big” daw eh so sinunod ko talaga yun on my 7th year.


At this time, I thought I had tried everything. Ayoko na. 


Ang dami ko ng binasa at pinanood pero wala naman ngyayari sa katawan ko. Biruin mo, 7 years?! Funny to say, I did brain building instead of bodybuilding. I gained tons of knowledge in the last 7 years, but with very little results sa katawan ko.


I told myself, “baka hardgainer talaga ko. Ectomorph kasi body type ko eh kaya mabagal talaga results ko.”  Which I found out later on na hindi naman — talagang mali lang ang ginagawa ko.


Naisipan ko pa mag-steroids dahil sobrang desperate ko na. Nagbasa basa ko ng articles at natakot ako sa mga side effects haha. Glad I didn’t.


So, what did I do next?


After searching for more resources offline and online, I found another fitness book and bought it. Sa National Bookstore ko pa sya nakita.


Despite it being the 100+ fitness product that I purchased, I thought to myself, “Wala namang mawawala eh.”


Lo and behold, what I found in this book was a different approach to training (at that time) but it’s a lot less hype than the conventional bodybuilding programs. I could say, this was one of the resources that really helped me get visible results (even after 7 years of trying).


This wasn’t because it had different techniques and magic tricks, but because it pointed out to me my biggest gym mistakes that were keeping me from seeing results (which you will also learn in a few minutes).


After a year or two of doing the new methods I learned, here’s my transformation:





And then after a couple more months refining the methods…






Yes, I got my dream body na pinapangarap ko lang dati pa!


And I did it all… 100% naturally.


No Sarms. No drugs. No BS supplements. No magic tricks.


And then triny ko ituro sa iba yung mga methods at concepts na natutunan ko, iniisip ko kasi that time na baka saken lang ‘to gumagana?


And then this is what happened to them:




Yup, sobrang amazed ako dahil napatunayan ko na my methods and ideas can work for EVERYONE!


Payat, mataba, skinny-fat, 40’s, obese, ectomorph, endomorph, hardgainers… halos lahat ng klase ng body types at genes at lahi na-encounter ko na and I can assure you, this will work for you too!


At sa lahat ng results na nakita ko saken at ng libo-libong students ko over the years, eto yung conclusion na nabuo ko: 


You can have a massive transformation and get your dream body in 6 months or less with 3x less effort as long as you have the right knowledge.



At yang knowledge na yan? Yan ang ibibigay ko sayo dito sa workshop. 😉




Ang saya lang balikan nung dati at makita gano na kalayo yung narating mo..


I can say that those years were well worth it. Ang dami kong natutunan sa journey na yun and what you’re reading now is a fraction of the wisdom I’ve collected and put into writing.


To cut your learning curve and avoid the same mistakes that I committed, I will tell you these “secrets”. 


Ayoko pag-daanan mo yung ganon katagal na walang resulta, at gusto ko mag succeed ka because one of the main happiness I have in life now is this: 


To better people’s lives through fitness.


Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, or be healthy, it doesn’t matter. Just follow the things I am going to say here and you will experience the best gains of your life.


They say people learn from mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that you have to commit the mistakes yourself, right?


Now, let’s discuss these 6 fitness secrets…



The 6 Fitness Secrets That Allowed Me to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Faster Than Ever




Secret #1: Tinigilan ko yung ganitong mindset




Anong mindset yun? Yung “alam ko na yan” mindset.


Seriously, I put this first dahil ang pinaka-importante sa lahat ay yung mindset natin with regards to learning new things.


Kung close-minded ka, meaning hindi ka open for new ideas dahil feeling mo alam mo na lahat because you’ve read this or that, then wala ka ng chance mag grow.


Also, kung may ganito kang mindset, yung ayaw mo mag-grow, hindi ka rin mag-eeffort aralin yung mga bagay na makakatulong sayo sa journey mo.


Kaya ikaw, bilib ako sayo kasi until now binabasa mo pa rin ‘to. Madami dyan na nakita lang na mahaba yung article, isasara na agad yung page. Para bang sinasabi nila na “ok lang na wag ako matuto at mag-improve kesa magbasa ko ng mahaba.”


That mindset will get you nowhere.


Most probably sinabi mo na rin sa friend mo na basahin ‘to at ang reaction sayo “eh ang haba”.


So to you, good job for making it this far. Ikaw yung gusto ko turuan at ikaw yung mag-ssucceed dito. Promise ko yan.


Going back…


Nag-start ako reading so many stuff about fitness, at akala ko noon ang tali-talino ko na. Yung mga dati kong alam, nag-stick lang ako doon kahit wala akong makitang results, and every time makakabasa ako ng ibang ideas, automatic kong reaction “alam ko na yan eh”.


Knowing something by reading is different from knowing something by doing and experiencing — andun ako sa una.


Puro lang ako basa, pero kulang sa apply.


Later on, nung nabasa ko yung book that gave me the results that I want, it’s not because it gave me additional knowledge, but because it got me to take action on the old knowledge that I already had.


Dun ko nakuha talaga yung results na gusto ko.


At yung mga students ko? Eto yung unang una kong tinuturo sa kanila — na kalimutan muna nila lahat ng alam nila sa fitness and just follow what I teach for a couple of months.


Ayun, they became really good students at nagpaka-humble sila to learn and try new things, kaya sobrang gaganda ng results nila =)




Ikaw? Maybe you can ask yourself…


May mga moments ka ba na automatic mong reaction eh “alam ko na yan”? Madami ka bang alam sa fitness pero kulang sa apply? 


May mga moments ka rin ba na nagkukuripot ka sa time and effort sa sarili mo to learn new things?


Maybe this is the sign that you have to try new things.



Secret #2: You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to get results. In fact, you may even get faster results doing less.



Man lying down during workout



Eto yung isa sa concept na natutunan ko at ng mga students ko na nakapag-bigay talaga ng results sa sa amin within 3-6 months.


Remember my story? I was training 6x a week, minsan 7x pa nga, at walang ngyari for over 7 years! But when I found out about this concept, I reduced my training and I was shocked that I got even better results.


Yung mga students ko naman, most of them are very busy, shifting ang schedule, madaming work at stresses, pero nung nadiscover nila na hindi naman pala kailangan mag-spend ng madaming oras sa gym to get amazing results, that’s when their lives change. Gulat na gulat din sila sa results nila.


So bakit ba nauso yung sobrang paguran na workouts na yan? Bakit sa iba sobrang effective nila?


Well yes, if you’re on drugs/steroids, kahit tumira ka siguro sa gym okay lang. Or maybe if you have the gift of genetics, which most of us don’t have.


Pero kung natural/natty ka (a person who doesn’t take anabolic steroids), training long, hard, and intense every single day would be one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. Not only it’s ineffective and a waste of time and energy, but it’s counterproductive.


This is probably the biggest mistake that I had been doing like almost everyone I know. 




Eto yung “secret” na nalaman ko:


Muscles don’t grow in the gym, they grow outside the gym — that is, when you’re resting and recovering. Ang trabaho mo lang sa pag-workout is to stimulate the muscle fibers and get out of the gym as soon as you’re finished.


Many people apparently don’t understand that the big picture in this workout game involves two important elements: workout and recovery. Dapat equal sila — not 70:30, 60:40, 20:80, but 50:50.


Training the muscles with enough intensity and with progressively increasing resistance is the key to muscle growth, but that’s only the first part of the equation. The second part of the equation is the recovery itself


If you don’t give your body the rest that it needs, the muscles will not grow. It’s that simple.


Ask yourself: Kung araw-araw ka nagpapagod sa pagbubuhat, how do you think your body will recover and adapt kung ayaw mo sya pag-pahingahin?


Muscles grow while you’re resting, not when you’re working out.


The funny thing is, ngayon, busy pa rin naman kame at ng mga students ko, pero month after month we are still continuously improving our physiques at nag lelevel-up kameng lahat.


Natatawa nga yung ibang mga ka-gym nila kasi they only spend little time sa gym and yet mas mabilis ang results nila kesa dun sa mga tambay doon lol.



So kung iniisip mo kailangan mo ng madaming oras sa gym to build your dream body, no. 2-3x a week will do kung wala kang oras. Kailangan mo lang ng PROPER at FULLY-STRUCTURED na program that will give you the BEST RESULTS with very little time (at matututunan mo yan later on).


Secret #3: High reps are not for fat loss, at hindi sya “pampacuts”.





common error that I always notice at the gym is when people switch to lighter weights and higher reps during a “fat loss” program, or when they want more muscle “definition.” They think that doing high reps will help them achieve those…




Ang muscle definition natin ay nakabase sa amount of body fat % that we have. So kung gusto natin maging ripped at i-enhance ang cuts and definition, the only ways to get that are:


1. Use the optimal rep ranges to build more muscle

2. Lose the body fat that’s covering the muscles


Gawin mo lang yang dalawa and your muscle definition and cuts will improve greatly, kahit hindi ka mag “high reps”.



Secret #4: Hindi mo kailangan kumain ng “healthy” to get abs. You can even eat a lot of unhealthy foods and achieve FASTER results



I remember nung College days ko, mga 1 year na ko nag-woworkout that time, lage akong may baon na Wheat Bread tapos may palaman na eggs. Bukod dun, meron pa kong protein bar at protein shakes. 


As in araw-araw ayan ang kinakain ko.


Ang tingin saken ng mga tropa ko nun, weirdo daw ako kasi never ako sumabay kumain sa kanila sa canteen. Well, sumasabay naman ako, kaya lang bihira ako umorder dahil meron na kong pagkain na dala haha!


Ang masaklap dito eh yung buong school year ako clean eating pero yung katawan ko naman hindi nagbabago. Never ako nakapagpakita ng abs sa mga classmates ko at meron din akong classmate that time, sobrang ganda ng katawan at kinakain nya lahat sa canteen.


I found it weird, kasi ako strict sa diet at hindi mo ko mapapakain ng kung ano-ano, pero sya maganda katawan puro hotdogs ang order at nag-iinom pa madalas?


And then a few years passed, nung time na napabili ako ng fitness book sa National Bookstore, I learned the biggest fitness breakthrough…


… na hindi ko naman pala need ng chef or nutritionists at celebrity trainers para gawin ang diet ko. Pwede ko naman palang kainin kahit ano and still achieve my fitness goals!


Yes, you read that right, hindi mo need kumain ng chicken breast, broccoli, eggs, protein bars at protein shakes araw-araw at pwede ka kumain ng samgyupsal at uminom ng milk tea or ALAK and still lose weight, get abs, and build your dream body


And you know what I found out?


That eating more carbs and more of our favorite foods can increase the results even faster!


Yup, alam ko nakakagulat dahil dati rin takot na takot ako sa carbs at dirty foods. Akala ko it’s the reason why I can’t get the 6-pack abs that I wanted, pero yung pag-iwas pala sa carbs ang dahilan bakit hindi ko makuha yung abs ko! WOW!


Ngayon, I eat 3-5 cups of rice every day. I eat ice cream, chocolates, pizzas as well and I can say na this is the main reason bakit bumilis ang progress ko at lahat ng students ko.




Ituturo ko ‘to in great detail sa Lesson #2 =)



Secret #5: Getting stronger is more important than the “pump” and the “burn”


Naalala ko noong mga times na bago palang ako nag-ggym, tuwing papalapit na ang mga outings at beach trips, ako at yung mga kasamahan ko, we always switch to very high reps sa workouts at nagfofocus kame dun sa muscle burn na tinatawag.


Well, feeling namin talaga gumagana sya kasi sobrang sakit sa muscles nung ganon (samahan mo pa ng drop sets) at akala ko that’s how we grow our muscles. 


I was wrong. We were wrong. 


Eto na yung best beach body na nakuha ko in the past kakafocus sa muscle burn na yan…



So ang tanong: Is the pump/burn necessary for muscle growth? The answer is no.


While the pump and burn feel awesome, they are simply the result of the increased blood flow to the muscles at hindi sya dapat gawing basis sa effectiveness ng workout. 


If you’re going to gauge the effectiveness of your workout, tignan mo yung strength progression mo


Are you stronger than your last workout? Did you add weight, reps, or both? 


If yes, then you’re doing great, kahit wala kang naramdaman na pump or burn sa exercises mo.


Remember, a successful workout should be determined by the principle of progressive overload. Kung lumalakas ka sa buhat mo over time, that’s the best indication that muscle growth is happening.


Let’s say you want a bigger chest:


Adding 50lbs to your bench press is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than feeling the burn sa cable crossovers mo or drop sets na ginagawa mo.


Focus ka sa progression. Yun ang magbibigay sayo ng gains.



Secret #6: You don’t need cardio to lose weight or get abs or get ripped




Yes, that’s right. You don’t NEED cardio to lose weight or get abs. Pwede mong gawin — yes, but it’s not necessary. Pwede ka pumayat kahit walang cardio — I and my clients have done it so many times!


Once you learn this ‘lazy’ method that me and my clients are using to lose weight and get abs without doing cardio, magugulat ka how easy it is!


I remember meron akong student na hindi nya ma-let go yung cardio. Sobrang nakasanayan nya tumakbo every day dahil dun daw sya “pumayat”.  Then sinabihan ko sya na we slowly lessen it, dahil overdoing cardio can have a negative effect sa pag-build ng muscles.


At first, syempre, sobrang nahirapan sya. But since he’s a good student at kinalimutan nya yung “alam ko na yan” attitude, he followed what I said and we slowly reduced his cardio and added more food.


After a few months? He’s in the best shape of his life. He’s now eating more food, doing less cardio, and yet he’s losing more weight than ever! 



The only thing he regretted is not discovering ‘The Lazy Lifter’ sooner haha. Ayan ang sabi nya.




Sa mga natutunan mong ‘to:


  • Di mo need araw-arawin ang gym to get results
  • Di mo need pahirapan ang sarili mo sa workout to build muscles
  • Di mo need kumain ng mga boring diet foods to get abs
  • Di mo need i-give up ang carbs or kahit anong paborito mong pagkain or kahit alak to burn fat
  • Di mo need mag-cardio kung ayaw mo and you will still lose weight


Na-realize mo ba how SIMPLE it is to achieve your fitness goals?


Nagkaron ka ba ng confidence na kayang kaya mo maaachieve yung katawan na gusto mo in 6 months or less basta meron kang enough knowledge?


Kasi kung ako ang tatanungin mo, 101% sure ako na kayang kaya mo i-achieve yung dream body mo in less than 6 months


Naalala ko yung reaction ko once I learned these lessons. Ang sabi ko…


“Kung alam ko lang dati pa na ganito ka-simple ang fitness, ang tagal ko na sanang nakuha yung katawan na gusto ko.”


Lahat ng lessons na ‘to, applicable kesyo payat, mataba, skinny-fat, obese, 40’s, ectomorph, endomorph, hardgainer ka, or tingin mo nasa lahi mo na yung hindi magandang katawan. 


Lahat ng natry mo sa past na hindi gumana at tingin mong hindi na gagana, I’m here to tell you, WE CAN MAKE IT WORK. I’ve been there. My students have been there.


Sure na sure ako na the things I’m teaching you here WILL WORK FOR YOU — basta mag-eeffort ka lang to acquire and gain the knowledge on HOW to do them.



Next Lesson


Unbelievable 100-day transformations: Why eating rice, chocolates, pizza, burgers, and milk tea accelerated our progress.









Same shorts =)







Ipapakita ko sayo yung 100-day transformations ng students ko at yung 3 rounds of cutting ko and their details, at ieexplain ko how we got better, faster, more amazing results eating more carbs and our favorite foods!


Akala ko solid na nung 2018 cut ko haha, then I refined my methods and made 2019 even better, then I tweaked even more and made my 2020 transformation the best! 


You’re going to see and learn everything in the next lecture. Isesend ko ulit sa email mo sa so abang mo lang ako lagi doon! 


And if hindi ka pa nakasign-up, click lang dito. (Remember, I’m not going to post these lessons on social media)


Excited ako sayo kasi sobrang dami mo na naman matututunan and we’re going to cover details like diet, supplements, etc. at magbibigay pa ko ng sobrang daming tips on how you can achieve a successful 3-4 month cut too.


But right now, I want to know a little more about you… 


Ano yung mga natutunan mo dito sa diniscuss ko? Ano yung secret # na naka-relate ka? 


Please scroll down and leave a comment for me. Magtulungan tayo.


And of course, if you liked this workshop and found it useful, i-share mo sa friends mo. Let’s make 2022 your best year ever!

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