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Achieve Your Best Physique in 100 Days… The Lazy Way!

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Do you want to know how to achieve your best physique in 100 days without having to live in the gym and without giving up the foods that you love?  Then read til the end to find out.


Yo, what’s up? It’s Cho here.

After being away for months, I’ll shamefully and proudly say:

“I’m back again!”

How many times have I said this phrase anyway?

Life is just full of surprises and plot twists that led me astray of my commitment to this page, but the good thing is, well, I’m back — back with some useful goodies for all you supporters and readers. Yay!

Now before we get into the nitty-gritty of my recent #MFChallenge results, let’s discuss first what had happened to me over a couple of months that I was away, which served as an important part of this overall challenge.

What is #MFChallenge you ask?

It’s a 100-day transformation challenge exclusive for Minimalist Fitness private Facebook group members, which held once per year. This was the 2nd challenge total since 2017.

The goal of this challenge is not to live in the gym and grind your ass off and make fitness your overall focus. You can of course, but you don’t have to. The goal of this challenge is to live your life, train 3x a week, eat the foods you love while tracking them, and just focus on what matters and the things you enjoy.

This is what Minimalist Fitness is all about and this is what we all practice.

Maybe you’re the type of person who goes to the gym 5-7 days a week, eat healthy meals 24/7, but still not satisfied with your progress and you think…

“Lazy fuc*kers. How can you achieve better results while exerting very minimal effort? Train 3x a week and eat anything you want? LOL.” 

We always get the same reaction, and we’re used to it. 

Well, we will just let the result speak for itself. *wink*

So, first, here’s what happened to me while I was away…

Sept ’17


This was when I took a break and stopped writing articles for a while. Ironically, this was also the 1st birthday of The Lazy Lifter (September 1st, 2016 was the launch).

I should’ve written more articles at this point but couldn’t get myself to do so. I just felt jaded — my fitness life was out of place and I’ve been away from dieting for more than a year (almost 2 years). I was still doing my workouts out of habit, but I didn’t really have an exact goal in mind.

I found teaching and coaching people to be much more appealing than worrying about my own fitness goals. There was a tradeoff of course… I got a little out of shape:


Progress update

Sept ’17 physique

Bulking pic, at my heaviest

Taken before the 1st #MFChallenge

Size definitely still there but also carrying a lot of body fat. I was at my heaviest at this point.

October ’17


As I was sailing the coaching world and putting all effort into getting people in the best shape of their lives, there’s another news that got me even more demotivated to take care of myself.

My orthodontist scheduled a surgery for the treatment of my lower set of teeth — my bite. It’s a bit misaligned and my jaw was more prominent on the right side, so it needed fixing.

The schedule was set on November ’17, and having undergone 3 surgeries already, I knew what was going to happen — I won’t be able to workout for months.

At this point, October ’17, I stopped workout altogether, coupled it with pigging out left and right. As a result:


Progress pic

1 month of no working out

November ’17



Surgery day came and it’s recovery time again. I won’t go into details anymore since it’s a bit off-topic. But if you want more details on how the surgery went and my experience, feel free to message me on my page.

December ’17


Hell month. Liquid calories were the only thing I was allowed to consume. I bought lots of Ensure drinks and Mass Gainers to support my body weight as I didn’t want to get too skinny. My goal this time was to just preserve as much size that I have so I can get back easier.

Funny thing was, I got even fatter despite not eating solid foods (calories, baby).


Physique update 1 month post surgery

1 month post surgery. Face still swollen


So yeah, after almost 2 years of no dieting and 3 months of not working out, it’s safe to say that I was back to ZERO. Well, not really zero, but very far from my usual condition.

I was fat, my body’s very weak due to surgery’s trauma, and I had no desire to do anything to get out of this condition. To be honest, I was comfortable. I was eating anything that I want, playing video games and watching anime all day without worrying about setting PRs in the gym and tracking calories.

The only thing I did relating to fitness and this page was write an article to announce the previous #MFChallenge winners, update my Minimalist Fitness program (made it to v2), and provided coaching to my members and clients.

January ’18


New Year came and had a grand launch of Minimalist Fitness v2. Since the Minimalist Fitness Facebook Group members were hungry for another challenge, I promised them that if we hit the 500 members mark, we’ll have another #MFChallenge again — and we did.

This sparked the hidden motivation inside me to get back on track again. I set my mind to this goal:

Join the #MFChallenge in my worst state and show everyone, especially my members that the very program they’re holding indeed works.

I promised to show them videos of my workout, how I workout, my calories, and everything else written in the book. I want all of us to go through the journey together.

This is me on January 20, 2018. (January 21 was the start of the challenge):



Pretty cute, huh? Despite the weight gain and fluffy face, my motivation that time was sky high. I was hungry and absolutely ready for the 100-day journey. I was excited!

January, February, March, and April went by, weighing every single day, measuring body parts weekly, tracking calories and macros daily, and continuously updating the Minimalist Fitness group of what’s happening to me thru workout videos, progress photos, tips, realizations, and more…

Finally, after 100 days, here I am…


Achieve Your Best Physique in 100 Days… The Lazy Way! — My #MFChallenge Results


Before and After Comparison:


Get ripped in 100 days

Ripped legs

Legs looking decent. Nevermind the calves


Still not where I wanted to be, but definitely getting there.



I’m sure you can’t read what’s written on the left photo’s paper so here are my stats:

Left photos/video: 75.7kg or 166.54lbs @17.3% body fat — taken January 20, 2018

Right photos/video: 69kg or 151.8lbs @12-13% body fat (estimate) — taken April 29, 2018


Weighing scale

100th-day weight. The average weight for the week was also 69kg. Ignore the body fat % (14.1) as nothing’s really accurate.


*The pic on the right was taken on April 29, 2018. The reason “May 1, 2018” is written there is because I had to leave for vacation on April 29, 2018, and will be back by May 3rd already. I had to take my 100th-day photo in advance.

Difference: 6.7kg or 14.74pounds

– All photos were taken upon waking up. No pump or whatsoever.

– I am using BodyAnalyzer scale that I bought from Vanity Planet’s site.

Disclaimer: Their customer service sucks. My order arrived super delayed — 2-3 months — and they didn’t reply to any emails that I sent. Hopefully they’re ok now or just find another place to order if you want this one.

Fat loss progress — weekly weigh-ins (averages)


Start – 75.7kg
Week 1 – 76.2kg
Week 2 – 74.5kg
Week 3 – 74.1kg
Week 4 – 74.6kg
Week 5 – 74.2kg
Week 6 – 74.0kg
Week 7 – 74.7kg
Week 8 – 73.5kg
Week 9 – 73.2kg
Week 10 – 72.5kg
Week 11 – 71.9kg
Week 12 – 70.8kg
Week 13 – 70kg
End – 69kg

*All weigh-ins were on empty stomach — upon waking up, before eating or drinking, and after peeing or pooping.



– There was a sudden drop of weight at the beginning. That’s normal. Most of it was water.

– Weeks 2-7 — wasn’t really losing weight because I was maintaining the 2100 calories. Thought I was going to recomp (build muscle and lose fat simultaneously) easily since I was coming from a layoff. Wrong.

– Week 8 and beyond — dropped my calories to 1800 and slowly reduce it as the weeks went by (lowest was 1500-1600). Finally saw the scale moving in the right direction again, though I think I overdid it coz I was losing more than what’s planned. Bad sign.

Lifting stats


Bench Press
Start: 50kg x 6 reps
End: 85kg x 5 reps

*Placeholder for before and after bench press videos

Overhead Press
Start: 40kg x 6 reps
End: 60kg x 5 reps

*Placeholder for before and after OH press videos

Squats (low bar)
Start: 50kg x 5 reps
End: 100kg x 4 reps

*Placeholder for before and after Squat videos

Start: 90kg x 5 reps
End: 155kg x 6 reps

*Placeholder for before and after Deadlift videos

Start: Bodyweight x 5 reps
End: Bodyweight + 40kg x 6 reps

*Placeholder for before and after Chin ups videos




– As you can see, I made a decent progress on most of my lifts, and that’s because regaining strength is always faster than building it in the first place. Even though I’m still weaker from my previous numbers, I am happy that I slowly getting back there.

– Around the 12th week of dieting, I experienced loss of strength on almost all my lifts. 

– A loss of strength when nearing the end of a cut is normal and expected. As long as it’s not a huge and sudden drop, you don’t have to worry. There were even days when my strength really plummeted, like losing 10-15 lbs on some movements. A deload/refeed always did the job.

– Apart from my usual deload weeks, I was also having deload days nearing the end of my cut. An extra day or two have always helped me.

Diet and supplements


– Calories were from 2200 to 1600.

For the first few weeks, calories were 2200, then slowly reduced it until 1600. I hit the lowest (1600) around the 12th week because I was feeling impatient and desperate that I wasn’t lean enough and the end date is almost near. That was also the time I experienced lots of bad gym sessions. Not a good idea to drop that low when I was still losing at 1800ish.

– Protein was up to 160g–200g every single day because you need more protein when doing a cut to lower the risk of muscle loss. I consumed most of my protein from protein powders.

– Intermittent Fasting was done some days when I wanted to feast later in the day. Most days, I didn’t fast. I just ate anytime I wanted. 

– Refeeds (maintenance or near maintenance calories) had increased (every 1-2 weeks) when I reached week 12 until the end.

– Ate the most basic foods:

Nilagang Baka
Pancit Canton

You name it, I ate it. No meal preps or “diet foods”. I just tracked my calories and make up for the lack of protein using protein powders.

“Calories in, calories out. 

Grind that into your head because that’s the most important thing when it comes to losing or gaining weight.

Supplements were:

  • Whey Protein
  • Multivitamins
  • Fish Oil

Additional details


– I trained 3 times a week almost the entire duration of the cut. There were times that I trained 4 times a week but it was still on an every-other-day schedule.


Monday – Workout
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Workout
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Workout
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Workout
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Workout
Wednesday – Rest

And so on…

So that’s 3 workouts on some weeks and 4 workouts on some.

– For the first half of the cut, I used the workout routine that is included in my FREE PDF (Phase 1). You can download it here — click to download FREE PDF

It’s my bread and butter and it has formed the core of my whole fitness program. Afterwards, I switched to Minimalist Fitness’s workout routine, Phase 3 specifically, until the end.

– I found that the longer the cutting phase goes, the lesser volume I need to progress. I even reduced some of the 3 set exercises to 2 and found it to be of help with my recovery.

– The workout routine that I used focused mainly on The Big 5 lifts, which I discussed greatly in detail in Minimalist Fitness. The idea here is by getting stronger on these 5 core lifts, you will literally transform your overall physique.

– I did ZERO cardio session. (I did 1 session but that’s after this challenge)

The Goal


This was the result that I’ve been chasing — my best physique back in 2016.



Comparing photos from before and now, obviously, I am still weeks or maybe months away from achieving that.

I can’t remember my exact stats that time as I wasn’t tracking as thoroughly as today. I can’t even remember my weight but I think it was 70-71kg (versus 69kg now). Lost some muscle this cut but it’s okay since I’ve tracked the process more thoroughly and I now know what works and what doesn’t. So it’s still a win.

What am I going to do now?


After my trip to La Union this Labor week where I chose to forget everything related to fitness (except post hubad photos), I continued my cutting regimen and brought back my calories to 1700. I plan on doing this until June until I am lean enough to bulk (maybe around 10-11% body fat [I’m 12-13% now estimate]).

Of course, I will still going to use everything that is written in Minimalist Fitness. I will be joining more others in the lean bulking phase since most of my members are done with their cut. 

We’re all here together! 

100 day transformation photos


That’s it.

I hope you’ve gotten a lot of good info reading this article, and I hope that this has sparked that motivation in you to keep working towards your goals.

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