Who is The Lazy Lifter?



My name is Cho, and people on social media know me as The Lazy Lifter. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I do flexible dieting, this means that I don’t give up to eat what I love: junk foods. Well, I eat them following my IIFYM style or “If It Fits Your Macros” (IIFYM). I’m often into parties and raves, I lift heavy 3x a week, and post funny captions to the point that almost no one takes me seriously. My family knows that the place to find me is always around a heavy set of weights or in front of a laptop somewhere around the house, reading or writing about fitness and self-help.


I usually spend my time answering nonstop chats and emails from people who want to achieve their fitness goals, and many of them have become buyers of my ebook, my clients, or simply a friend. I love helping people and I love talking and writing about fitness. Whether they buy my program or not, whether they apply for my online coaching or not, whether they subscribe to my email newsletter or not, either way, I am happy to help.


So, that’s the snippet of my life. It’s obviously full of fitness stuff, and that’s because fitness is my passion. It’s been the mission I’ve been dedicating my life to not only for my benefit, but to contribute to a lot of people. The testimonials and reviews of people about what I do, and their messages to me make me feel and think that I am fulfilling my purpose excellently.


The thing that separates me from other fitness gurus is that I teach fitness for the purpose of improving people’s lives, not taken over by it. I want people to live an enjoyable life on their own terms and let fitness be a supplement to make quality of life better, not make it their sole focus in life.


I want them to confidently go on with their day carrying their fitter body, but without having to live in the gym. Sure I can make them work out every day and make the gym their life and look insanely awesome, but what about their other hobbies? What about doing other fun things?


I know this may sound different to those who are used to the traditional fitness gurus, but the truth is, just a few years ago, I was definitely not the same person. Frankly speaking, I was far from looking like a fitness guy and I knew nothing about the subject.


In fact, I used to be 40 pounds lighter than I am today!


For most of my life, I was underweight, unhappy, and insecure with myself. I tried almost everything to get the weighing scale going up, but nothing ever worked.


“Do you even eat?”

“You need to take your vitamins, bro.”

“You should sleep early.”

“Don’t forget to drink your milk at night.”



These were the things I kept hearing when I was growing up, and I grew tired of it. I changed the topic whenever muscles, hunks, gym, and fitness would arise in conversations because those were my frustrations and it felt like I was cursed by the weight gaining fairy.


To give you a better picture, I will tell you a little bit of my story and background.


Age 17


5 foot and 10 inches tall, weighing at a staggering 130lbs.


Before knowing the 4 gym biggest mistakes
Consistent with working out? Weh?

This was the time I graduated from high-school, and also the time I started and got consistent with working out. I promised my ex-girlfriend before we broke up (yea it sucked) that someday, I will have my own billboard showcasing my hard-earned physique like those hunks on TV. Looking back, it was kinda funny, and I just want to apologize to her that until now my billboard hasn’t yet to be found. Well, who knows. Maybe I will just have to print my own tarpaulin for that.


Despite the consistency of my workout, I still didn’t notice any result (isn’t it obvious? duh). Maybe because I was just doing random things at the gym and I was already away from my Dad so no one supervised me.


And since this was the time that the Internet got faster and a lot cheaper, free information was now within my reach. I began researching, reading, and studying anything I could see about fitness.


I devoured every article I saw on the internet, bought a lot of books, ebooks, and magazines that talk about fitness, and applied every strategy and technique that promised to “deliver fast muscle gain” in my teenie-weenie frame. The long-sought answer to the question of, “How can I build muscle in the fastest possible way?” became my primary goal.


The reason? To build my confidence and get girls to like me. Yes, some people have these kinds of goals.


Age 21


4 years following those bodybuilding magazines’ advice, consuming tubs of supplements, and devoting almost my entire life to the iron world, this was the “new” me:


photo of me after 4 years of lifting with zero results


4 biggest gym mistakes that I made


No one will understand how terrible it feels whenever these words are spoken:


“Nag ggym ka ba? Parang wala namang ngyayari eh.”


It’s a huge slap in the face.


At this point in my life, I know it’d sound smarter if I had just quit, but it didn’t come as a choice for me. Despite all the years that seemed wasted trying to reach for my goal, I still persisted. I clung on to the idea that one day, I will find the answers.


Age 23


After searching for more resources offline and online, I found another fitness book and bought it. Despite it being the 100+th fitness product that I purchased, I thought to myself, “Wala namang mawawala eh.”


Lo and behold, what I found in this book was a different approach to training(at that time) but it’s a lot less hype than the conventional bodybuilding programs. I could say, this was one of the resources that really helped me in the beginning stages of my fitness journey. This wasn’t because it had different techniques and magic tricks, but because it pointed out to me the crucial mistakes I was doing in the gym that were keeping me from seeing results.


As a beginner (after training 6 years, yeah, I was still a beginner), I made astounding results following that guide and my lifts shot up through the roof.


These were my progress so far:


4 biggest gym errors


4 biggest mistakes I made in the gym


Still skinny af but the weighing scale was already moving.


And then after a few months to a year…


Going overboard with my surplus


Yes, I got fat, but who cares? This was my dream for years and I got muscles now hihi.


At this point, after mastering the art of gaining weight, I was now set for another goal… to get ripped and be called a “legit” macho.


Age 26


A couple of years have passed since that turning point in my life and here I am, reaching my weight and body fat % goals from 10 years ago:


photo of me at 165lbs, 10% body fat
165lbs, at 10% body fat
Photo me of at Boracay with my improved physique
Enjoying long walks on the beach for the first time


In these past few years, I was able to try different workout programs — from P90x to DC training to Shortcut to Size to Leangains — just to name a few. And what I’ve found are the common grounds amongst all these programs that make them effective when they are effective — and the collection of articles on this blog will teach you all those things.


Also in these years, I was able to learn a lot, I mean really a lot. Since I had the time, I really immersed myself in the fitness world and tried my best to learn everything I could about my own body.


Age 27 – Present


After years of just wishing and hoping, the time came when I had to make a bold decision. At age 27, August 31, 2016, I gave birth to the most precious thing in the world, The Lazy Lifter (this blog).


Logo of the lazy lifter


This was the time I started applying all the lessons I’ve learned to other people by:


1. Publishing free articles and blog posts
2. Giving a free workout routine to many people
3. Providing free consultations and answering a long list of questions on my Facebook page
4. Writing a fully-structured, step-by-step program to build muscle and lose fat


Within a short period of time, these were the results that we’ve gotten so far…


The Lazy Lifter results


Client results



Click here to view more amazing transformations


And of course, this is me today:




Amazing, isn’t it? (This is the workout and nutrition program that we have used to get in the best shape of our lives while doing less in the gym.)


I am telling this story to impress upon you that ever since I reached adulthood, my life has been revolving around fitness. And I hope this story answers the question, “Why should you listen to me?”


It still amazes me today every time I reflect on my journey, my transformation, and the lives of the people I’ve touched through the work that I do.


This story is what fuels  my passion to help frustrated and insecure guys get back on their feet again. I share this deep personal experience in the hopes of inspiring you to make the decision to change your life for the better.


Why “The Lazy Lifter?”



The Lazy Lifter” is perfect description for my lifestyle and the way that I achieved my fitness level now. I want to attract audiences that are busy, often mistaken as lazy. Hence, the “lazy” in the name.


Don’t get it wrong. Lazy in this context doesn’t mean lazy itself. My fitness philosophy is to incorporate fitness into people’s lifestyle while not being consumed by it. I want people to enjoy life in the gym but more especially the life outside the gym – eating food that they love, going out, and having fun.


Lazy in this term means productive — doing only the bare minimum while producing equal or greater results than those who spend more time in the gym.


Basically, it’s a non-fitness approach to fitness. The tagline, “Getting fit doing less” sums it up for you.


A big reason for choosing The Lazy Lifter name is because I hate working out every day. I’d rather spend time with friends, go to a party, or work on my business than think about my gym session each passing minute. I love a workout program that’s only 3-4 days per week, and looking at those success stories above, we can confidently say that it’s all you need.

To put it on a different wording…


I want fitness to enhance people’s lives, not taken over by it. I want you to live an enjoyable life on your own terms and let fitness be an addition, not your sole focus in life. I want you to confidently go on with your day carrying your healthier and fitter body, but without having to live in the gym. Sure I can workout every day and make the gym my life and look insanely awesome, but what about my other hobbies? What about doing other fun things?


Life’s not enjoyable when fitness takes over your life.


And what’s the point of looking great and being healthy if you live in the gym anyway?


I know there are some of you who love going to the gym every minute of every day. If that’s you, I have nothing against that. I just want to offer a different perspective and maybe shed some light on some confusions as to why I do what I do. Given that, I am still confident that what I’m going to teach people would benefit you as well. I’m sure of it.


Where are we now?


Through time, the Minimalist Fitness program has expanded to other programs that help solve more specific fitness woes. These programs are exclusive to MF members and are designed to level up their fitness journey and help them achieve their transformation in even easier, more efficient ways.


More and more people are discovering that doing less work leads to great results with the guidance of MF programs. As of June 2020, more than 6,000 “lazy lifters” make up our community. This family is made up of people from all walks of life. There are health professionals, gym veterans, corporate guys, fitness enthusiasts, and everyday people who are all connected by one thing: to need to grow.


Yes, it is surprising that our “MF” or Minimalist Fitness community has now become a group that is not just about physical fitness. Sure, you’ll find majority of the posts in the group to be fitness-related, but the conversations and interactions are about so much more. Members of our family look after each other and support each other’s transformation journey. We make sure that our community is bounded by respect and integrity, especially for the hundreds of new members we regularly welcome.


This made me even proud of the work that I do. The programs I create reflect who I am, and not just what I know about fitness. This results to a community that imbibe what I believe in and more. As I regularly provide the guidance and leadership to our members, we make sure to assist those members seeking for guidance and encouragement, ultimately achieving the goal of lifting each other up.


Where are we headed?


The Lazy Lifter brand has grown to be more than just a blog. For the followers of the brand, Lazy Lifter has inspired them to live a lifestyle that celebrates better quality of life. With a healthy and strong lifestyle as the foundation, the Lazy Lifter, through its products and community, has been instrumental in the holistic development of all its members.


In the years to come, The Lazy Lifter sees a rapid growth in its members. With just a hundred followers in 2016, the community is now approaching the 6,000th mark. This builds the momentum for more people to benefit from its programs and features. In a few years, we aim to build a community where 100,000 members and more share actively in a group that promotes and builds health and wellness unlike any other.


#MFDos – MF Community’s 2nd Anniversary celebration

This means that in the near future, the MF program will expand in more ways possible. Of course, the e-book will remain as the core element to all lazy lifters’ development. But the possibilities are endless to continuously support and help members of the MF family achieve and sustain the transformation they work hard for.


So if you haven’t purchased the book yet, you’re actually missing out in more than just the readings and lessons it brings. Purchasing MF also entitles you to be part of the community who will be right behind you, pushing you closer towards your goals.


My promise to you


In an industry that’s controlled by false information and BS, you can trust my advice as an honest, reliable source that will help you reach your fitness goals in the most effective and practical way possible.


My approach is evidence-based; leaning towards science and not bro-science; facts and not fads.


I have zero tolerance to BS; hence, I will only teach you useful stuff and discard all the unnecessary ones.


So, if you’re ready to leave all the gimmicks behind and learn how to do fitness the right way, I’d suggest following these steps right now to get in the loop of all the useful stuff I provide. This, my friend, is the way I can fulfill my promise to you…


Step #1 – Subscribe to my online newsletter.


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No nonsense, only valuable nuggets.

When you sign up today, I’ll give you an effective training program for FREE that will enable you to start right away and get closer to that dream bod.


Step #2 – Connect with me on social media.


This is where I will post regular updates and where I will answer most of your queries. Follow me on the links below:



Step #3 – Browse the #MFChallenge winners for inspiration and motivation. The #MFChallenge is our yearly and exclusive 100-day challenge for the members.


Step #4 – Check my step-by-step fitness programs


Along with my free articles and blog posts,  I also offer additional products and services for those who want to take their development to the highest possible level…


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If you want that shredded and muscular body that you’ve been dreaming of but don’t know where to start, or if you’ve been into fitness for a long time now but results have yet to show,  then Minimalist Fitness is the answer for you.


Is it possible for you to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more without giving up the “good” lifestyle? Is it possible for you to gain 10, 20, 30 pounds or more without spending half of your life inside the gym? I’m telling you with absolute certainty that it is possible.


Minimalist Fitness is going to jump-start your upward spiral. This is the program to shift your life into overdrive and make up for all the time you’ve lost by doing the wrong things!


The information contained in these ebook packages is the best of the best. It’s my magnum opus.


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That’s it. I hope you had fun listening to my story like I did when I wrote all of it. And I also hope that I did inspire you in some way to take action towards your goal.


All the best to us and I look forward to connecting with you!


– Cho