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#MFCh4llenge (2020) Winners - 100-Day Transformation Challenge

*Friendly advice: Read everything from start to end, especially if you’re here looking to be inspired to start your own transformation.



“Can you really get shredded without doing so much cardio?”


“Can you really lose weight with only 3 days per week of training?”


“Can you really build muscle and lose fat with only 5-7 exercises per workout?”


“Can you really have six-pack abs eating the foods you love and without meal prepping?”


“Can you achieve the body of your dreams while still eating RICE and drinking alcohol?”


These are the questions I always get when I recommend Minimalist Fitness Program to someone who’s not familiar with my methods. Since they’re so used to the “work hard and be the hardest person working in the room” approach, it’s understandable that their first reaction would be full of doubts and skepticisms…


“No way! I’m training 5-6 days a week, doing lots of cardio, and meal prepping for 7 days a week with very slow results and now you’re asking me to do less and expect faster gains?! Are you nuts?!”


After I show them a lot of results from my method and making them realize that what they’ve been doing haven’t gotten them to where they wanted, they calm down and slowly listen. Usually, the conversation ends when they ask the final question, which is…


“Can I really achieve the body that I want without killing myself in the gym and in the kitchen?”


The answer is a resounding YES! And the #MFCh4llenge2020 results will prove you that 100%. Stick ’til the end and the winners will tell you exactly how they did it.


Before I reveal the results of the winners, let me just take you back to where it all started. Reading everything below will help you understand my judgment in picking the winners.

Below is the history of the #MFChallenge. I would suggest reading this first if you're new here but if you really want to skip to the winners and results, just click the arrow..

What is the #MFChallenge and how it all started…

In September 2017, I created a 3-month transformation challenge that’s exclusive to the Minimalist Fitness Private Facebook Group members. It was named #MFChallenge, from that, this challenge is now considered as a yearly tradition that highlights the fitness journey of MF members.

The goal of this challenge is to transform yourself in the next 100 days following the Minimalist Fitness Program. You do not have to live in the gym and grind your ass off and make fitness your only focus (you can of course, but you don’t have to). All you need to do is enjoy your life, train 3x a week using the workout routines in the book, eat the foods you love while tracking them, and just focus on what matters.

Sounds fun, right?

What made this event even more exciting is that 5 winners will be selected at the end of the 100 days, and they will take home a total of 35,000 Pesos in cash!

These are the prizes:

1st prize – 15,000php

2nd prize – 10,000php

3rd prize – 5,000php

4th and 5th prizes – 2,500php each


But wait, since 2020 has been an extra challenging year for everyone, the #MFCh4llenge2020 is extended to what we call the #ReboundRound, which means there will be 3 more winners aside from the winners based on the first 100 days.

So that means that I will be giving away more prizes this year than the previous years of the challenge. Here are the prizes for 2020:


Champion – 15,000php
2nd prize – 7,500php
3rd prize – 2,500php 

#Rebound Round:

1st prize – 10,000php
2nd prize – 5,000php
3rd prize – 2,500php

This also means that you will be seeing more fantastic success stories in the coming months, so you better stay connected with us on social media for updates.

 To join, they only need to:

  1. Buy Minimalist Fitness program
  2. Submit a BEFORE photo entry following my instructions


So if you’re in the Minimalist Fitness Facebook Group, you’re automatically included.

The instructions are simple: Read the book, apply the knowledge, and commit for the duration of the challenge. That’s it.

#MFCh4llenge Judging Criteria

In the past, the winners were judged by:

  1. Progress: How well they’ve improved – this is the highest 
  2. End Result: Final look
  3. Difficulty of the Transformation: Cut, bulk, recomp, getting to <10% body fat, etc.


These 3 were my only criteria for judging. But since our family has grown bigger now (5000+ members) and with more members joining the challenge, I’ve added some more to the list to make it easier for me to pick the winners.


The new criteria:

  1. Progress: How well they’ve improved – this is the most important 
  2. End Result: Final look
  3. Difficulty of the Transformation: Cut, bulk, recomp, getting to <10% body fat, etc.
  4. History: This includes your best physique in the past, how much muscle mass you were carrying at your best, experience with dieting/cutting, drug usage, etc.
  5. Votes from Other judges I’ve Selected: This ranges from acquaintances, friends, bodybuilders that I follow, and to anyone whom I think is fit and qualified to give their opinions regarding the matter


As you can see, the #MFChallenge is not like a bodybuilding show where overall look and package get you the prize. It’s a transformation challenge, so progress and/or improvement will always be the biggest factor.


With the criteria I’ve set, I can’t just base my judgment on each challenger’s before and after entries. I have to dig deeper — and I have my ways of doing that which I can’t tell but asking for a testimonial and more photos are some of them.

#MFChallenge Rules

– Challengers/members must have the Minimalist Fitness program and they can use it however they want.

– Challengers/members must be a member of the Minimalist Fitness Private Facebook Group, where they can ask me questions whenever they want. The more persistent you are, the luckier you get, and that’s what the winners did.

– The 1st and 2nd placers won’t be able to join the next succeeding #MFChallenges anymore. We want to give chance to others.

– Since this is a transformation challenge and not a show, Anabolic Steroids and/or SARMs are not allowed. I have very little ways to find out though so this is more of an honesty/integrity basis. Equality and respect are two of the values we practice in our community and I’m expecting everyone in the group to act in accordance with these. Shame on whoever cheats.

#MFChallenge Timeline



The 1st challenge started September ’17 and ended December ’17. Since we only had a few members that time, around 50+ members only made it until the end. Nonetheless, our very first event as a family was a success and the winners were awesome. — Click here to view the #MFChallenge2017 results


#MFChallengeSE (2018)

It was January 2018 when we got over to 500 members. As a celebration for hitting that milestone, I created another #MFChallenge as I thought it’s a good idea to have one since everyone is fired up for summer. I named this one — #MFChallengeSE (SE stands for Summer Edition), and instead of 3 months, I changed the challenge’s duration to 100 days. (January 21, 2018 — May 1, 2018). This was our 2nd challenge

The 2018 challenge really set the bar higher as the champ (Kevin), along with the 4 winners, showcased their incredible physiques along with the 4 winners, showing doubters that it’s really possible to achieve results doing it the Minimalist Fitness way (and naturally). — Click here to see the #MFChallenge2018 results


#MFChallenge3rd (2019)

With over 3,000 members in 2019, more than 300+ entries were submitted and around 200 made it ‘til the end. After 100 days of doing the Minimalist Fitness Program and following its laid-out principles, these 200+ challengers transformed themselves by getting into the best shape of their lives.

It was a tough challenge to select the winners for this challenge and at the end, Champ Russell Tee earned the title along with the other 4 winners. They did this without fad diets and crazy workout routines. What’s most important is they did this while still enjoying life to the fullest! – Click here to see the #MFChallenge3rd results


#MFCh4llenge2020 (We are here!)

And then comes the most interesting year of the #MFChallenge.

Now with more than 5,000 members, this year’s challenge welcomed 500+ entries. We all know that the health crisis this year made it more challenging for our contenders to progress. But with 101% more dedication, I am happy to see that many of our contenders stayed true to their commitment to win.

So from the roster of our #TeamNoExcuses, we’ve seen some really exceptional developments from a lot of MF members! That’s why I can’t wait to share with you their stories so make sure you read through everything here.

Want a spoiler?

They lost weight, gained muscles, boosted their strength, and inspired the people around them. They did all these in spite of the limitations imposed by external factors.

Each winner you see here simply decided to make a change, applied all the principles they learned in the book, and stayed consistent throughout the challenge.

Now after weeks of evaluating all entries and asking many people for help, I finally came up with this year’s 3 winners, and I’m going to introduce them one by one in just a moment.


So you’ve just read how how the #MFChallenge developed from an annual competition to a yearly tradition. This is a perfect way to motivate people and teach them the proven Minimalist Fitness principles, and it also lets me give back to everyone who invested their time, money, and effort in learning everything that I teach. Now, for your most awaited part…

The #MFCh4llenge2020 Results


As I’ve told you, this year’s challenge is different because I gave a special extension to all contenders, this means that you will be seeing more amazing results in the next few months so you better stay connected with us.


Now, out of all the contenders who were able to make it through the first 100 days, we are now here to recognize the three most amazing results of the challenge.



My Judging Notes:

– Judging these entries was far more difficult now than it was last time considering the number of participants. Apart from that, a lot of results were incredibly amazing. If I could just make all them placers, I gladly would.

– I asked all the challengers for testimonials right after the challenge and long before these results came out, so what you’ll be seeing below are their legit reviews of their overall MF journey.

– I included their overall progress as many of them were sending me progress photos and videos from time to time.

For those whom I haven’t been in contact with that much throughout the challenge, to be fair to them, I also asked them to submit some of their progress photos or videos, if they have one. That way, I can clearly see each and everyone’s whole development. I included those in my overall judgment.

With that said, I will be showing not only their before-after entries, but their other progress photos as well so you could see the basis of my decision.

Meet The Top 3


First, I want to congratulate all the contestants/challengers who mustered their courage to join and show their vulnerable side (their before photos) to me and to other people. As someone who was very insecure about his own body, I know that taking topless pictures when you’re not confident with how you look isn’t a pleasant feeling, let alone show it to others. 


Also, I want to congratulate everyone for giving it their best — for taking the time to read my book even though you’re not a reader; for going to the gym 3x a week even when you’re not feeling it; for resisting a lot of urges and temptations to quit and binge eat like most of us used to; and for living up to the challenge of being in #TeamNoExcusesalways looking for ways to overcome circumstances whenever a new obstacle makes the journey even more difficult.


Amidst all the limitations that this year put upon you, you still endured and stayed committed to the challenge.


For this, hands down to all of you!


I just want to say that I am really proud of your milestones and progress, and honored to have been given even the slightest credit for your results. As someone who’s passionate to teach fitness to other people it’s great to be part of another person’s successful fitness journey.


So, now, I am proud to present the 3 #MFCh4llenge2020 winners. I hope their stories will inspire you to take responsibility of your transformation story and start writing it NOW.


Note: I want you to take inspiration from the stories and successful results of these people, but remember to write your own fitness journey. Your results will vary depending on different factors, but what’s most important is they are yours.

3rd Place

Earvin Magpayo


Starting weight: 62.8kg or 138.16lbs

End weight: 56.3kg or 123.86lbs

Total lost: 6.5kg or 14.3lbs


Earvin, like many of us, has been working out tirelessly in the gym for years without a clear and concrete gameplan to achieve our goal. His 2 years in the gym hasn’t brought him anywhere near to his dream body, which made him frustrated as he was literally a “nobody” in the gym. 


Before #MFCh4llenge


This is when Earvin decided to purchase MF, read the book, and apply the principles he learned from the program. Earvin had progressed more in his first 7 weeks than his 2 years of working out before applying the MF program.



As an extra push, he decided to join #MFChallenge3rd in 2019 where he ended in the Top 20. Earvin was super delighted with this result, and it marked a major milestone in his fitness journey.




Earvin’s transformation journey was just beginning then. He decided to move further by joining #MFCh4llenge2020. But, like many of us, he also got stuck in between because of the limitations brought about by the health crisis.



Thankfully, the principles of MF helped him bounce back on his feet, catch up with his progress, and find ways to overcome challenges.


He had a comeback!


And this comeback inspired him even more to finish his #MFCh4llenge journey.




From the words of a winner, zoom in below to read Earvin’s review of his #MFTransformation journey:

Earvin – 3rd Place

Congratulations, Earvin!

2nd Place

Jomiel Melecio


Starting weight: 74.6kg or 164.12lbs

End weight: 66.8kg or 146.96lbs

Total lost: 7.8kg or 17.16lbs


Jomiel had his own ways of navigating through his own fitness journey before knowing about MF. But for him, his results fell short to be considered excellent despite the effort and hardwork he puts into working out.


So when he discovered MF, Jomiel found that he could redirect his hardwork and time to the efforts that have maximum positive impact on his fitness transformation.


He also joined #MFChallenge3rd in 2019 where he finished with an honorable mention.



What made this guy really stand out from the the thousands of MF members is his positive mindset and gratitude for good things, no matter how small. 


He sees himself as his biggest competition. And this is a healthy mindset that pushes him to do beat his previous best and always do better. 



Jomiel’s journey was far from over. He continued the fight in this year’s challenge and he made sure he was on track regardless of the obstacles around.




His sense of accountability also helped him to keep in track of his goals. He even regularly updates me about his progress.




And yes, he is using Basic Cut, one of Cho’s newest programs.




Jomiel, along with many other Basic Cut users, prove that this is a very effective way to boost your progress.

Jomiel’s message about Basic Cut program


He is a great example of unfathomed dedication and perseverance to achieve his fitness goal. Now that he has fulfilled his #MFTransformation, Jomiel also shares his gratefulness for the supportive MF community who was there when he needed some extra motivation to keep going.




Here are some excerpts from his MF testimonial:





Kung gusto mo mabasa buong story nya (sobrang inspiring) and how MF and Basic Cut have helped him achieve his transformation, just click the download link below:




He goes beyond expectations as he even prepared a video highlighting his transformation.


Jomiel – 2nd Place

Congratulations, Jomiel!

1st Place

Enver Florendo


Starting weight: 75kg or 165lbss

End weight: 65kg or 143lbs

Total lost: 10kg or 22lbs


Enver’s MF story began in a very interesting way. He has been following MF for a long time but hasn’t had the chance to purchase MF. So he did his best to follow MF’s Facebook page and stay connected with Lazy Lifter.

Before MF
Before MF


Enver found his way to the MF program through a giveaway contest sponsored by another MF member, Arthur Peña.



This is how supportive the community is, even to the extent of sharing my advocacy to make fitness more accessible to those who need it.


Enver had been using the free e-book for Lazy Lifter followers so it was really a delight for him  get a copy of the entire MF program.



So he decided to push onwards by joining #MFCh4llenge2020 and made sure that he consistently applied the MF principles he learned from the book. 



During the duration of the challenge, he only sent me 1 update. So akala ko yun na yun. 




But he continued and did not let anything hinder his progress and made sure that he followed the MF principles he learned from the book.

Nothing was going to stop Enver’s epic transformation.


He was elated with his results that he decided to post his #MFCh4llenge journey on our exclusive Facebook group. It’s also a tradition for members to share their progress for accountability purposes and to inspire fellow members too.

Minimalist Fitness

I asked him to take down the post because I saw he had a big fighting potential in this challenge and I did not want him to reveal his results too soon. Ayokong ma-spoil muna sana in case he wins.


And I was right, he stood out from the rest of the #MFCh4llenge contestants and emerged as this year’s Champion.




Enver’s story is proof that everyone has a chance to complete their beautiful and bold transformation story. 


So let’s take it from the champ himself, here is Enver’s complete testimonial of his #MFTransformation:

Enver – #MFCh4llenge2020 Champ

Congratulations, Enver!

YouJomiel, Earvin, and all the successful #MFCh4llenge contestants proved that Minimalist Fitness principles are effective. More than this, you have proven that when you want something bad enough, you won’t let anything get in the way.


You are living testaments that the MF program and the MF community are great means to achieve one’s physical development.


But as you said in your stories, and the testimonials of thousands of our members, Minimalist Fitness delivers beyond this, and plays an essential role to people’s positive holistic transformation.


So congratulations again to all contestants of the #MFCh4llenge. Your progress, no matter how big or small, deserves recognition!


As I’ve mentioned, this year’s journey is not yet over. We are yet to see many more amazing results in a few weeks for the 2nd round of the #MFCh4llenge.


So see you in the #MFReboundRound!

Start Your Transformation Today!

Ending this article, I just want to congratulate all the #MFCh4llenge contestants for a job well done — you all did great! You’re all winners here for the experience and knowledge you’ve acquired.


You all deserve to be celebrated, which is why I can’t wait to hear and read more about your success stories and share it with the rest of the world.


If  you’re interested to have me as your guide in your 100-day transformation, check my NEW premium coaching program, Kaizen, by clicking the link below:

If you have questions, comment them below or shoot me a message on my social media accounts:

Thank you so much!