The #MFChallenge2018 Results Are Out! Meet The 5 Winners…

#MFChallengeSE (2018) Winners – 100-Day Transformation Challenge




*Don’t spoil the fun by scrolling til the end just to see the winners. Read their stories from start to finish. It’s worth it. Trust me.



“Can you really transform with only 3 days per week training?”


“Can you really build muscle and lose fat with only 5-7 exercises per workout?


“Can you really get shredded without doing any cardio?”


“Can you really have six-pack abs eating the foods you love and without meal prepping?”


These are the questions I always get when I recommend Minimalist Fitness program to someone who’s not familiar with my methods. Since they’re so used to the “work hard and be the hardest person working in the room” approach, it’s understandable that their first reaction would be full of doubts and skepticisms…


“No way! I’m doing 5-6 days a week training, doing lots of cardio, and meal prepping 7 days a week with very slow results and now you’re asking me to do less and expect faster gains?! Are you nuts?!”


After a few exchanges and making them realize that what they’ve been doing hasn’t gotten them to where they wanted, they calm down and slowly listen. Usually, the conversation ends when they ask the final question, which is…


“Can I really achieve the body that I want without killing myself in the gym and in the kitchen?


YES! And the #MFChallenge2018 results will prove you that 100%. Stick til the end and the 5 winners will tell you how exactly they did it.


Before I reveal to you the results and the 5 winners, let me just take you back to where it all started.



What is the #MFChallenge and how it all started… 



Last September 2017, I created a 3-month transformation challenge that’s exclusive to the Minimalist Fitness Private Facebook Group members. It was named, #MFChallenge, and it is now a yearly event for us members. 


The goal of this challenge is to transform yourself in the next 3 months following the Minimalist Fitness program. This means that you do not have to live in the gym and grind your ass off and make fitness your overall focus, (you can of course, but you don’t have to), but enjoy your life, train 3x a week using the workout routines in the book, eat the foods you love while tracking them, and just focus on what matters.


Sounds fun, right?


What made this event even more fun and motivating is that 5 winners will be selected at the end of the challenge, and they will take home a total of 35,000 pesos in cash! These are the prizes:


1st prize – 15,000php
2nd prize – 10,000php
3rd prize – 5,000php
4th and 5th prizes – 2,500php each


The only things they needed to do to be able to join were:


1. Buy Minimalist Fitness program
2. Submit a BEFORE photo entry 


So if you’re in the Minimalist Fitness Facebook Group, you’re automatically included.


The instructions were simple: Read the book, apply the knowledge, and commit for the duration of the challenge.



#MFChallenge Judging Criteria


 The winners will be judged by:


  1. How well they’ve improved (progress)
  2. End result (final look)
  3. Difficulty of the transformation (cut, bulk, recomp, getting to <10% body fat, etc.)


These have been my criteria for judging. 



#MFChallenge Rules


– Since our group is a drug-free community, Anabolic Steroids and/or SARMs aren’t tolerated. I have very little ways to find out though so this is more of an honesty/integrity basis.


– Challengers/members have the Minimalist Fitness program and they can use it however they want.


– Challengers/members belong in the Minimalist Fitness Private Facebook group, and they can ask me questions there whenever they want. The more persistent you are, the luckier you get, and that’s what the 5 winners did.


1st and 2nd placer won’t be able to join the next #MFChallenge for they just recently won. Give chance to others.



#MFChallenge Timeline


The 1st challenge started September ’17 and ended December ’17, and since we only had a few members that time, around 50+ members only made it until the end. Nonetheless, it was a success as our very first event as a family — Click here to view the #MFChallenge2017 results


January 2018 came and we got over to 500 members. As a celebration for hitting that milestone, I created another #MFChallenge as I thought it’s a good idea to have one since everyone is fired up for summer. I named this one — #MFChallengeSE (SE stands for Summer Edition), and instead of 3 months, I changed the challenge’s duration to 100 days. (January 21, 2018 –– May 1, 2018)


Out of 700+ members total prior to the challenge’s start date, only 200+ of them submitted their entries, which was 1/3 of the total members. I thought that it was still a huge improvement from the last challenge so I was so fired up that I decided to join the challenge myself (salimpusa). This way, I can show the members how I’d do everything written in the ebook, and I already posted my results here:


Click here to see my #MFChallenge results


Fast forward to month 4, May 1, 2018, the long-awaited #MFChallengeSE ended, and out of these 200+ entries, less than half of them (100+) submitted their final photos.


Several others quitted and gave up, but many still persevered and pushed through. After 100 days of doing the Minimalist Fitness program and following the laid-out principles, these 100+ challengers transformed themselves by getting into the best shape of their lives.


I will spoil a little fun and give you a clue:


They lost weight, gained muscles, boosted their strength, and inspired the people around them.


Even better, they did it without fad diets or crazy workout routines. In fact, they did with only three workouts per week and eating all the foods that they love!


Each person simply decided to make a change, applied all the principles they learned in the book, and stayed consistent throughout the challenge.


Now after weeks of reviewing all entries and asking my closest friends for help, I’ve finally come up with the 5 winners, and I’m going to introduce them one by one in a moment.


And this was how the #MFChallenge began. The good news is, this challenge/contest is now a yearly event for the Minimalist Fitness family. My reason for doing this is not just to motivate people and teach them the proven Minimalist Fitness principles, but to also give back to everyone who invested their time, money, and effort in learning everything that I teach. For me, there’s no better way to give back than this. 


The #MFChallenge2018 Summer Edition Results


*What I’ll be showing you below is the 5 winners, starting from 5th place all the way to the 1st. I will also show those who almost made it to the top 5 as they deserve all the recognition for a job well done. 


Judging notes:


– Judging these entries was far more difficult now than it was last time since the numbers multiplied. Apart from that, recent results were incredible! Maybe that’s due to the fact that everyone’s pumped up for summer.


– I asked all the challengers for a testimonial right after the challenge and long before these results came out, so what you’ll be seeing below are their legit reviews of the product and their overall MF journey. 


– I didn’t just judge their BEFORE and AFTER entries, but their overall progress as most of them were sending me progress photos and videos from time to time. I included those in my overall judgment.


Basing my judgment only on their submitted entries would be unfair, as I saw every bit of milestone these men had achieved.


For those who I haven’t been in contact with that much throughout the challenge, to be fair to them, I asked them to also submit some of their progress photos or videos (if they have) on their phones or cameras. That way, I can see clearly everyone’s whole development.


With that said, I will be showing not only their before-after entries, but their other photos as well so you could see where my judgment came from.


Before showing the 5 winners of this challenge, I first want to congratulate all the contestants/challengers who mustered their courage to join and show their vulnerable side (their before photos) to me and other people. As someone who was very insecure about his own body, I know that taking topless pictures when you’re not confident with how you look isn’t a pleasant feeling, let alone show it to others. 


I also want to congratulate everyone for giving it your best — for taking the time to read my book even if you’re not a reader; for going to the gym 3x a week even when you’re not feeling it; and for resisting a lot of urges and temptations to quit and binge eat like most of us used to.


Amidst all the kainan, inuman, and party this summer season, you still endured and stayed committed to the challenge.


For this, I salute all of you!


I just want to say that I am really proud of what you all have achieved (big and small), and more honored to have been given even the slightest credit for your results.


As someone who has a passion for teaching fitness to other people, there’s no greater feeling than being part of another person’s success and leaving a mark inside them. Wouldn’t you agree to that?


So, now, here are the 5 #MFChallenge2018 winners. Hope you find them motivational and I also hope they inspire you to take action towards your goals ASAP.


Note: I want you to take inspiration from these people who showed great results following The Lazy Lifter’s methods, but remember, you are an individual, your results will vary depending on a lot of different factors.









5th place: Paolo




Results of #MFChallenge Summer Edition -- Paolo
Paolo – 5th place


Starting weight: 69kg or 152.1lbs

End weight: 62kg or 136.6lbs

Total lost: 7kg or 15.5lbs



Knowing Paolo as he’s been my friend for a little while, this was the first time that he ever got those abs despite working out for quite some time now.


Like many of us, he was also a firm believer of the “work hard” approach and thought that the more you beat yourself up in the gym, the more results you’ll get — which in his case, figured out that he had wasted so much lifting years in his life believing this!


He was a skeptic at first though, but what has he got to lose trying the Minimalist way? Nothing. And all he ever got was for good. He already had that base, a decent amount of muscle mass for his frame, and all he needed was to learn how to cut… and he did.


Since he’s after entries are quite an eyesore (he transferred to a different place and can’t take pictures anymore to that same location), check these additional photos and videos:


Before the challenge:



After the challenge:


Proof that his video was taken BEFORE the end of the challenge (April 20, 2018)


He took the AFTER video on April 20, 2018 — 2 more weeks left before the judgment day. If he had just taken an after photo/video on May 1st, he could’ve gotten better entries!


Paolo constantly gave me his progress updates that’s why I have many of his progress photos and videos. You can categorize him as my ‘client friend’.


From the words of Paolo, his final review:


*Click to read Paolo’s MF journey

Click to view Paolo’s MF journey



Congrats, Paolo! 












4th place: Jhong



#MFChallenge 4th place - Jhong
4th place – Jhong


Starting weight: 79kg or 173.8lbs

Current weight: 72kg or 158.4lbs

Total lost: 7kg or 15.4lbs



Looking at his before and after photos, his weight loss/recomp result is undeniably amazing. Despite being on the “heavy side”, he ended up losing a lot of fat and revealed his 6-pack abs! And look at those legs, man.


I didn’t remember Jhong that much because he’s one of the few less-active members in the MF group. I wasn’t even talking to him until he submitted his results to me, and that’s the time we had a convo. He just thanked me for the book that I created and told me to give him 2 more months to get even more shredded.




Well, that’s the confidence that MF brings to people like Jhong.


Here are some more of his before and after #MFChallenge shots:



Before MF



His review of the ebook and his journey:


*Click to read Jhong’s MF journey*

Click to read his MF journey


Congrats, Jhong!












3rd place: Rich




#MFChallenge Results - Rich
3rd place – Rich


Starting weight: 82.2kg or 181lbs

Current weight: 68kg or 149.8lbs

Total lost: 14.2kg or 31.24lbs



This guy just lost a whopping 31+lbs in 100 days! Yes, 31+lbs in under 4 months. Look at the fluffy guy vs that athletic guy — he completely changed his appearance!


What’s more is that he did this all without any supplements, protein powders and all. Just veggies, fruits, and vegan meat (he was on a pure vegetarian diet the whole challenge but he kept his protein high as the Minimalist Fitness book suggested). So respect to that.


Here are some more of his training photos while he’s doing the Minimalist Fitness routine:





Judging by his looks, Rich did not only lose a lot of weight, but also build muscle at the same time (recomp)! This is difficult to pull off if you’re not a beginner in the weight lifting room, and he’s not.


Oh and by the way, if you think Rich is familiar, that’s because he’s a News Anchor and Sports Correspondent for  PTV4 (People’s Television Network). 


These were his stats that he submitted:




He also sent me these:



Simply amazing…


Some of the words I got from him throughout his journey:




Congrats, Rich!


Now for the most difficult part of this judging…













Honestly, it took me a couple of weeks to figure out who’s the winner between these two, and you’ll know why once you see them.


I even made an arrangement to SEE THEM IN PERSON and decide who’s the 1st and 2nd, and you know what I found out?!


THESE GUYS BOTH DESERVE TO BE THE ON THE TOP. THEY’RE BOTH 1ST ON MY LIST, and I am sure that they will be on yours, too!


But of course, I had to make a decision, and I’ll show you how I made these judgments.


But before telling you who’s #1 and #2, let me first show them both to you and leave the decision later on at the end of this article.








Meet the champions…














Oh geez, do you have your winner already? I’m sure you don’t have one yet as you’re still in awe of their transformations just like how I still am now.


Amazing, eh?


They nailed all my criteria for judging. Their progress was incredible, their end results were astounding, and getting to that level of body fat is no joke.


Seeing the competition as tight as this one, I thought of diving into more details and look at their results not only from their before and after entries, but their transformation as a whole.


Being friends with them after they became my customers (both are now very close friends of mine), I have had the opportunity to see their progress from Day 1 of this challenge.


Both of them were persistent in sending me lots and lots of updates, whether it be their stories, learnings, realizations, photos, videos, and many more — so all these have formed the basis of my judgment.


Let’s look at some of their behind the scenes and get to know them even better…





Wendell Diolata


This is Wendell. He’s a gym instructor at Alpha53, Mandaluyong, for around 2 years now.


He bought Minimalist Fitness last January 2018, read it immediately, and jumped into the #MFChallenge Summer Edition right away.


Before he was introduced to my methods, according to him, he was a fan of everyday training, doing drop sets, and other exercise techniques that “burns” and tricks you into making huge achievements in the gym. But today? He has already forgotten all those techniques, and he’s happy that he’s seeing more results training the Minimalist/Lazy way! He’s also applying the principles he learned in the book into his coaching and his clients love it.


What I like about this guy is that he approached me like he’s a total beginner. Remember, fitness instructor for years? Yet he was very humble enough to bow down and seek more knowledge for the betterment of his profession. 


Even though he was already in good shape long before he was introduced to my methods, he still sought more — continued to find ways to learn things and contribute to his clients.


I know lots of personal trainers, coaches, and wannabes who can’t even admit that they don’t know this and that, let alone ask someone for help, and Coach Wendell is a different guy.


These are some of his photos before he bought Minimalist Fitness, and months after he applied the principles.



Wendell’s Before Photos




Wendell’s After Photos




Impressive, isn’t it?



On to our next…





Kevin Altarejos


This is Kevin. A fitness enthusiast from Sorsogon.


Remember “hipon”, the one I posted on my profile last time? Yes, sya yun.


For those I’m friends with and those following me on FB, I’m sure you saw that one coz that’s one funny post.



The “hipon” post. Kevin gave me his consent before I posted this. We found it funny


Kevin is a regular guy who loves fitness. Like most of us, he also came from that “be the hardest person working out in the room” approach before he was introduced to the Lazy Lifter. He was already lifting for years that time, but like most enthusiasts are, he’s hungry for more.


October ’17 came, he saw my FB ads for Minimalist Fitness, and thought of trying it out since the tagline “3x a week workout and eat anything you want while achieving your best physique” piqued his interest. It’s a very catchy phrase that invoked skepticism, but I kept throwing results on my FB page left and right and those didn’t give him another choice but to avail.


He read the book, followed only the workout routine while disregarding nutrition aspect (very important part), and saw results that are mediocre at best.




He looked okay, but far from that “wow” worthy physique.


January ’18 came, the start of the #MFChallenge2018 Summer Edition, and he was as motivated as a kid reaching for a chocolate. His mindset was different this time, shown evidently by the frequency and volume of his of chats to me — it multiplied by tens. He reread the book, absorbed everything he can, and committed to applying everything religiously. He asked me questions nonstop, updated me on his progress by sending photos and videos, and constantly bombarded me with unrelated stuff to fitness. We talked about animes and such, and became friends since.


Due to his commitment, persistence, and his ability to be coached very easily, I thought that time, “this guy will make it to the top 10“… and I was right.


Some of his photos throughout the challenge:



More of his end photos:



Pretty sick.









Any winner for you now?


I know a lot of you are still torn who to pick between these two. Trust me, I’ve been with that feeling for weeks lol.


Let’s take a look at their photos again.



Remember I said that I had to see them in person?


These were us a 2 weeks ago:



Kevin, Me, Wendell


Funny thing was, these two had no idea that I set that meeting up because I want to have a picture with my two champs. I hope this surprises them.


Thank you Kevin because for flying all the way from Bicol just to see us, and thank you Coach Wendell for welcoming us at Alpha53 gym and giving us a free workout session.


Who said working out 3x a week, eating anything you want, and drinking alcohol on a weekly basis can’t give you results in only 100+ days? (Yes, these two are manginginom and they drank 1-2 weeks throughout this challenge)


Look at us now…


120 days apart


It’s amazing how 100+ days can do if you’ll just follow everything Minimalist Fitness program teaches. 


Don’t you agree?



You now know why both of these lads are my champs, but the decision has to be made


With all these factors considered, my 2nd place would be…














2nd place: Wendell




2nd place – Wendell


Starting weight: 64kg or 140.8lbs

Current weight: 59kg or 129.8lbs

Total lost: 5kg or 11lbs





I can’t say anything anymore aside from how amazed I am with his transformation. Even though this was expected already (coz he was constantly updating me), I still can’t help but feel proud of his achievement.


These were some of our convos. You can see how loyal and committed he was with Minimalist Fitness (click the image to enlarge):




I’d suggest you read them all. Those convos are full of inspirations.


This was the testimonial he gave me:






Congratulations, Coach Wendell!



*If you want a personal trainer that will teach you everything you need to know about the Minimalist Fitness principles (I don’t do PT), please contact Coach Wendell here:

Personal Facebook 
His Facebook page


And now our winner…













1st place: Kevin



1st place – Kevin



Starting weight: 69kg or 151.8lbs

Current weight: 65kg or 143lbs

Total lost: 4kg or 8.8lbs





Based on his stats, Kevin lost only 8.8lbs total, but seeing his condition and progress photos starting from day 1, it’s obvious that he lost a lot more body fat and gained more muscle. Despite working out for years, it’s very impressive that he’s able to pull a solid recomp like this one. 



No drugs. No bullshit. Only MF principles.



The results he has gotten is spectacular. Every progress photos and videos he has sent me left me speechless — it’s like every week he grows and improves.  


These were some of our convos. You will see how determined and tenacious he was in pursuing his goals:



His newbie moments



See how persistent he was? Maybe that’s one of the reasons why he won.


This was his final review — his #MFChallenge journey and how he did it:


*Kevin shared a lot of his “secrets” so I’d suggest you read it*

He started with my SPECIALIZATION WORKOUT splits, which you can purchase as add-ons.



Congratulations, Kevin! 


You, Wendell, Rich, Jhong, Paolo and all the #MFChallenge contestants proved that Minimalist Fitness’s principles work, and I will be forever grateful for that! Thank you for trusting me and the program and giving it your all!


Before I end this article, let me show you two more entries that almost made it to the top 5. These guys did amazing and they deserve this position as well.


*There are plenty of challengers who made awesome progress but it would take the whole page to post them all, so I only chose these two. The remaining of the results will be posted on my Facebook page, and posted here, so be sure to check them out!










Gagaling nila diba?


Congratulations to you both!



Ending this article, I just want to congratulate all the #MFChallenge contestants for a job well done — you all did great! You’re all winners here for the experience and knowledge you’ve acquired.


See you at the next #MFChallenge!



If you want to see more testimonials, transformation photos, and other #MFChallenge results, visit the link below:

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