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[4 of 5] How to Lose 1lb a Week Eating Anything You Want

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Hello again!

In my last email, I showed you how important weightlifting is for women and debunked to you the myth of turning “bulky” when you do so..

The 5 Fitness Secrets That All Women Should Know

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Before anything else, let me first say thank you, not only because you listened to what I had to say, but because you are here again. You showed up.

That’s the first step and simply showing up makes a huge difference between you and others who are still stuck on Square 1.

Before we close the year, I want to empower you. I want you to feel that you are in control, at least for your body goals. Because like what I said, it doesn’t have to be hard. You just need a push and hopefully, that’s what you’re seeing from me now.

Are you ready to make an epic 2019 transformation photo?

Let’s get down to business and breakdown another secret: how any type of food can make you reach whatever body goals you have. After this, you will have the knowledge that even some fitness professionals refuse to understand and share. Because if they did, they’d lose clients. For real.

Why Are You Not Making Any Progress?

“I only eat twice a day and skip rice for dinner. I’ve also started eating more vegetables and healthy food. But fat loss has stopped.”

“I was told to eat more to gain weight. But all I’m gaining is a tummy.”

“Alisin ko raw ang rice, at lahat ng carbs. Because carbs are the ones making us fat.”

Sounds familiar?

I’ll be honest, I’ve said those lines and have done all those things too. I was a slave to what I discovered in fitness magazines, blinded by what my fitness idols were doing, I tried to replicate everything they did and the results? I wanted to get ripped, instead I became skinny-fat or somebody who got skinny…but got left with a tummy for a souvenir.

The human body was designed to withstand a lot of stress, including hunger and a surplus of food. But just like what the famous banking slogan says, your body will find a way to keep going without letting you die. And the first thing it will do is hold on to fat.

If you have been avoiding nutrients for so long, your body is now in defense mode trying to keep up with your activity by intentionally slowing down the burning energy including fat. Thus, this makes fat loss slower and even makes it stop.

If you are somebody trying to gain muscle but have no control over the amount of food you eat, your body responds by not processing the nutrients you are taking in properly. What happened to me? Instead of being muscular, I became huge and soft.

The Transformation

I decided to do a 360-degree turn and changed my perspective on this whole fitness deal.

It was a risk I decided to take.

Instead of pressuring myself to eat 100% healthy, I ate and drank what I wanted. And perhaps the most challenging was devoting only 3 days in the gym, with sessions lasting not more 1.5 hours, when I was used to doing 6 days.

And the results? I have been working out for 10 years but this was the first time that I was mind-blown.

4 things I'm doing wrong in the gym

How important is Nutrition?


Here’s a fact: Did you know that there is no such thing as unhealthy and healthy food?

And that no matter what you want to do, whether it be walking in out of your favorite shop doing some shopping or killing it in the gym, results will always be based on the food you eat?

Yes, you can eat these and lose weight.

This is the next thing I want you to remember: Nutrition is the priority. Everything will fall into place once you have this down.

But let me guess… This is exactly where you are struggling, right? Because #foodislife. And you are correct. I was there too, so were all the others who have come to me.

But how many of us are actually willing to give up the food that makes up happy?

Chocolates that release serotonin, a natural mood lifter.

White rice that increases leptin, a hormone that makes you feel contented.

What about your own comfort food that brings back happy memories?

Consuming our favorite food releases naturally occurring opioids in the body. That’s the reason why junk food or basically any of our favorite food makes us happy, sleepy, relaxed, and all the good fuzzy feelings.

That said, prioritizing nutrition does not mean you have to remove your favorites just because they are considered “unhealthy” by standards (except if you have dietary restrictions due to pre-existing conditions). But at the end of the day, it all boils down to the same thing:

Your fitness journey should be a holistic approach involving both mind and body.

If your journey is stressing you out, then the risks far outweigh the benefits. It’s much better to do something you enjoy, make progress and keep doing it. Right?

Your next favorite word: CALORIES


Hold up, I promise you this will be simple. This is the juiciest part of your transformation.

Our body runs on what you call calories. A calorie is a unit of energy. We burn calories doing what we do and we burn calories even if we’re not moving at all. While reading this line, you are burning calories.

The foods that we eat have calorie equivalents depending on what they are made out of. Rice has calories, instant coffee has calories, even vegetables have calories. This is the reason why I keep on saying you should be the one to control food, not the other way around.

Always remember this:

  • To lose fat, we must burn more calories than what we take in (calorie deficit)
  • To gain muscle, we must responsibly take in more calories than we burn (calorie surplus)

This is the most important aspect of dieting. Learn to work with your calories in order to reach your goals, whether it be to lose fat, toning, or weight gain. Not any diet you see on the internet, not because of magical teas or fat burning supplements.

And it’s entirely your choice how you want to get those calories. You don’t have to stick to bland, boiled food. If you want a chocolate bar, go ahead.

Trust me, I never stopped eating pizza, donuts, ice cream, candies and I still achieve my fitness goal every summer! 

1 cup of rice = 1 scoop of ice cream (around 200 calories) 

As long as you stick to your calories, you’re already a step closer to your fitness goals. The only successful diet you need to follow is the diet where you are happy and can stick to.


Check out these numbers from somebody who has already done my program. She came to me wanting to lose fat and gain some strength, both of which are very attainable. These are her weekly weight (kg) check-ins with me:

Week 1 75.86
Week 2 75.31
Week 3 75.11
Week 4 74.83
Week 5 74.70
Week 6 73.41
Week 7 73.19
Week 8 73.09
Week 9 72.36
Week 10 72.29
Week 11 71.79
Week 12 71.16

Impressive if you’d ask me, because she has never experienced something like this before.

Here’s another success story..

This woman was losing 0.5 to 1 kg per week and she was eating anything she wanted. In fact, the last weigh-in was this December during the week of non-stop eating because of parties. She also hated vegetables and for so long, she dreaded the thought of dieting because she thought that in order to lose fat, she had to eat nothing but vegetables.

It was far from what she did, even eating out and partying on a weekly basis. Doing this, she has:

  • Lost a little over 10 lbs
  • Dropped almost 4 inches off her waist

All she did was tracked what she was eating against her calorie requirements and going to the gym 3x a week WITHOUT doing cardio.

In essence, she was burning more than what she was taking in and because she was also doing some strength training, she built strength and was able to tone her muscles which made the fat loss process even faster.

So How Do You Know Your Starting Calories?

There are 2 numbers that I want you to take note of right now: 12 and 15.

Easy, right? This is the easiest way to know what your calories are. Of course, there are more accurate ways which you will find out about soon.

But these numbers will let you estimate where you need to be, at least for a start.

All you need to do is multiply your current bodyweight by the numbers I have provided, depending on your goal.

  • 12  is for those who are looking to lose fat
  • 15 is for those who are looking to gain weight and/or build muscle

For example, a 130lb female who wants to lose fat will simply multiply her weight by 12. This should give he roughly 1,500 calories daily. From here, all she needs to do is to track what she is eating daily and hit this number.

And the best thing about it? It does not matter if she eats fast food or salad or junk food. As long as she stays within those calories, she will reach her goal to lose fat.

If this same 130lb female wants to gain weight, she just needs to multiply by 15 to get roughly 1900 calories. The process stays the same: track and reach her goals.

Remember, these multipliers are just estimates. If after a week or two your weight didn’t change, just adjust your calories by 100-200 and monitor again.

Can I Really Eat What I Want?

I know I did. I know those women did. So definitely, you can too.

Here’s what I want you to try over the next couple of days before I show you something even better to help you reach your goals.

Go to the App Store or Google Play and download any calorie tracker app you can find. I would highly suggest the app called MyFitnessPal.

Input the value that you were able to calculate based on your goals (either multiplied by 12 or 15) and try to track what you are eating. Your goal is to stay within the calories you have calculated. You can eat anything as long as by the end of the day, you are still within your calories.

Think of this as your practice run because in the next few days, we will put it all together with the next piece of your fitness journey — the workout program.

Happy tracking and see you soon!

That’s it, ladies. Let me know your thoughts by replying to my email. Andun lang ako to answer all your questions.

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