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Hi … it’s Cho Lim here again, and I am presenting you an additional OFFER that I know will supercharge your original investment. Take note, this is a SPECIAL offer for Minimalist Fitness members only and if you don’t want it, you can exit this page and I’m not sure if you will see this discount again.

Since I’m so determined to help you achieve maximum results,  I’ve created these very special Action Taker superchargers …

I call this the Rapid Fat Loss Kickstart System..

What you will get when you ACT NOW...

Action Taker Supercharger #1: 21 Day Fatloss Kickstart

Your 21-day Rapid Weight Loss Plan that will make you DROP POUNDS in the shortest amount of time! their respective calories and macronutrients!

Action Taker Supercharger #2 Minimalist Fitness Power Smoothies

20+ High-Protein Power Shakes with easy-to-get ingredients. Whether you want to lose or gain weight,
you have plenty of choices to choose from! The best part is, I’ve also included their respective calories and macronutrients!


Action Taker Supercharger #3: Butt Specialization


What’s included in this awesome bonus? Check these out:

  • Phases 1-3 Butt and Glute Specialization Workouts
  • 2 Days Per Week Butt and Glute Specialization 
  • 3 more Home Workout variations to choose from! 

This program works in tandem with the Minimalist Fitness program to give you spectacular results that will leave you wanting more! 

Action Taker Supercharger #4: Printable Workout Logs

A beautifully designed printable workout log with the list of all exercises in all 3 phases of the workout including the Butt and Glute specialization workouts and the home workouts. You can print it and bring it with you so you can monitor your progress properly and make you even more accountable.

And last but not the least…

Action Taker Supercharger #5: Goal Setting Guide

And here is just a tiny peek at the secrets awaiting you inside:

  • The FATAL mistake many good folks make that denies them real success (but you won’t make that mistake – once you know what to avoid).
  • My simple five-step process to achieve any goal you set.
  • The powerful first step used by Walt Disney and other great achievers to accomplish great things – so ignore this step at your peril. 
  • Three vital parameters for your goals to ensure they are the right ones. Taking time to do this properly will repay you manifold.
  • Five surefire techniques to make your goal-setting silky smooth.
  • How to harness proven techniques to accomplish anything you desire.

Perhaps you’re wondering…

Because you can see the huge value in these SUPERCHARGERS,  you’re probably wondering just how much you’ll have to invest. 

I’m sure you’ll agree it would be quite reasonable for me to ask you to invest P2,000, which is a drop in the ocean compared to hiring a personal trainer to motivate and keep you focused.

Taken together with the other two extras worth P1,000 each, the total value of  what you’re getting here today is P4,000.

But – provided you go ahead right now – I’m ‘giving’ you this eye-opening book for this very special ONE TIME investment of just…

$26 or ₱1,299 – nothing more to pay – ever. 

It’s my way of welcoming you into the Minimalist Fitness for Women family.

So what would be a smart move for you, right now?

  1. Ignore this amazing offer and so take far longer than you need to build that sexy, lean, and toned body you crave because you lack the key secrets of motivation and goal setting I have for you.  

    What’s more, you won’t enjoy the awesome experience of the juicy butt growing so fast that men look at you when you walk by because you lack the inside track of my bonus workout routines.

  2. Take the smart approach and – instead of wasting those precious hours – use them to create that head-turning body even faster!


I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to make the right choice, so I’m really looking forward to welcoming you aboard.


Cho Lim 

P.S. Remember, this very special offer is only available this ONE TIME and once you log off this page it will be gone forever.

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