[2 of 4] – 100-day transformations: Why eating rice, chocolates, and milk tea accelerated our progress!

Unbelievable 100-day transformations: Why eating rice, chocolates, pizza, burgers, and milk tea accelerated our progress.

15 minute read • by Cho Lim


Welcome to The Lazy Lifter’s Building Your Best Physique in 2022 Workshop!


Whether you’re a newbie na nag-start palang sa fitness journey nya, or a gym addict na hindi makuha yung gustong results nya, this is the place to be — the place where you will learn how to get your dream body in 2022!


My name is Cho and I’ve been teaching people how to get their desired physique in the fastest and easiest way possible


Ako yung takbuhan ng mga tao pag hindi sila makakuha ng results sa coaches, instructors, diet, or program nila. That’s because I know this stuff — and I know how to give you the transformation that you want.


This is the second in a series of FOUR training lectures in this mini-workshop where I will be teaching you how to build muscle, lose fat, look good naked, or just be fitter in general — all without killing yourself in the gym and in the kitchen.


Gusto ko lang muna mag thank you sa lahat ng positive comments and replies na nareceive ko from the previous lesson. Umabot tayo ng 1,000 comments sa lesson #1 palang! Yahoo!


You are all the best! Nakakagana lalo tumulong pag sobrang daming natutulungan 🙂 




In the previous lecture, kinwento ko how I started my fitness journey. I showed you the pain and struggle na pinagdaanan ko at kung pano ko nadiscover yung “secrets” that gave me the best gains. 



If you will recall, nag-start ako sa 130lbs, sobrang payat, then became a 180-pound skinny-fat, and then I found out about these “secrets” at nung inapply ko, nakuha ko agad yung physique goal ko in a matter of months.


Kung di mo natatandaan, the 6 secrets are related to these:


  1. Mindset ng nagiging successful sa fitness
  2. Why training less gives faster results
  3. What to do to get ripped and have muscle definition
  4. Eating more carbs = better abs
  5. Muscle “pump” and “burn” equal muscle growth?
  6. My students’ amazing results doing ZERO cardio


These 6 secrets are the ones responsible for my tremendous gains (and my students) over the last few months/years.


Pag alam mo ‘to, sureball na yung dream body mo this 2022.


If you haven’t read it yet, I would highly suggest doing so before reading this one.


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Done reading?


Good. Let’s continue.


Now in this lecture, I will talk about my students’ 100-day transformations at yung three rounds of cutting ko and their details.


I will talk mostly about our diet and a little bit of workout, supplements, and a lot of gold nuggets na pwede mong nakawin so you can have a successful cut too in 2022.


But the main point of this lesson that I want you to remember is this:


That you can accelerate your progress by eating more carbs and all of your favorite foods!


If you’ve been trying to lose weight or achieve the 6-pack abs for quite some time now at hindi ka pa rin masaya sa results na nakikita mo kahit anong iwas mo sa mga pagkain na masasarap, this lecture combined with the previous one will surely help you with that.


Let’s start. 


Part 1 (2018) : 100-day Cutting Results



I had been lifting for years at this point but this was the first time ever that I really took the cut seriously. Meaning, dito ko na talaga inapply yung 6 secrets sa Lesson #1.


Dati kasi, buhat lang ako ng buhat at akala ko yun na ang sagot.  kaya ayun, tumagal ako ng 8 years na walang results.


Now, I work out less, eat anything I want, and enjoy life to the fullest while still having results!


2018 Cutting Stats:


Height: 5’10”

Start date: January 20, 2018

End date: May 1, 2018

Starting weight: 75.7kg

End weight: 69kg


Diet and food choices: Any ulam — Nilagang Baka, Tapsilog, Afritada, Tinola, Siomai, Pancit Canton, Donuts, etc. No meal prep. Umiinom din ako halos weekly this time. 

Workout program: I trained 3 times a week and did ZERO cardio.

Supplements: Whey, Multivitamins, Fish Oil.


More photos and tips for this 2018 cut:





This was the first time that I was able to lose weight eating any ulam at madaming rice. I was shocked din that it’s possible pala. At ang mas surprising dun eh umiinom din ako ng alak almost every week, kasi eto yung kasagsagan ng party life ko.


Of course, sobrang payat ko after ending the cut, and that’s because I still didn’t have enough muscle mass. Still, sobrang saya ko kasi napatunayan ko na kayang kaya naman pala makuha yung abs ng walang “diet” foods.


Napatunayan ko rin na pwede kong kainin LAHAT ng gusto ko regardless kung CUT ako or BULK. May proper way lang ang bawat phase.


Here’s my progress after 2-3 months of lean bulking (June – August 2018), still eating rice, bread, pasta, and my favorite — desserts.


Yes, you can bulk and build muscle mass kahit kumakain ka ng kanin, ice cream, at kung ano ano.


Eto naman yung next time na nasurprise ako kasi I was able to build a lot of muscle kahit hindi ako “clean eating”. Amazing.


Lahat ng paniniwala ko sa fitness dati nabura gaya ng:


  • Kailangan ko ng chef at nutritionist na gagawa ng diet ko to get good results
  • May magic ang ibang pagkain like chicken breast, eggs, at broccoli
  • Bawal ako mag cheat meal or cheat day if I want to get those abs
  • Kailangan ko mag meal plan or matutong magluto ng pagkain ko to get good results
  • Nakakataba ang carbs


Dito ko naprove na halos lahat sila mali.


Naalala mo diba na araw-araw akong clean eating nung College pero wala ko nakuhang results? Ngayon, medyo dirty eating pero sobrang bilis ng progress.


Next thing that happened, I continued my bulk still eating my favorite foods, and I progressed to this body weight (78-79kg).



My heaviest before I did my next cut


I made it a goal to really pack on pounds of muscle (with some fat) para next cut ko, mas madami na ko muscle mass.

At sabi ko sa sarili ko, magkakaron talaga ko ng “photoshoot” after ng 2019 cut ko hehe. 


Part 2 (2019) : 181-day Cutting Results


Same shorts, different camera.



Eto naman yung cut ko na sabi ko, “chill lang ako” — kaya inabot ng 181 days hehe. Pero kita naman na mas maganda ang cut ko this year kasi mas madami na kong muscle mass (kasi ginalingan ko sa bulking last time).


It started January 2019, and ended July 2019. Around 7 months ang cut.


2019 Cutting Stats


Height: 5’10”

Start date: January 21, 2019

End date: July 20, 2019

Starting weight: 79kg

End weight: 69kg

Workout program: I trained 4x a week this cut.

Supplements: Whey, Multivitamins (Opti-Men), Fish Oil

Diet: Still eating anything I want. I didn’t do meal prepping and I don’t even know how to cook lol.


More photos, notes, and tips sa 2019 cut:




Sa ilang taon kong experimentation at pagtuturo sa students ko, eto yung mga nutrition lessons na nadiscover ko when it comes to achieving your dream body and getting amazing results super fast.


Tip #1

My body type is mostly ectomorph. Eto raw yung mga “hardgainers” pero sabi ko nga,  basta alam mo yung proper way to build muscle and achieve your dream body, malalampasan mo yan. Akala ko rin hardgainer ako, yun pala, kulang lang sa knowledge.


I’m also one who can be classified as “skinny fat” if my abs are not showing. Dahil pag tumaba ako, manipis pa rin yung limbs ko at ang lumalaki lang saken mostly is my belly fat.


The good about this is is, even if you’re an ectomorph or skinny-fat, pag nagkaron ka ng enough muscle mass at pag naabot mo yung mababang body fat %, you will look amazing..



And again, kumakain pa rin ako ng madaming carbs dito sa cut na ‘to. In fact, mas madami pa nga ako mag-kanin this time and it’s because I have more knowledge and experience now. Mas gamay ko na. 


Tip #2

Walang kinalaman ang linis ng pagkain mo sa Bulking or Cutting


Like I mentioned, when it comes to losing fat and building muscle (not being healthy), pwede kang kumain ng madaming carbs, madaming ice cream, madaming chocolates, or madaming kahit ano kahit bulking or cutting ka and you will still achieve your fitness goals.


Ang difference lang dito is HOW MUCH you eat.


Kung cutting ka at gusto mo kumain at uminom ng rice, pizza, milk tea, at alak, yes, you will still lose fat and achieve those abs.


That’s what I did and I got it in 5 months very easy. Sangkatutak na rice at milk tea gains yan lol.




Kung bulking ka naman at gusto mo kumain at uminom ng rice, ice cream, milk tea, yes, you will still build muscle, at hindi babagal ang muscle growth mo pag hindi malinis ang kain mo. In fact, mas bibilis pa nga yan eh. I’ll explain this more later on.


Again, ang difference lang nyan is HOW MUCH you eat.


Kung puro clean eating ka nga pero sobra naman lage yung kain mo during your cut, that’s the reason why you’re not losing weight and why you’re not getting the abs.


Kung puro clean eating ka nga pero sobra naman yung kain mo during your bulk, that’s the reason why your belly fat is growing super fast at nawawala agad yung abs mo.


Pero kung kumakain ka ng rice, pizza, and chocolates pero within your ENERGY REQUIREMENT, then that’s where the magic happens.


Disclaimer lang: Hindi ko sinasabing kumain ka ng unhealthy foods. Pinapakita ko lang sayo na possible yan. At ipapakita ko pa kung bakit sobrang laking tulong sa progress if you do so.


Tip #3

Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph, tabain, payatin, skinny-fat, may edad na


Kahit ano pang body type mo or lahi mo, the advice I will give you is still the same advice I give to all my students.


Ano yung advice na yun? It’s this…


Kumain ka ng rice. Kumain ka ng ice cream if you want. And don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods.


Yes, natupad ang photoshoot ko hehe. Sa right pic, kakakain ko lang ng snickers at milk tea dyan.


I remember many of my students, bago sila napunta saken, dumaan muna sila sa Keto or LCIF (yung very low carb na diet).


Nagswitch sila for the reason na hindi nila kaya isustain yung ganong diet so they looked for another way.


Madami sa kanila takot na takot talaga sa carbs nung una, so medyo hesitant sila na kumain ng rice or kahit anong madaming carbs na pagkain kasi feeling nila lolobo sila. I understood where they’re coming from and I educated them.


Some of them resisted at first, yung iba sumunod agad, but ALL OF THEM experienced amazing FAT LOSS results after a couple of weeks and months introducing more of their favorite foods.


Gulat na gulat sila when they saw that they’re losing weight, building muscle, and experiencing the best results of their lives kahit kumakain sila ng mga “bawal” na pagkain.


Imaginine mo na lang how they felt when this happened. 🙂


Ipapakita ko sila sayo later on.



Part 3 (2020) : 5-Month Cutting Results




2020 Cutting Stats


Height: 5’10”

Start date: January 27, 2020

End date: July 5, 2020

Starting weight: 78kg

End weight: 69kg

Workout program: More on this later. I trained 4x a week this cut.

Supplements: Whey, Multivitamins (Opti-Men), Fish Oil

Diet: Still eating anything I want.


More photos, notes, and tips sa 2020 cut:


Everything I did sa 2019 cut ko, it’s the same thing I did for my 2020 cut.


Because why change something if it’s working so well?


One of my fave side by side pics (5 month difference)


The workout and nutrition system I’ve built for myself and my students are proven and tested, so anytime na we want to get to our best physiques, iaapply lang namin yung system and in just a few weeks and months, ganitong results na yung ieexpect namin. 


Plus, we still enjoy life eating and partying while we get these results. 🙂


At syempre, mas madami na kong photoshoots =)



The 3 Crucial Reasons Why Eating Rice, Chocolates, Milk tea Gave Us Better and Faster Results



Reason #1: For fitness to work, it must be sustainable.


The #1 priority of ‘The Lazy Lifter’ is to make fitness sustainable. Kaya sya naging Lazy Lifter dahil gusto ko ma-feel ng tao na yung fitness, part sya ng lifestyle nya.


At pag nafeel nya na part ng lifestyle nya ang fitness, maeenjoy nya ‘to and he’d be willing to do it for a long period of time without too much struggle and boredom.


Eto yung tinatawag nilang “sustainable fitness”. Probably narinig mo na ‘to sa iba pero kung hindi pa, yes, The Lazy Lifter has been teaching this value for almost 6 years now. 🙂


From the moment I started this brand, I truly believed that for fitness to work, dapat sustainable sya. Dapat less ang friction sa pagddiet at pagpunta sa gym. 


And most importantly, dapat masaya ka sa journey mo while you’re pursuing your health and fitness goals. At hindi mo magagawa yan kung hate na hate mo ang fitness lifestyle.


And that, my friend, is the #1 reason why my students and I got better and faster progress when we ate all of our favorite foods — kasi na-enjoy namin lalo yung fitness journey and because of that, ayaw na namin mag-stop!


We feel amazing. Motivation is high. And we always look forward sa next na araw dahil alam namin we’re constantly improving day to day — all while still having fun.


Dagdag mo na rin yung convenience sa pagbili at pag-prepare ng pagkain dahil wala kang need “iwasan” na pagkain like other diet methodologies. 


Imagine, nakakalabas ka pa rin with friends, nakaka-bonding sa kanila sa kainan at inuman, and at the same time, everything about you improves (especially your physical looks) month after month dahil yung fitness parte na ng daily life mo at hindi mo feel na struggling ka? 


How’s that going to improve your life? I’m sure your future self and your loved ones will be happy about it.



Eto yung time (2018) na binisita ko yung 2 students ko. At eto yung unang 100-day transformations namin. Nag-inuman kame after neto 🙂


And that is my goal for you and all of my students.


Reason #2: Carbs help you build muscle faster. Period.


And you know why carbs are important sa overall health and fitness journey mo?


For the simple fact that it gives you MORE energy. What I mean by more here is this:


Carbohydrate is our muscles’ MAIN SOURCE of energy.


May tinatawag tayong muscle glycogen stores. Eto yung carbs na nasa loob ng muscles natin that mainly gives us the energy to be able to lift moderate-heavy weights. Plus etong glycogen stores din yung nagbibigay sa muscles natin ng fuller look. 


Maybe na-experience mo na yung nag binge eat ka sa birthday party or inuman then paggising mo kinabukasan, your muscles feel very full and tight (it feels amazing by the way). That means your glycogen stores inside the muscles became full or got refilled after those kainan.


This is the day after I’ve eaten lots of carbs – 800g of white rice. I felt full and tight


Without this glycogen stores or with little of it, our workouts will suffer, especially kung ang ginagawa natin sa gym is weightlifting.


“Eh Coach, pano naman yung mga nag-Keto? Hindi sila kumakain ng carbs pero dami raw nila energy?”


Yes, our bodies can still function well in ketosis (when the body uses fat instead of carb for energy) if we just do cardio and some form of exercises, but it’s inferior when it comes lifting weights for the purpose of building muscle.


At bakit natin kailangan mag-buhat? Dahil yun lang ang way for our muscles to grow. Hindi natin mamamaximize ang pag-papalaki ng muscles sa cardio, sa HIIT, or sa circuit training.


At kung wala tayong enough muscle mass, kahit sobrang lean pa natin or kahit gano kababa yung body fat % natin, our bodies won’t look as good as those who have built enough muscle mass. 


Kung wala kang idea, just picture those people na kilala mo na nag-diet pero parang “bumagsak” ang katawan. Yung nagmukhang “may sakit” daw according to some people I hear. 


Ganon yung example na nag-lose ng madaming body fat yet nawalan din ng muscle mass (or walang enough muscle mass to begin with).


My point is, wala namang problema kung ang goal lang naman is to lose weight and not build muscle,  I’m just pointing the fact that if you want to get jacked, ripped, shredded, bulky, at yung mga kagaya ng fitness idols nyo, then you have to go to the gym and lift progressively heavier weights… 


.. at kailangan mo ng carbs sa journey na yan. Madaming carbs.


At alam mo ba ano pa ang importanteng benefit ng madaming carbs sa pag-build ng muscles? 


It’s this: Carbs have a protein-sparing effect.


Ibig sabihin, if you’re eating enough carbs, makakapag-focus yung katawan mo sa paggamit ng protein for other needs like recovery, repair of the cells and muscles, and most importantly, sa pag-build ng mas madaming muscle mass.


Kung wala or kokonti ang carbs mo, may tendency na ang gamitin ng katawan mo for energy is yung protein. In effect, mas mahina ka na sa gym, mas konti pa yung protein source ng katawan mo to build muscles. That’s the last thing you want if your goal is to build your dream body.


“Eh Coach, ayoko talaga kumain ng carbs kasi pag kumakain ako, bloated ako at feeling ko ambilis ko tumaba. Bakit ganon?”


Remember the glycogen storage we discussed just a while ago? That’s the reason bakit feeling mo lumolobo ka agad or tumaba, and let me explain to you bakit hindi mo kailangan mag-alala dyan.


When we introduce carbs (kung galing sa no carb diet) or if eat more carbs, our body attracts and hold more water than usual. So pag puno na ang glycogen stores natin sa muscles, ang mangyayari nyan, we will also hold more water outside the muscles. 


And that’s just it. 


Kaya feeling natin mas mabigat tayo or sometimes bloated, that’s just our bodies holding more water (not more body fat). 


Masama ba mag-hold ng water? Unless mag-compete ka sa bodybuilding stage, no. Walang problema mag-hold ng more water.


Even if we hold more water sa katawan natin, mag-llose pa rin tayo ng body fat kung nasa calorie deficit tayo, so it’s not something to worry about.


So kung bago ka palang kakain ng carbs, wag ka matakot. Expect mo na yes, bibigat ka ng konti because of the extra water weight, pero that doesn’t mean na tumataba ka.


Pag naka-adjust na yung katawan mo, you will feel amazing and your body will get used to eating more and more carbs kaya mag-lessen din yung water retention.


Reason #3: All about hormones


Hindi ko na pahahabain ‘to kasi medyo nerdy stuff. But eating more carbs will help you manage the Leptin, Ghrelin, Cortisol, and many other important hormones.


What’s the benefit of managing these hormones? They are responsible for these:


  • Feel full and less feeling of gutom
  • More energy and motivation
  • Feel happier
  • Increased libido
  • Reduced cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Increased metabolism


Now, kung natry mo na mag-diet, you will know how important these are. They can make or break your diet and your overall fitness journey.


Eto mostly yung reasons bakit bumibigay or sumusuko yung tao sa pagpursue ng fitness goals nila, so if you can manage these hormones by giving your body enough carbs and treats, building your dream body will be much much easier.



And now, before mo isipin na saken lang gumagana ‘tong methods na tinuturo ko, ipapakita ko na sayo ‘tong 100-day transformations ng mga students ko.


Eto yung mga students na nakwento ko sa taas or sa previous lesson na hesitant kumain ng carbs at ng mga pagkain na masasarap. But when they did, that’s when they found out about the magic of doing it.


100-Day Transformations



Yup, lahat yan 100 days. At lahat yan kumakain ng carbs haha (kasama ako)!


Iclose up natin yung iba hehe.



Kung isasama natin yung mga results na more than 100 days, hindi na magkakasya sa buong article sa daming transformations na ipapakita ko sayo.


Pero eto yung mga 5-month transformations nung iba:



Amazing? Sobra.


Now, naniniwala ka na ba na kayang kaya magkaron ng sobrang gandang results in 3-6 months kahit kumakain ng mga masasarap na pagkain? 


I hope my results and my students’ proved to you that you too can achieve the same transformation in 2022.  Kayang kaya!


Final Note


In a nutshell, I wanted to show you guys our amazing results para makita nyo na possible pala makakuha ng magandang results:


  • Kahit walang steroids/drugs
  • Kahit hindi ka tumira sa gym. 3x a week training lang okay na.
  • Kahit home workouts lang
  • Kahit walang cardio
  • Kahit kainin mo kahit ano gusto mo
  • Kahit walang masyadong supplements


Yes, posible lahat yan basta alam mo PANO. Don’t worry, ituturo ko lahat yan basta stay with me.


The Workout Program


So ano nga Cho? Ano ba yung workout program na ginamit mo?! Yun ang gusto ko malaman!


OK, so ang dami nating napag-usapan dito sa lecture na ‘to, pero yung workout program hinuli ko talaga because I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. Madami pa tayong ididiscuss about dito so take a deep breath and relax. We will take it step by step.


Now, I want to tell you about the next lecture I’ve got for you:


Lesson 3: The reason why your fitness program doesn’t work! And how we got faster and better results by working out less.



Photoshoot after 2019 cut


Alam ko madami kang napulot sa Lesson #1 and Lesson #2, but I’m sure you’re going to love this one. In fact, baka eto nga yung maging favorite mo sa series of lectures.


In this lesson, I will show you the exact things to look for in a workout program, para madali kang makapili or maging confident ka sa mga susundin mong workouts from others.


I will also tell you WHY your training program is not working, or why the program your coach or fitness instructor gave you is not working. Pag alam mo ‘tong knowledge na ‘to, you can be your own coach for yourself, at pwede ka na gumawa ng sarili mong program with confidence mapa-gym or home workouts man.


The best part is, dito ko rin ididiscuss yung program na ginamit ng mga students ko sa taas (both home and gym workouts) 🙂


… yung mga sumunod sa principles na ‘to and got amazing results in just 3-4 months.


Baka kasi isipin mo na saken lang gumagana lahat ng ‘to eh?


No, lahat ng ‘to gagana sa kahit na sino kasi universal ang principles ng fitness. Sure ako dyan hehe. Just look at them above.


It’s going to be really exciting and I think you’re going to love it.


Isesend ko ulit yung next lecture sa email mo sa January 2, 2022, 11am PH time. So kung hindi ka pa nakasign-up, click lang dito.


Now, I want to hear from you…


Ano yung mga natutunan mo dito sa cutting results ko at ng students ko na excited ka iapply?


Ramdam mo na ba na magkakaron ka ng successful transformation this 2022?


Na-inspire ka ba sa transformations ko at gusto mo na rin magkaron ng sariling photoshoots?


Please scroll down and leave a comment for me. Gusto ko malaman lahat yan.


And of course, if you liked this workshop and found it useful, I would love it if you shared it with your friends.  

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