Lesson #3: Get Your Dream Body By Cutting Your Gym Time in Half and Eating Anything You Want

Lesson #3

Get Your Dream Body

By Cutting Your Gym Time in Half and Eating Anything You Want




If this sounds like a dream solution, it’s not.


What I’m going to show you is the same routine and strategy I used to be where I am today…  without the use of any DRUGS, SARMs, or any BS supplements you can see on the market.








This is also the same solution my students and clients used to get these results…




And of course, the 100-day #MFChallenge contenders.




Before I show this to you, let me warn you…


This isn’t a “get-thin-quick” solution. You won’t get results after only one week. You have to stay committed and consistent. 


Results also vary from person to person. I’m not sure how well you’re going to use this info. You might adapt it asap. You might have to do a bit of testing. You might get results a little slower. Or you might get results more quickly than others.


Nevertheless, you will get results over time.


Another thing…


Everything I show you is based on over 10 years of scientific research, application, and also personal experience


I wouldn’t show you strategies I haven’t used myself first. 




Now, that’ we have that out of the way…


You’re probably curious to know…



The Secrets to Achieving a Great Physique Without Sacrificing A Lot of Time or Effort in the Gym



Well, there are three


Secret #1: Progressive Overload


The FASTEST WAY for your body to grow in strength and size is to “force your body to adapt to a tension that is above and beyond what it has previously experienced”


…AKA Progressive Overload


When you continuously achieve progressive overload, you’ll gain muscle fast…


…which means you’ll also lose fat a lot easier. 


That’s why I recommend this to anyone who wants to get their dream body — whether it be losing fat or building muscle.


Unfortunately, only a few people know how to execute this properly. I rarely meet gym owners, trainers, and coaches who teach this to their clients.


They just tell their clients to lift these weights, do this many reps, do this many sets, etc. 


If you ask them WHY, they’ll probably just tell you that’s the “standard” workout regimen or “yan ang tinuro sa amin eh.”


Well, you deserve more than that. You deserve not just a workout regimen, but proven principles that help you get results fast with minimum effort and without you sacrificing anything.


I’ll show you what these are…


…but first, let’s go on to the next secret.


Secret #2: The “Deload”


As you already know, REST is an integral part to any workout regimen. 


If you don’t rest, you won’t give your body time to heal and get stronger. 


Even athletes, powerbuilders and bodybuilders rest. After 3-4 months of competition, they’ll lay-off for a few months. 


They won’t workout as much. They won’t lift heavy weights that’ll stress out their body. Their diets won’t be as strict. But they’re still working out. That never stops.


Now, what if you just want to get a great physique? You don’t want to compete at the pro level. 


Well, you add in a Deload Week.


After 4-12 weeks of progressive overload, you need to allow your body to rest for one week. But you won’t’ stop working out. 


You simply have to lift lighter weights. How light? Well, it depends on how much weight you lifted on previous weeks.


Don’t worry. It’s not that complicated. I recommend lessen your weights by 20-50%. 


If you’re still confused, I’ll explain this in detail in my next posts. 


For now, let’s go the last secret.


Secret #3: Eating the Right Amount of “Right Foods”


Your dream body is not just built in the gym. It’s also built in the kitchen. 


A large portion of your results will rely on what you put inside your body. It’s not just what you do. 


How much you eat is CRUCIAL to your success.


Unfortunately, most people get this part WRONG.


Most people don’t eat the right amount of calories and macros for their body. 


That’s why they don’t see results fast. They don’t know WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH to eat every day. 


The fastest, easiest, and simplest way to solve this problem? 


Meal Plans. 


If you’re too lazy or busy to learn how to “count” and “track” the calories and macronutrients from the foods you’re eating, having a meal plan is the way to go.


Meal plans with the right amount of “right foods” that’ll help you lose weight, build muscle, and make you healthy within a couple of weeks. 


Unfortunately, these types of meal plan services are expensive


Pro athletes, celebrities, and high-profile people (like presidents and dignitaries) pay hundreds of thousands of pesos to get nutritionists create their meal plans. 


But you won’t have to pay that much to get access to world-class meal plans. 


You won’t even have to pay at all.


I’ve created sample meal plans using only the simplest and most generic ingredients that can be found in any supermarket here in PH…


…and I’m going to show you a way to get them FREE in the next lesson =)


Not only that, but…


  • You’ll also discover how to implement Progressive Overload to grow muscle and lose weight faster
  • PLUS, how to perform your Deload Week so you’ll achieve your dream physique by cutting your gym time in half.


These 3 secrets are the CORE MECHANISM behind my minimalist approach to fitness...


With these 3, I was able to get my dream body within a few months. 


By the way, this approach works for EVERYONE who follows it.




Over 6,000 people have already used this Minimalist Approach and got the same results I did.


Some even got better results within weeks!


They didn’t have to wait months like I did.


If you want to know HOW to properly execute progressive overload, deload week, and get my fat-burning + muscle building meal plan samples…


…watch out for my next email. 


I’ll reveal the “HOW” in extreme detail. 


See you in my next post. 🙂


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– Cho Lim