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#MFCh4llenge (2020) Rebound Round Winners

*The Special Extension for #MFCh4llenge2020
100-Day Transformation Challenge*

*Friendly advice: Read everything from start to end, especially if you’re here looking for fitspiration



The most adverse situations can either beat you or bring out the best in you. This year, we all got slapped by the reality that with one major pandemic, life as we know it can change in a snap. No more night-outs, no more gatherings, and no more gym. It sucks, I know.

#MFCh4llenge2020 proved that regardless of the situation, there is always a way achieve your transformation.

Earvin, Jomiel, and our 2020 Champ Enver showed that #NoExcuses are big enough to stop them from winning to get to their goals. As you keep reading, I’m going to sum up for you their success journey in a while, but you may also revisit their success stories here.

Back to reality, we know that it hasn’t been easy for everybody. That is why for this year, we have introduced a special extension for the MF Challenge, the 100-day transformation challenge exclusive for members of the MF community.

If you’re new to here, your first question might be: “What is the MF Challenge?” 

Just click here and read the first part if you want to know how this came to be the highlight of our members’ fitness journey.

Now, this special 2-month extension is called the REBOUND ROUND

And I am excited to introduce the winners of the #MFCh4llengeRR to all of you. But we’ll get to that in a little while.




This year, we are giving away the biggest cash prize for our challenge winners. The winners of the #MFCh4llenge2020 received the following prizes:

Champion – P15,000
2nd prize – P7,500
3rd prize – P2,500

For #MFCh4llengeRR, our winners will receive the following:

Winner – P10,000
2nd prize – P5,000
3rd prize – P2,500

This is really a satisfying and exciting icing to the cake of victory that our winners will be enjoying. This also means that you will be seeing more fantastic success stories in a little while.

To join the Rebound Round, members need to:

  1. Buy Minimalist Fitness program
  2. Submit a BEFORE photo entry following my instructions
  3. Submit an AFTER photo following my instructions on the date of the original cut-off
  4. Submit an AFTER photo based following my instructions on the date of the Rebound Round deadline

So if you’re in the Minimalist Fitness Facebook Group and you joined the challenge in January, you’re automatically included for the Rebound Round

The instructions are simple: Read the book, apply the knowledge, and commit for the duration of the challenge. That’s it.

#MFCh4llengeRR Judging Criteria

This is how winners for the Rebound Round are chosen:

  1. Progress: How well they’ve improved – this is the most important 
  2. End Result: Final look
  3. Difficulty of the Transformation: Cut, bulk, recomp, getting to <10% body fat, etc.
  4. History: This includes your best physique in the past, how much muscle mass you were carrying at your best, experience with dieting/cutting, drug usage, etc.
  5. Votes from Other judges I’ve Selected: This ranges from acquaintances, friends, bodybuilders that I follow, and to anyone whom I think is fit and qualified to give their opinions regarding the matter

 As you can see, the #MFChallenge is not like a bodybuilding show where overall look and package get you the prize. It’s a transformation challenge, so progress and/or improvement will always be the biggest factor.

#MFChallenge Rules

– Challengers/members must have the Minimalist Fitness program and they can use it however they want.

– Challengers/members must be a member of the Minimalist Fitness Private Facebook Group, where they can ask me questions whenever they want. The more persistent you are, the luckier you get, and that’s what the winners did.

– The 1st and 2nd placers won’t be able to join the next succeeding #MFChallenges anymore. We want to give chance to others.

– Since this is a transformation challenge and not a show, Anabolic Steroids and/or SARMs are not allowed. I have very little ways to find out though so this is more of an honesty/integrity basis. Equality and respect are two of the values we practice in our community and I’m expecting everyone in the group to act in accordance with these. Shame on whoever cheats.

#MFCh4llenge2020 Results

Now with almost 6,000 members, this year’s challenge welcomed 500+ entries. From the roster of our #TeamNoExcuses, three rose to the top. Let’s do a quick recap of our winners from the original 100-day transformation challenge.  


#MFCh4llenge2020 3rd Place – Earvin Magpayo

Earvin Magpayo

Starting weight: 62.8kg or 138.16lbs

End weight: 56.3kg or 123.86lbs

Total lost: 6.5kg or 14.3lbs


Earvin, like many of you, has been working out tirelessly in the gym for years without a clear and concrete gameplan to achieve our goal. His 2 years in the gym hasn’t brought him anywhere near to his dream body, which made him frustrated as he was literally a “nobody” in the gym. 

He previously joined #MFChallenge2019 where he finished in the Top 20 but that didn’t stop him to aim higher. He pressed on and applied the principles of MF and learned along the way how to improve his performance. Earvin finished 3rd place in the #MFCh4llenge2020.


#MFCh4llenge2020 2nd Place – Jomiel Melecio

Jomiel Melecio

Starting weight: 74.6kg or 164.12lbs

End weight: 66.8kg or 146.96lbs

Total lost: 7.8kg or 17.16lbs


Jomiel had his own ways of navigating through his own fitness journey before knowing about MF. But for him, his results fell short to be considered excellent despite the effort and hardwork he puts into working out.

He attributes his victory in the #MFCh4llenge2020 to the Basic Cut program of MF. This is a program exclusive to existing MF members and targets to boost your cutting journey and make it even easier. Imagine that? Now, Jomiel is one among the thousands of success stories that aspiring members look up as a certified fitspiration.


#MFCh4llenge2020 Champ – Enver Florendo

Enver Florendo

Starting weight: 75kg or 165lbs

End weight: 65kg or 143lbs

Total lost: 10kg or 22lbs


Enver’s MF story began in a very interesting way. As a follower of the MF for a long time, he only used the free version of the program and this has enabled to achieve great progress in his journey.

Until he won a full copy of the program this Christmas of 2019, thanks to the generosity of MF member Art Peña.

So Enver joined #MFCh4llenge2020 right away where he was able to apply the full learnings and principles he didn’t get from the free version.

And look where it got him – Enver is now among the legends of the MF community, looked up as the Champion of the #MFCh4llenge2020!



Congrats again, Champ Enver, Jomiel, and Earvin! You three have proven that everything is possible with the right amount of commitment, discipline, hardwork, and this time, a little bit of resourcefulness.

Now, on to our Rebound Round winners..

#MFCh4llengeRR Winners

Meet The Top 3

Despite the limitations of 2020, this year has also paved the way for more legends to be made – those who mean only business when it comes to achieving the goals that they have set in the beginning.

Our REBOUND ROUND winners all lost weight, gained muscles, boosted their strength, and inspired the people around them. They did all these in spite of the limitations imposed by external factors.

Each winner you see here simply decided to make a change, applied all the principles they learned in the book, and stayed relentlessly consistent throughout the challenge.

And now, after weeks of evaluating all entries, I finally came up with this year’s 3 winners, and I’m going to introduce them one by one in just a moment.


My Judging Notes:

– Judging these entries was far more difficult now than it was last time considering the number of participants. Apart from that, a lot of results were incredibly amazing. If I could just make all them placers, I gladly would.

– I asked all the challengers for testimonials right after the challenge and long before these results came out, so what you’ll be seeing below are their legit reviews of their overall MF journey. 

– I included their overall progress as many of them were sending me progress photos and videos from time to time.

For those whom I haven’t been in contact with that much throughout the challenge, to be fair to them, I also asked them to submit some of their progress photos or videos, if they have one. That way, I can clearly see each and everyone’s whole development. I included those in my overall judgment.

With that said, I will be showing not only their before-after entries, but their other progress photos as well so you could see the basis of my decision.

I want to congratulate all the contestants/challengers who mustered their courage to join and show their vulnerable side (their before photos) to me and to other people. As someone who was very insecure about his own body, I know that taking topless pictures when you’re not confident with how you look isn’t a pleasant feeling, let alone show it to others. 

Also, I want to congratulate everyone for giving it their best — for taking the time to read my book even though you’re not a reader; for working out 3x a week even when you’re not feeling it and even when it feels you have to do it at home using alternative methods; for resisting a lot of urges and temptations to quit and binge eat like most of us used to; and for living up to the challenge of bouncing back higher than any obstacle there is that makes the journey the even more difficult.

Amidst all the limitations that this year put upon you, you still endured and stayed committed to the challenge.

For this, hands down to all of you!

I just want to say that I am really proud of your milestones and progress, and honored to have been given even the slightest credit for your results.

As someone who’s passionate to teach fitness to other people it’s great to be part of another person’s successful fitness journey.

So, now, I am proud to present the 3 #MFCh4llengeRR winners. I hope their stories will inspire you to take responsibility of your transformation story and start writing it NOW.



Note: I want you to take inspiration from the stories and successful results of these people, but remember to write your own fitness journey. Your results will vary depending on different factors, but what’s most important is they are yours.

3rd Place

Elgin Mammuad

Starting weight: 76.27 or 167.8lbs

End weight: 67.27 or 148lbs

Total lost: 9kg or 19.8lbs

Elgin is one of the majority of MF members who are silent achievers. He never posted progress updates in the MF group but he reads posts where he may get tips to help his transformation journey.

His message last #MFCh4llenge2020

Joining the #MFCh4llenge2020, he almost missed the deadline for submission of after-photo entries but he still took accountability for being in #TeamNoExcuses, or those who kept on fighting despite quarantine limitations.

#MFCh4llenge Results of Elgin

Thanks to his perseverance and hard work, he was able to continue with his #MFCh4llengeRR battle and made sure that he will beat the odds, even when this means he has to progress by doing alternative home workouts, which were also provided for all MF members.

Now, Elgin has reached his leanest form ever! The best part of this is that he was able to do this without the complicated diet plans and too difficult workout routines.

Elgin - #MFCh4llengeRR

If he was able to achieve this using resources he has at home, imagine what more he can accomplish when he applies MF principles given more equipment!

Take a look at Elgin’s concise and genuine testimonial about his Rebound Round journey:

You are an awesome fitspiration, especially to those who are silent and humble about their progress. You deserve to be recognized!

We are excited for the progress you will continue to achieve. Congratulations, Elgin!

2nd Place

Josh Detera


Starting weight: 71kg or 156.2lbs

End weight: 62.8kg or 138.16lbs

Total lost: 8.2kg or 18.04lbs

Josh has been working out for 7 years before he found MF. Unfortunately, he wasn’t anywhere close the transformation he wanted and deserved.

He first joined the MF Challenge in 2019 where he was recognized as one of the most promising contenders.

Having seen progress and realizing what he can still achieve following MF, he continued to fight his battle and decided to join #MFCh4llenge2020.

For Josh, fighting a great fight would mean that you are ready to face whatever challenge might come your way, because challenges are part of the journey to victory.


With this in mind, he put on his “Never Say Die” attitude, surpassing the limitations imposed by the fears and insecurities brought about by his past experiences.

Thanks to MF and his unfailing consistency to stick to the principles of the program, he landed right on the spot of achieving his best physique ever.


Like many of our winners, Josh wanted to inspire other people to achieve their #fitnessgoals. And he strongly believes that people can do this easily with the help of the MF program. Read his full testimonial here:



Josh is an example of commitment, hard work, and resilience in one person. For that, you are truly a winner.


Keep winning. Keep inspiring. Congratulations, Josh!

1st Place

Erik Obias

Starting weight: 65.2kg or 143.44lbs

End weight: 52.2kg or 114.84lbs

Total lost: 13kg or 28.6lbs

Erik started working out in January of 2019 and joined the MF community in April 2019 when he looked a lot different than the guy you saw in the photo above.

Before MF
Before MF

Prior to joining MF, he worked out in the gym without any concrete game plan on how he will achieve his transformation goal.

When he joined MF, he even thought new members had to do their own #MFChallenge, so that’s exactly what he did.

Without anyone telling him to do so, he embarked on his own 100-day transformation challenge from April to August 2019. Little did he know that this will pave the way to a life’s worth of epic progress.

His personal MF Challenge in 2019

Months passed and he continued to follow the principles of MF and the learnings he gain from the sharing of best practices in the MF community.


2019 Progress – Erik


So when the time came for #MFCh4llenge2020, he decided to join without any hesitation. Erik, along with hundreds of contenders, have accepted the challenge to face the next few months trying to achieve their most amazing transformation.

But no one was ready for the impact that the pandemic had on everyone.  


There were a lot of times when he could’ve simply chosen to give up and chill. But he knew that it would take a great deal of sacrifice to get to where he wanted to be at the end of this challenge.

With all the learnings he gained from the MF program, he pressed on to face the first hundred days, extending through the Rebound Round, to find himself as the ultimate victor over his number one contender: himself.


MF is more than just fitness. It  helped him grow in the other aspects of his life as well. MF inculcated in him the values of discipline, mental toughness, and most importantly, Kaizen.



Today, Erik enjoys his life decisions on a daily basis without worrying that his choices can ruin his hard work and efforts, because MF has already instilled in him that the process of change is one that is fun and meaningful and does not have to be overly painful…


Here is his complete testimonial about his Rebound Round journey (apologize for the quality):



Erik is now considered among the legends of the MF community, proving to everyone that relentless dedication and consistency of efforts can help you achieve things you never thought you can accomplish.


Our MFCH4LLENGE Rebound Round Winner

Congratulations, Erik!

YouJosh, Elgin, and all the successful #MFCh4llengeRR contestants proved that Minimalist Fitness principles are real and legit.

More than this, you have proven that when you want something bad enough, you can bounce back higher than the challenges along your way.

You have all proven that the MF program and the MF community are perfect means to achieve one’s physical development.


Congratulations again to our Top 3 winners for the #MFCh4llenge Rebound Round!



Many of you poured out a lot of effort to prove that you have what it takes to be stronger than ever. Many of you also achieved your personal milestones using MF’s new programs. So let me recognize the rest of our Top 10 placers (in no particular order) for #MFCh4llenge2020:


Ritchie Gutierrez - Used Basic Cut
Stephen Capilitan - Used Basic Cut
Michael Arroyo
Darryl Claveria
Billy Bebe
David Villanueva
PJ Jamoner

Want to have your own transformation too?

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Fantastic work, everyone!


As you may have read in the stories of our winners, and the testimonials of thousands of our members, Minimalist Fitness delivers beyond just fitness, it plays an essential role to people’s positive holistic transformation.


Because I firmly believe that the opportunity to help other people grow and achieve their full potential is something that money can never buy.


And for that, I thank you all for continuing to trust what MF can do for you, your loved ones, and the people you will continue to inspire.


So congratulations again to all contestants of the #MFCh4llenge and the #MFCh4llenge Rebound Round. Your progress, no matter how big or small, deserves recognition!


And the best way to celebrate your achievements is to prepare for even bigger victories that are in store for you tomorrow!


To help you with this, we are having a week of PUBLIC MF SALE, including all our NEW PROGRAMS! (Aug 3-7, 2020) 


Yes, this includes the programs that many of our winners used that boosted and made their progress so much easier to achieve.


Simply click the link below to take advantage of this offer:



Click here to join the MF Family!



AGAIN, you only have a week to score these great deals. You just read how insanely effective these are, so don’t miss you chance to write your own epic story. 


I am psyched to see even bolder, bigger, and even more amazing stories from you guys in the next chapter of our MF journey.


So until then, see YOU in next year’s MF CHALLENGE! 


Game on!

Want to join the next #MFChallenge and transform your body too? Then join the Minimalist Fitness family by clicking the link below:

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