From the Creator of Minimalist Fitness comes..

An intensive Muscle-Building System to Maximize Muscle Gains, Build Strength, And Radiate Raw Power and Undeniable Sex Appeal...

Finally...a Proven-and-Tested Approach to Skyrocket Muscle Mass Gains in 16 Weeks or Less

Gain 8-10 Pounds of Pure Muscle Mass, Even if You’re a HARDGAINER or Have a VERY Fast Metabolism

Wait! Who am i to talk about building muscle?

Hi, this is Cho Lim. I’m the man behind The Lazy Lifter and the author of Minimalist Fitness for Men and Women – the premier fitness programs in the Philippines that produced the most number of fitness transformations (1000+ and counting)​

I’ve dedicated 10 years of my life to unlocking the secret code on how to create a great physique and I’ve spent the last two years teaching my strategy.

I became an advocate for ordinary people like you to achieve their best bodies at the shortest time possible.

Now, I’m back to helping ectomorphs and hardgainers.

I want to help

naturally skinny guys gain lean muscle mass, add on weight and get the body of their dreams...​

photo of me after 4 years of lifting with zero results

I know from experience how hard it is to gain a few pounds.

And how it’s almost impossible to add inches of muscle to a thin and seemingly weak frame.

My journey started when I was called ‘lampayatot’ when I was younger.

I still remember the bullying…
The name-calling…
The finger-pointing…
And their shared laughter at my “too skinny” body.

What they did seemed small and harmless to them, yet it scarred me. And the thing that hurt me most was the absence of respect I got from my peers.

Why is it when people see

you’re ‘small and skinny’… they’ll assume you’re a person they can disrespect?

They think it’s okay to body shame skinny guys like me… like it’s the most normal thing.

Well, it shouldn’t be.

And to top it all off, I also seemed invisible to girls because I was too thin.

I didn’t have a chance with any of them since they go for guys who were bigger and stronger than me.

From that moment on, I dedicated myself to getting the body I wanted.

I made a deep dive into lifting weights to build muscle fast.

Well, I was hoping to build muscle fast when I started.

Yet 5 years passed at wala pa ring nagbago.

I still had the same skinny body even though I was spending a lot on gym fees and supplements…

So I had to change my approach, I adapted the “Eat big, get big!” principle.

Yun nga lang, tumaba naman ako.

At least, 'di na ko lampayatot.

Pero nung patagal na ng patagal, I never expected until it came -- that being fat is a skinny guy’s nightmare. 

Dahil sa kagustuhan kong matigil ang pagiging ‘lampayatot’ ay naging overweight naman ako.

And I wasn’t happy about it.

I felt so bloated. ‘Di maganda tingnan.

I lost my self-confidence. 

I felt na ang lahat ng pinaghirapan ko napunta lang sa wala.

All I was doing so far was not giving me the body I’ve always wanted.

It came to a point that I almost gave up… I thought my ‘ideal body’ is only for those ‘special people’ who can afford hiring chefs and nutritionists and celebrity instructors.

It wasn’t for me.

And boy, how wrong I was.

After feeling sorry for myself, I made the biggest and riskiest decision I’ve ever done…

And it was so worth it.

Everything changed when I invested more than ₱200,000 to crack the code of a better, bigger, more muscular body. 

After reading many books and going into many fitness courses, I realized…

The problems I was facing are the same problems ectomorphs and hardgainers face when they’re bulking.

And let me tell you what they are.

Here are the main reasons why men are not bulking

1. You're eating the wrong way.

The #1 Reason Skinny Guys Can’t Gain Weight is:

They’re not eating enough calories.

Worse, they don’t track what they eat.

Kung feeling mo madami kang kinakain but you’re not tracking the foods you eat, I will just tell you one thing: NANGHUHULA KA LANG.

Skinny guys often overestimate how much they eat. They think they eat a lot but they don’t.

They often think they’re skinny because of their fast metabolism.

But the truth is, they eat less than what they ‘burn’.

So the easiest way to build muscle mass and put on weight is to consume more calories than what you burn.

This is the principle of caloric surplus, and it’s the foolproof way to gain weight.

Before you rant about eating more, calculate your calories first to see if you’re eating enough to bulk up.

Because if you’re not gaining weight even though you are ‘eating’ more, then most likely...

2. You're focusing on the wrong macronutrient.

If you want absolute proof about eating enough calories to gain weight, then track your daily calorie intake for one week.

Write down everything you eat in [name of the fitness app]. This way, you’ll be aware if you’re eating less then you can take action to eat more and gain weight.

But if you’re aiming to pack on muscle, you also need to consider your macronutrient intake.

A good balance of protein, fat, and carb are the way to go. Wag ka lang magfocus sa isang macronutrient.

The mistake I see people make is they focus too much on eating protein and then neglect the other two. Little did they know that during bulking, protein is of less importance (versus when cutting) and that you need to eat just enough.


Kasi if you’re eating lots of carbs during bulk, your body has plenty of immediate sources of energy and all the protein you consume will be spared only for recovery and building muscle.

So eat just enough protein! Around 0.8g per pound of bodyweight will suffice.

Pair that with high amounts of carbs and enough fat, and you will have optimized energy and hormone production for explosive workout sessions that will bring the most muscle mass in your frame WEEK TO WEEK!

That’s it. HARDGAINER no more pal.

So if you’re eating enough and crushing your macronutrients and calories...

Yet you’re not gaining weight or adding any muscle mass to your frame.

It might be because…

3. exercising the wrong way.

The reality is, eating the perfect bulking diet is useless without proper strength training.

Lifting weights triggers your body to build muscle mass.

Your body uses the food you eat to recover your muscles and build new ones. Lifting also increases your appetite which helps you eat more.

Sadly, when you’re consuming a caloric surplus diet without exercise, you’ll only end up getting fat.

So, if you aim to add muscle mass and weight with little fat (it’s impossible not to gain a little fat, mind you)...

Then strength training is key.

Remember, more strength = more muscle mass.

And the best strength training to build bigger, stronger muscles uses progressive overload.

So when you’re bulking, always try to do more than last time. Not super duper more, but just enough. Baby steps ika nga.

This forces your body to gain strength and muscle mass without the risk of overtraining.

And if you are doing this while eating enough calories and a balanced macros… you will get bigger, stronger, and more muscular.

So once I fixed these problems, this is what happened to me.

Tumaba ako diba? Tapos nagpapayat ulit ako at balik sa skinny frame (because I was lacking muscle mass). But with enough knowledge, I was able to bulk up properly and gained the muscular body I was aiming for a long time..

And since I wanted to see if others can achieve similar results, I taught a few hundred guys my bulking diet and training principles.

And once my students started applying my methods, their bodies transformed...

They went from..

Skinny to Dreamy

And if done the right way...

People will respect you way more. If you have a strong, muscular body, people will respect you because of your physique.
This is ingrained in us from millions of years of evolution.
If you’re big and muscular, your mere presence commands respect.

✅ You’ll less likely get into fights. A big and strong person is intimidating to others.
So when you’re muscular, others will less likely pick a fight with you because of your size.
A stronger body also helps you fight off oppressors.

Just think about it… 

If two combatants have equal skill, the stronger one will most likely win.
And when you’re protecting your loved ones, it’s much easier to do this when you’re big, strong and muscular.

Women will find you more attractive. This is deeply wired in our survival instincts. 
Back in the cave men days when the physically strong males produce the offspring most likely to survive…
Women were evolutionarily programmed to be attracted to these males.
Because doing this increases the survival of their genes as well.
So even today, women are still subconsciously attracted to more muscular males, even when they don’t realize it.

You’ll have much higher self-esteem. Every time you look in a mirror you’ll love what you see.
Because being more muscular gives you a well-built manly shape with a chiseled torso and strong arms. You look great with or without clothes.
Your physique fills you with pride because it is the result of consistent work.
Every time you train, you feel you’re getting stronger and bigger. You boost your confidence and self-esteem. 
When women touch your muscles while talking to you, you know they love it and it makes you feel like a real man.
You feel proud of your accomplishment. And you have every right to do so.

In terms of health, having more muscles is an advantage

It helps you keep the weight off for good. The science is simple: Bigger muscles require more energy and in turn burn more calories.
So when you build more muscles, your body effortlessly burns more fat and calories even when you’re resting.

You’ll have better immunity. The muscle tissue is the only place the body can store amino acids. These amino acids help respond to pathogens and other toxic compounds in the body.

This is why muscles help strengthen our immune system. So the smaller our muscles, the smaller our amino acid stores and the less able we are to fight off disease and infections. 

And a healthy muscle mass provides your immune system with amino acids to keep you healthy and free from illness.

You recover from injuries much faster. Stronger people with more muscle mass recover from injuries much quicker than those that have less.

The muscles store protein. So when medical emergencies happen (like in an injury or illness), the body needs more protein to survive and heal.

Where do our bodies get them? You got it, from our muscle stores.
So the more muscle you have, the quicker your body recovers.

You’ll live longer. Being strong and muscular can prolong your life.

Many scientific studies show muscle strength is the top biomarker for longevity, more than either blood pressure or cholesterol.

So in terms of survival, health, confidence and attraction…

Having more muscles is far superior than having none.

🟥 So do you want to command respect and be more confident?

🟥 Do you want to finally achieve the body of your dreams?

🟥 Do you want to get the girl or attract more attention from women?

🟥 Do you want to protect the ones you love?

🟥 Do you want to give your body a fighting chance to ward off disease and illnesses?

✔️ Because if you’ve always wanted to chase your dream physique, and you thought it’s all for show and for gaining the attention of women and the respect of people around you… there’s a way you can get it.

✔️The confidence you feel, the energy you gain, the strength and power you ooze by creating a body you’ve always wanted are just visible signs of how healthy and how good your body is working on the inside…

And this is where it counts most of all.

If you’re looking for the best exercise routine and nutrition plan to build lean muscle mass, I’ve got your back...


..a Proven-and-Tested Approach to Skyrocket Muscle Mass Gains in 16 Weeks or Less!

If you’re a hardgainer or ectomorph, eating enough to put on weight can seem impossible.

And finding a workout plan that actually allows you to gain muscle is equally challenging.

Basic Bulk ignores all the common muscle-building myths, and creates a new blueprint for fast, consistent gains.

No matter what you’ve tried in the past, Basic Bulk is scientifically engineered to shift your body into growth mode!

If you’ve just ended your Cut and figured out you want or need to gain more mass to look more attractive, Basic Bulk is perfect for you.

With a unique combination of full body, progressive overload workouts, cyclical training phases, and done-for-you meal plans, Basic Bulk allows you to pack on lean muscle mass while keeping your abs!

It won’t matter if you’re a beginner or if you’re already in the early intermediate stage.

As long as you want to build a jacked body with solid mass that turns heads and commands respect, Basic Bulk is definitely for you.

This program combines multiple scientifically proven techniques that will literally FORCE your body to gain muscles.

No BS. No Gimmicks. And no more fluffs.

Comments like “Bro, do you even lift?” will soon become “Bro, do you compete?”

If you’re ready to gain lean muscle mass and develop a strong, attractive, powerful, post-worthy, head-turning physique…

You can do it with...


It’s the Most Comprehensive Bulking System in the country for creating a jacked body that’s mostly muscle and very little fat.

It will give you everything you need to build lean age-defying muscle mass, keep fat to a minimum and keep yourself fit and healthy for life.

Go from ‘lean’ to ‘powerful’ in 5 simple steps...

Step 1️⃣

Calculate your calories

Start from the inside-out

Step 2️⃣

Select your NO-COOK and NO-COOK meal plans

Carefully planned to spare you the task of figuring out what to eat

Step 3️⃣

Follow the workout

Get the precise training for maximum muscle growth and strength

Step 4️⃣

Use the accountability system

Stay motivated and driven to reach your goals

Step 5️⃣

Make adjustments

Tweak and tailor-fit the program for your needs and get optimal results

Calculate your calories

Start from the inside-out

Select your NO-COOK and NO-COOK meal plans

Carefully planned to spare you the task of figuring out what to eat

Follow the workout

Get the precise training for maximum muscle growth and strength

Use the accountability system

Stay motivated and driven to reach your goals

Make adjustments

Tweak and tailor-fit the program for your needs and get optimal results

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get inside the Program:

The Fundamentals of Basic Bulk


This program is short, concise, and straight to the point. No fluffs. No long explanations.

“Hindi ako mahilig magbasa.” You’ll finish reading it in just a few minutes so you can start right away. I promise!


Just because we’re guys doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate beautiful designs. You’ll get the knowledge you need and you’ll enjoy it, too.


Get actionable tips from the calendar and infographics. This will help you retain information more easily. No more “nakalagpasan ko ata yun”.


I added scientific concepts like calorie partitioning and energy flux theory to help you skyrocket your results (if you will apply them). This is the first time I wrote about them.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside…

  • Discover the Effective, Practical, Scientifically Proven Basic Bulk Diet and Training Strategy specifically made for hardgainers and those who want to gain muscle mass without much fat. This is your quickest way for getting bigger and stronger than ever before.
  • Why 16 weeks is the BEST timeframe for the Basic Bulk Program. You’ll gain rock-hard muscles and a huge chiseled physique if you follow the program closely.
  • Know the Ultimate Goal of Bulking – Understanding this key concept and working towards this goal will help you unleash and create a body that’s 10x better than the one you started with.
  • Discover the Unfiltered Fact about Bulking and why you should eat more and train properly. Warning: Do this wrong and you’ll end up fat, flabby and with a big belly.
  • How to Apply the principles of Progressive Overload in your Bulking Workout Sessions for non-stop muscle gains, increased strength, and massive results.
  • The Right Way to Add Cardio to Your Training Routine. I know. I used to be against cardio but I found out it’s the key for better and consistent results. However, you still need to know how to use it effectively to create your dream physique.
  • Harness the Power of Nutrient Partitioning in the Bulking Phase so your body can prioritize muscle growth over fat gain. You’ll be building the powerful massive physique you’ve always wanted.
  • Why You Should Understand How the Energy Flux Theory Works and how you can use it to your advantage in the Bulking Phase. Unlock the secret of this theory and you’ll never have to worry about adding muscle mass to your frame ever again.
  • Tap into the Personal Tracking Checklist which guarantees progress and breaks any plateau. This system helps you succeed and see results in no time.
  • Become Your Own Fitness Coach and even beat the ‘pros’ while doing it. By learning how to measure your results, chart your progress, and make micro-adjustments each week, you’ll avoid time-wasting activities and achieve your goals faster and easier.

The Basic Bulk Muscle Growth Workout System

This full body workout plan will FORCE your body to gain muscleno matter how bad your genetics are.


Scientific full-body workouts proven to pack on mass.


Develop strength faster than ever before.


Get massive gains in the comfort of your own home.


You hit all body parts every single workout for maximum gains.


Everything is laid out with full details including the sets, reps, and rest periods for each workout.

Each exercise is selected to help naturally skinny guys and those who want bulk to their frame with lean muscle mass and very little fat.

Each exercise is selected to help naturally skinny guys and those who want bulk to their frame with lean muscle mass and very little fat.

You’ll gain weight in all the right places… your chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs so you’ll create a bigger, stronger physique that looks much better. Get ready to turn heads!

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside…

  • Discover the Basic Bulk Full Body Workout Plan which brings in insane strength and massive gains. Know the science-based workout to pack on mass and increase muscle gains. Unlock your strength faster than ever before.
  • The Exact Warm-Up Strategy to prevent injury and set the perfect stage for optimum muscle growth and performance.
  • The Tell-Tale Sign You’re Overdoing Your Warm-Up and what you can do instead to prep and prime your body to build powerful muscle mass during your main workout session.
  • What are the most EFFECTIVE Basic Bulk Exercises and their Alternatives so you can add the most muscle to your frame. You’ll even stimulate muscle growth, add inches of pure muscle mass and get the most out of your time and energy.
  • How to exploit the two TOP Progression Techniques I have ever discovered – Doing these techniques right will lead to your GREATEST and QUICKEST muscular gains ever!
  • For the Total Beginner: How you can set yourself up to an early success by choosing your perfect starting weights. Know what you need to do next to maximize results and build your momentum for success.
  • Set Up Your Basic Bulk Workout Routine and make the best use of your time and energy. Cut your workout time and get even better results.
  • Take Control of your Training Schedule using the Weekly Workout Plans. Every exercise for the next 16 weeks has been planned, so all you have to do is to follow the plan on your training day for maximum results.
  • How to Get Out of Training Plateaus and eliminate them completely so you’ll have consistent muscle gains and avoid the pitfalls of overtraining. (Hint: Overtraining leads to zero muscle growth. So it’s a No No for your Bulking Phase.)

The Basic Bulk Done-For-You Meal Plans And Supplement Recommendations

Turning skinny guys into muscle-building machines is my specialty – because I’ve been there!

These DONE-FOR-YOU Meal Plans are your foundation for gaining MASS and adding muscle to your lean frame.


Easy to follow, NO-THINK and NO-COOK nutrition plans designed to help you put on weight. Starting from 1800 calories to 3300 calories.


Specially designed for a busy lifestyle and includes all your favorite high protein foods for optimum muscle growth.


No cooking or meal prep required. You can buy these meals from your nearby supermarket (or even 7-eleven)


The tried-and-tested supplement “stack” for optimizing your muscle building potential. Save money and headaches by using only the best supplements.


This is what I drink almost daily during a bulk. Calorie dense, protein packed. I’m giving it to you for free.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside…

  • The Truth about Calories most trainers don’t want you to know — know how much you should eat to bulk up and build muscle. Plus, know your exact “macronutrients” – protein, carbohydrates, and fat… you need to gain more muscle mass.
  • Discover two easy, step-­by-­step formulas to find the exact calories you need to add bulk and gain muscle. Get this wrong and you’ll gain fat instead of muscle.
  • What You Should Know about Muscle Growth and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Determine Your Potential Rate of Muscle Gains per month so you can adjust your calories to match an ideal caloric surplus and maximize muscle growth.
  • Master the Art of Eating the right amount of calories so you’ll gain more muscle with very little fat.
  • Swipe the Done-For-You Meal Plans to create your own. Add bulk and build muscle effortlessly with the power of food. You’re in total control too – you can eat whatever you want, as long as you follow a few simple “Basic Bulk” rules for calories and macros.
  • The Exact Muscle-Building food to eat and how much to eat so you can focus on more important things. You’ll get the exact food I eat during my Bulking Phase so you can copy and replicate my results. You’ll also get a breakdown of each food’s calories and macros so you can adjust the meal plan easily.
  • Scared of Eating Out? Now you don’t have to be. You no longer have to destroy your best laid fitness plans just because you want to eat out. Know my best tips to help you stick to your body goals no matter what.
  • Copy My Secret Bulking Shake Recipe for when you have no time to eat yet need the right macros to build the muscular body of your dreams.
  • The Specific Supplement List I Personally Use to hit fitness and nutrition targets like getting the right macros and giving you more strength in the gym. Just let me be clear, you don’t need these supplements to see results so you don’t need to get them unless you want to.

UNLIMITED Access To The Basic Bulk Private Facebook Group

One of the best tools in my clients’ incredible transformations is the Private FB Group and exclusive community. Why? Because people with the support of a like-minded community are more likely to reach their fitness and body goals.

You’ll join a close-knit family of guys just like you. Plus, you’ll have ME and other knowledgeable experts to guide you and make you accountable.

When you join today, you get full access to these as well:


Discuss workouts, share opinions and get feedback. Most of all, you can ask any question and I will personally respond.


Get inspired and hang out with other motivated guys in the program.


Post your own progress pics and be active so you can stay consistent and focused on your body goals.

Imagine 4 months from now, you’ll be bigger, stronger, more powerful than you ever were in your life…

You’ll also be fitter, healthier, and more energetic.

Join the Basic Bulk brotherhood that’ll get you these results

And before I forget, you’ll also get The Basic Bulk Bonus Package when you join us...

 BONUS #1 

Basic Bulk Home Workouts

(₱2,000 value)

If you don’t have access to gyms because of the lockdown or you just don’t want to go out, don’t worry… You can still reach your body goals and create the huge powerful body you’ve always wanted.

Get all the benefits of Full Phase Workouts by using your own bodyweight. You can do this simple system in the comfort of your home!

 BONUS #2 

Basic Bulk FAQS

(₱2,000 value)

I answered all your burning questions relating to gaining MASS here. This FAQs include high-quality content to answer questions like:

✪ When is the perfect time to bulk?

✪ Bakit nauuna lumaki yung tyan ko pag bulking?

✪ How can I gain more muscle than fat?

✪ Pano ma-maintain yung abs during bulk?

✪ Should I skip abs when bulking?

✪ What foods are high in calories?

✪ I have a poor appetite. How can I eat more?

And a lot more. You’ll gain more insight about muscle building and make you more confident to go through the bulking process and form the body of your dreams.

 BONUS #3 

Printable Accountability Calendar

(₱1,000 value)

Creating your dream body takes self-control, discipline and drive.

And what better to do it all than with my Printable Accountability Calendar?

You’ll hold yourself accountable and practice self-discipline so you can take massive and consistent action.

Print it, look at it every day, and check the boxes daily so you DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN. This Accountability Calendar will keep you motivated throughout the 16-week journey!

I also added infographics you can print at the back to remind yourself DAILY what you should be doing today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Using this calendar will GUARANTEE your success. It’s a surprise I didn’t start using this a long time ago.

 BONUS #4 

The Exercise Database

(₱2,000 value)

You’ll get the full library of workout videos I personally compiled. I made sure they are the best easy-to-follow instructional videos on the Internet. So you’ll see and perform EVERY single exercise in the program.

I want you to go to any gym and execute the exercises in proper form as if you were born to do it.

✯ STEP BY STEP – Quickly learn proper form for every exercise
✯ AVOID INJURY – The best tips so you’ll never get hurt
✯ SHORT – I know you want to start right away, so these videos are short and straight to the point

 BONUS #5 

Lifetime Access And Updates

(₱20,000 value)

Once you have Basic Bulk, sayo na sya forever!

We’re only human, and sometimes life happens and we get off track.

No problem.

You don’t have to worry about falling behind. You can take a break from the program any time you need to.

Basic Bulk will ALWAYS be here when you’re ready.

What’s more, every update I will make and every improvement I will add to the program – you will get it all for FREE.

All these and more are possible when you add the Basic Bulk Method in your life…

Now you’re probably thinking…

  Basic Bulk is a total game changer in building and maintaining muscle mass. But how much does it cost?  

If you’re going to add up the 5 bonuses alone…

….you’ll have to pay at least ₱27,000.

If you’re going to ask me, ₱27,000 is already a bargain. Like I said a while ago, I bought ₱200,000 worth of fitness programs and trainings…

…and still didn’t get my dream body.

So if you offered me ₱27,000 to get the body I have now?

I would get this at a heartbeat. But I know that’s out of reach for most people.

That’s why you won’t pay that much.

You won’t have to pay ₱22,000. You won’t even have to pay HALF of that. Or even half of ₱10,000!

  You’ll get everything below...  

(TOTAL VALUE ₱48,000)
ONLY ₱4,999 ₱3,499 TODAY!

ONLY ₱4,999  (₱3,499) TODAY!

Once you click the button, you’ll be redirected to a secure payment checkout.

You’ll be asked to fill-in your email address and pay via PayPal.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, pwedeng Bank Payment/Transfer. Chat mo lang ako sa Facebook for details. My FB name is   The Lazy Lifter.

After payment is confirmed, you’ll get Basic Bulk (and 5 exclusive bonuses) within seconds

You won’t have to wait or pay for shipping. Basic Bulk (and all its bonuses) will be sent to your email address.

You’ll have instant access to the ebook, guides, workout system, meal plans, database, and progress sheet.

To make this an easy decision for you to make…

You’re protected by my 100% Risk-Free 30-Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

To make sure you’ll get the most out of this program — you’ll get 30 days to try it out, do the workouts and follow the meal plans…

Integrate it into your daily life and make sure it’s giving you the results you need to build muscle and create the powerful body you’ve always wanted.

Try the entire program. 30 days is enough time to test drive the ENTIRE program and decide. If it doesn’t work for you, I insist you get 100% of your money back.

It’s simple: Join Basic Bulk and try it for yourself. If the workout routine, meal plans, and accountability system don’t help you build your strength and pack on muscle mass, I want you to message me. Show me you did the work, and I’ll give you ALL your money back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

This guarantee lasts 30 days… which means you can try EVERYTHING and then decide if it’s right for you.


Over 1000+ and counting have followed my strategy and transformed their bodies.

You’ll Wish
  You Had Started TODAY!   

You’ll feel the “kicked in the gut” pain of regret… knowing all the money in the world can’t buy the time or the muscular body you’ve always dreamed of.

Take advantage of this opportunity today… when you still have the chance. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Your goal of getting a better, bigger, and stronger body is important for your survival, health and well-being now and for many years to come.

If you’re ready to take the leap for more muscle gains, massive strength and energy, you'll discover what training and meal plans to do, when to do it, why it's important, and how to make your dream physique happen.

🟨Basic Bulk is for you if:

Backed by science.

Built for steady muscle gains that’s Healthy. Safe. Natural.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered


⇒ It depends. You have to consider your present weight, muscle to fat ratio, body goals, age, and experience.

But if you follow the principles of Basic Bulk to a T, you’ll see results in as little as 3-4 weeks.


⇒ To make the most of this program, it’s recommended you go to a gym.

However with this new “normal” emerging, where gyms are closed and you can’t even go outside, I created home workout variations. So you can stay on track and build the body of your dreams right in the comfort of your home.


⇒ The Workout Plan has two phases. In phase 1, you’ll train 3x a week.

In phase 2 of the program, you’ll work out 4x a week.


⇒ Great! I wrote this step-by-step program specifically for beginners.

But even those in the intermediate and advanced fitness levels can benefit from this program.


⇒ This training program comes with an access to the Basic Bulk Private Community on Facebook. It’s where fellow members and I help you help you reach your body goals faster.

You can post all your questions there and you’ll get an immediate response.


⇒ Nope, if you don’t want to. However, cardio helps control fat gain and increases muscle gains when done right.

This is important to ensure you’re only packing lean muscle and not fat when adding mass and bulk to your frame.

You’ll discover how cardio can get you closer to your body goals, and even add it to your routine. Everything will be revealed in greater detail inside the program.


⇒ Immediately. You’ll get instant access to all the Basic Bulk materials after you order.

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We spend most of our lives trying to go after our body goals, doing different tactics and techniques and hoping it’ll help us crack the “muscle-building” code.

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TOTAL VALUE: ₱48,000

ONLY ₱4,999  (₱3,499) TODAY!

ONLY ₱4,999  (₱3,499) TODAY!

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