#MFChallengeResults 2017: Is It Enough To Train 3 Days Per Week?

“Is it enough to train 3 days per week?”



This is the question I always get when I recommend my training routine to someone who’s not familiar with my methods. Since they’re so used to the “work hard and be the hardest person working in the room” approach, it’s understandable that their first reaction would be full of doubts and skepticisms…


“No way! I’m doing 5-6 days a week training with very slow results and now you’re asking me to do 3 and expect faster gains?! Are you nuts?!”


After a few exchanges and making them realize that what they’ve been doing hasn’t gotten them to where they wanted, they calm down and slowly listen. Usually, the conversation ends when they ask the final question, which is…


“Can you really build muscle and lose fat with only 3 workouts per week?


Well, can you?


Let’s ask these 6 people for help.


Meet the 6 winners of the #MFChallenge



Before and after photos of the MF Challengers



A couple of months ago, these 6 individuals were stressed, not in good shape, and tired of wanting a body they couldn’t achieve. After three months of doing the Minimalist Fitness program and following the laid-out principles, they’ve transformed themselves by getting into the best shape of their lives.


As their after photos are blurred out, I will give you a clue:


They lost weight, gained muscles, boosted their strength, and inspired the people around them.


Even better, they did it without fad diets or crazy workout routines. In fact, they did with only three workouts per week and eating all the foods that they love!


So, is 3 days per week training enough? Their results shouted a resounding YES!


What’s more is that these people were also given a chance to take home a total of 36,000 pesos in cash that I’ve committed to those who will make it to the top. These are the prizes:


1st prize – 15k

2nd prize – 10k

3rd prize – 5k

4th and 5th prizes – 2.5k each

6th prize – 1k (consolation)


Each person simply decided to make a change, applied all the principles they learned in the book, and stayed consistent throughout the challenge.


How it all started…



Before I reveal to you the winners and their results, let me just take you back to where it all started.


Last September 2017, I created a 3-month transformation challenge that’s exclusive to Minimalist Fitness Private Group members. It was named, #MFChallenge


The only things they needed to do to be able to join were:


1. Buy Minimalist Fitness program
2. Submit a BEFORE photo entry


The instructions were simple: Read the book, apply the knowledge, and commit for 12 weeks. The winners will be judged by how well they’ve improved.


Out of almost 300 members, only 100 of them submitted their entries, which was 1/3 of the total members. Suffice to say, 100 entries are more than enough for my 1st ever hosted contest. I was happy and proud even before the challenge started as everyone’s fired up; willpower was full, determination was sky high, and motivation was through the roof.


Fast forward to month 3, December 17, 2017, the long-awaited #MFChallenge ended, and out of these 100 entries, less than half of them submitted their final photos. After many days reviewing the entries and asking my closest friends for help, I’ve finally come up with the 6 winners (originally, it’s 5 but since they’ve done a good job I made it 6), and I’m going to present them here to you one by one.



And this was how the #MFChallenge began. The good news is, I’m planning to do this contest/challenge yearly or even more than that if needed. My reason for doing this is not just to motivate people and teach them the proven Minimalist Fitness principles, but to also give back to everyone who invested their time, money, and effort in learning everything that I teach. For me, there’s no better way than this. 


The #MFChallenge Results



Before anything else, I want to congratulate all the contestants who mustered their courage to join and show their vulnerable side (their before photos) to me and other people. As someone who was very insecure about his own body, I know that taking topless pictures when you’re not confident with how you look isn’t a pleasant feeling, let alone show it to others. 


I also want to congratulate all of you for giving it your best — for taking the time to read my book even if you’re not a reader; for going to the gym 3x a week even when you’re not feeling it; and for resisting a lot of urges and temptations to quit and binge eat like most of us used to.


Amidst all the kainan, inuman, and party this holiday season, you still endured and stayed committed to the challenge. For this, I salute all of you! I just want to say that I am really proud of what you all have achieved (big and small), and more honored to have been given even the slightest credit for your results.


As someone who has a passion for teaching fitness to other people, there’s no greater feeling than being part of another person’s success and leaving a mark inside them. Wouldn’t you agree to that?


So, now, here are the 6 #MFChallenge winners. Hope you find them motivational and I also hope they inspire you to take action towards your goals ASAP.


Note: I want you to take inspiration from these people who showed great results following The Lazy Lifter’s methods, but remember, you are an individual, your results will vary depending on a lot of different factors.



6th place: Bernard


Bernard MF challenge results



Starting weight: 170lbs

Current weight: 147lbs

Total lost: 23lbs


My one and only female (with a heart of a male) MF practitioner. He lost a whopping 23lbs in 3 months!



Bernard happily posing



I remember when Bernard told me that some of the guys in his gym were trying to persuade him into doing some other stuff than what I teach in MF. Good thing he didn’t listen, and he proved to them this stuff works. This is what he said:




A couple more…




Congrats, Bernard! 




5th place: Dixcy



Dixcy MF Challenge results


Starting weight: 84kg

Current weight: 78kg

Total lost: 6kg or 13lbs



Looking at his pictures, his weight loss result is amazing!



I didn’t remember Dixcy that much because he’s one of the few less-active members in the MF group. I wasn’t even talking to him until he submitted his results to me, and that’s the time we had a good convo. He told me that he’s been working out for 2-3 years already but he didn’t get any results until Minimalist Fitness came. This is how our convo went:




His final review:



Congrats, Dixcy!




4th place: Mel



Mel MF Challenge results



Starting weight: 70kg

Current weight: 66kg

Total lost: 4kg or 9lbs



Judging by his looks, Mel did not only lose weight, but also build muscle at the same time (recomp)! This is difficult to pull off if you’re not a beginner in the weight lifting room, and he’s not.



Mel ne body


He told me that he’s been on a quest to find a good workout program that will work for him and that he’s been buying stuff online ever since. None of them worked. After purchasing MF last September, he finished reading it in only a couple of days. He even read it multiple times! This is what he said:




Some of our convo…



Congrats, Mel!




3rd place: Ryan



Ryan MF Challenge results



Starting weight: 66kg

Current weight: 72kg

Total gained: 6kg or 13lbs



Ryan really did well in his bulking phase. Judging by his appearance, I’d say that he was able to pull off a clean bulk this 3 month period. Even though he gained so much weight, he didn’t get soft, in fact, he even got more defined on his lower abs!



Ryan flexing



What’s more amazing with his transformation is that he didn’t use any supplements, even whey protein, as his work as a seaman made it impossible to buy stuff like that. When he bought the program last September, I remember that he finished reading it fast. He liked the book as it’s easy to understand, as per his word.


He kept on chatting me. There’s not a week that went by when he didn’t ask questions, and that’s how I saw how committed he was. He kept on sending me exercise videos so I can check his form, and as a Coach, I gladly did what I had to do. Ryan learned fast and he’s easy to instruct.


This is what he said:



Some of our convos…



Congrats, Ryan!

2nd place: Ed


Ed MF Challenge results



Starting weight: 165lbs

Current weight: 147lbs

Total lost: 17lbs



Judging by his looks, Ed didn’t just lose weight, he also gained muscle while losing a lot of fat! He’s not even looking the same as his before photos! At first, I thought the after photos that he sent me was a different person. It’s like his brother or his cousin lol.



Ed, like Dixcy, was also one of the inactive guys in the group. I remember him only asking a couple of questions to me after he bought the program, and that is why his entry surprised me. I even had to search his chat and comment history just to clarify that it was him, and yes, he’s a different person now.



This is what he said and how our convo went after he submitted:





Some of his newbie moments in the private Facebook group…




His final review:




Congrats, Ed!




1st place: Vincent



Vincent MF Challenge results


Starting weight: 135lbs

Current weight: 124lbs

Total lost: 11lbs 



Judging by his amazing after photo look, Vincent didn’t just lose weight, but he also built a lot of muscle in the process. A total of 11lbs lost may not be impressive to some, but given the fact that Vincent has a very small frame  (5’2″ in height), 11lbs is a lot!



Vincent new body



Unlike others, I can classify Vincent as the middle guy — he’s not that active but he’s also not dead in the private group. He comments sometimes, and he asks questions thru chat occasionally. I remember the last time he chatted was when he asked me what he should do because his hand got injured, and it’s only a few weeks left before the contest ends. I told him to rest it, and he agreed, but looking at his end results, we all know that didn’t rest for a long time.


He finished his cut doing phase 2 of my workout program, and he was strict with his calorie intake. These were some of our conversations:




His newbie moment…



And his final review:


Congrats, Vincent! 



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