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#MFChallengeV (2021) Winners - 100-Day Transformation Challenge

*PRO TIP: Read everything from start to end, especially if you’re here looking for some fitspiration.


“Can you really get shredded without doing so much cardio?”

“Can you really lose weight with only 3 days per week of training?”

“Can you really build muscle and lose fat with only 5-7 exercises per workout?”

“Can you really have six-pack abs eating the foods you love and without meal prepping?”

“Can you achieve the body of your dreams while still eating RICE and drinking alcohol?”

These are the questions I always get when I recommend Minimalist Fitness Program to someone who’s not familiar with my methods. Since they’re so used to the “work hard and be the hardest person working in the room” approach, it’s understandable that their first reaction would be full of doubts and skepticisms…

“No way! I’m training 5-6 days a week, doing lots of cardio, and meal prepping for 7 days a week with very slow results and now you’re asking me to do less and expect faster gains?! Are you nuts?!”

After I show them a lot of results from my method and making them realize that what they’ve been doing haven’t gotten them to where they wanted, they calm down and slowly listen. Usually, the conversation ends when they ask the final question, which is…

“Can I really achieve the body that I want without killing myself in the gym and in the kitchen?”

The answer is a loud YES! And the #MFChallengeV results will prove you that 100%. Stick til the end and learn how the winners did it.

Before I reveal the results and the 5 winners, let me just take you back to where it all started. Reading everything below will help you understand my judgment in picking these deserving winners.

Below is the history of the #MFChallenge. I would suggest reading this first if you're new here but if you really want to skip to the winners and results, just click the arrow..

What is the #MFChallenge and how it all started…

In September 2017, I created a 3-month transformation challenge that’s exclusive to the Minimalist Fitness Private Facebook Group members. It was named the “#MFChallenge”, and from that, this challenge is now considered as a yearly tradition that highlights the fitness journey of MF members.

The goal of this challenge is to transform yourself in the next 100 days following the Minimalist Fitness Program. You do not have to live in the gym and grind your ass off and make fitness your only focus (you can of course, but you don’t have to). All you need to do is enjoy your life, train 3x a week using the workout routines in the book, eat the foods you love while tracking them, and just focus on what matters.

Sounds fun, right?

What made this event even more exciting is that 5 winners will be selected at the end of the 100 days, and they will take home a total of 35,000 Pesos in cash!

These are the prizes:

1st prize – 15,000php

2nd prize – 10,000php

3rd prize – 5,000php

4th and 5th prizes – 2,500php each

Last year was about achieving outstanding breakthroughs in the contenders’ transformation, not just in fitness but in other important facets of their lives as well. This year, it’s all about pushing further and breaking boundaries to win their best year yet. 

To join, they only need to:

  1. Buy Minimalist Fitness program
  2. Submit a BEFORE photo entry following my instructions

So if you’re in the Minimalist Fitness Facebook Group, you’re automatically included.

The instructions are simple: Read the book, apply the knowledge, and commit for the duration of the challenge. That’s it.

#MFChallengeV Judging Criteria

In the past, the winners were judged by:

  1. Progress: How well they’ve improved – this is the highest 
  2. End Result: Final look
  3. Difficulty of the Transformation: Cut, bulk, recomp, getting to <10% body fat, etc.

These 3 were my only criteria for judging. But since our family has grown bigger now (5000+ members) and with more members joining the challenge, I’ve added some more to the list to make it easier for me to pick the winners.

The new criteria:

  1. Progress: How well they’ve improved – this is the most important 
  2. End Result: Final look
  3. Difficulty of the Transformation: Cut, bulk, recomp, getting to <10% body fat, etc.
  4. History: This includes your best physique in the past, how much muscle mass you were carrying at your best, experience with dieting/cutting, drug usage, etc.
  5. Votes from Other judges I’ve Selected: This ranges from acquaintances, friends, bodybuilders that I follow, and to anyone whom I think is fit and qualified to give their opinions regarding the matter

As you can see, the #MFChallenge is not like a bodybuilding show where overall look and package get you the prize. It’s a transformation challenge, so progress and/or improvement will always be the biggest factor.

With the criteria I’ve set, I can’t just base my judgment on each challenger’s before and after entries. I have to dig deeper — and I have my ways of doing that which I can’t tell but asking for a testimonial and more photos are some of them.

#MFChallenge Rules

– Challengers/members must have the Minimalist Fitness program and they can use it however they want.

– Challengers/members must be a member of the Minimalist Fitness Private Facebook Group, where they can ask me questions whenever they want. The more persistent you are, the luckier you get, and that’s what the winners did.

– The 1st and 2nd placers won’t be able to join the next succeeding #MFChallenges anymore. We want to give chance to others.

– Since this is a transformation challenge and not a show, Anabolic Steroids and/or SARMs are not allowed. I have very little ways to find out though so this is more of an honesty/integrity basis. Equality and respect are two of the values we practice in our community and I’m expecting everyone in the group to act in accordance with these. Shame on whoever cheats.

#MFChallenge Timeline


The 1st challenge started September ’17 and ended December ’17. Since we only had a few members that time, around 50+ members only made it until the end. Nonetheless, our very first event as a family was a success and the winners were awesome. — Click here to view the #MFChallenge2017 results

#MFChallengeSE (2018)

It was January 2018 when we got over to
500 members. As a celebration for hitting that milestone, I created another #MFChallenge as I thought it’s a good idea to have one since everyone is fired up for summer. I named this one — #MFChallengeSE (SE stands for Summer Edition), and instead of 3 months, I changed the challenge’s duration to 100 days. (January 21, 2018 — May 1, 2018). This was our 2nd challenge

The 2018 challenge really set the bar higher as the champ (Kevin), along with the 4 winners, showcased their incredible physiques along with the 4 winners, showing doubters that it’s really possible to achieve results doing it the Minimalist Fitness way (and naturally). — Click here to see the #MFChallenge2018 results

#MFChallenge3rd (2019)

With over 3,000 members in 2019, more than 300+ entries were submitted and around 200 made it ‘til the end. After 100 days of doing the Minimalist Fitness Program and following its laid-out principles, these 200+ challengers transformed themselves by getting into the best shape of their lives.

It was a tough challenge to select the winners for this challenge and at the end, Champ Russell Tee earned the title along with the other 4 winners. They did this without fad diets and crazy workout routines. What’s most important is they did this while still enjoying life to the fullest! – Click here to see the #MFChallenge3rd results

#MFCh4llenge and #MFCh4llengeRR (2020)

With more than 5,000 members, 2020 welcomed 800+ contenders. Despite the pandemic and news of gym closings, challengers were able to conquer limitations and show some of the best results we’ve seen.

Two trends were born as the competition became intense in 2020. Those who pushed extra beyond their limits in the first 100 days of the challenge called themselves #TeamNoExcuses. They did not let anything stop them to achieve their goals. Ultimately, Enver rose to the top and proved that he has what it takes to be the 2020 Champion. Click here to see the #MFCh4llenge results

And since the crisis brought about unforeseen barriers in last year’s challenge, a limited extension was given to all contenders who wanted to keep competing beyond the 100-days deadline. This was called “Rebound Round” where many MF contenders were able to push further and achieve their best year yet. Erik became the champ for #TeamRebound and was recognized with the 2020 winners who gave it their best to inspire, aspire, and win.  -Click here to see the #MFCh4llengeRR results


#MFChallengeV (We’re here!)


Finally, we have reached the 5th year of the challenge and this has presented itself as the biggest #MFChallenge year with hundreds of contenders! This year, it’s all about rising up from adversity and kicking down whatever hurdle gets in the way of victory.

We’ve been seeing some of the most fantastic results in MF history as the 100-day mark came closer; that’s why I can’t wait to share with you their stories of success. Make sure you read through everything here.

Here’s a teaser:

They lost weight, gained muscles, boosted their strength, and inspired the people around them. They did all these in spite of the limitations imposed by external factors.

Each winner you see here simply decided to make a change, applied all the principles they learned in the book, and stayed relentlessly consistent throughout the challenge.

Now after weeks of evaluating all entries and asking many people for help, I finally came up with this year’s 5 winners, and I’m going to introduce them one by one in just a moment.


So you’ve just read how how the #MFChallenge grew from an annual competition to a yearly tradition. This is a perfect way to motivate people and teach them the proven Minimalist Fitness principles, and it also lets me give back to everyone who invested their time, money, and effort in learning everything that I teach. Now, for your most awaited part…

The #MFChallengeV Results

Before I officially introduce to you the Top 5 finishers of #MFChallengeV, let me first applaud the 25 contenders who made it to the roster of the most epic results of the year. These folks really gave it all they’ve got so they deserve to be recognized.

(Just click the image to see their before-after transformations)

You now have your top 5 picks? Take a moment to view each of them and make your choice.

Hirap ba? I know.

My Judging Notes:

– Judging these entries was far more difficult now than it was last time considering the number of participants. Apart from that, a lot of results were incredibly amazing. If I could just make all them placers, I gladly would.

– I asked all the challengers for testimonials right after the challenge and long before these results came out, so what you’ll be seeing below are their legit reviews of their overall MF journey.

– I included their overall progress as many of them were sending me progress photos and videos from time to time.

For those whom I haven’t been in contact with that much throughout the challenge, to be fair to them, I also asked them to submit some of their progress photos or videos, if they have one. That way, I can clearly see each and everyone’s whole development. I included those in my overall judgment.

With that said, I will be showing not only their before-after entries, but their other progress photos as well so you could see the basis of my decision.

Meet The Top 5

Now that you’ve seen the top 25 challengers, let’s move over to our 5 winners

But before that, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all the contestants/challengers who mustered their courage to join and show their vulnerable side (their before photos) to me and to other people. As someone who was very insecure about his own body, I know that taking topless pictures when you’re not confident with how you look isn’t a pleasant feeling, let alone show it to others. 

Also, I want to congratulate everyone for giving it their best — for taking the time to read my book even though you’re not a reader; for going to the gym 3x a week even when you’re not feeling it; for resisting a lot of urges and temptations to quit and binge eat like most of us used to; and for living up to the challenge of being in this amazing community of winners, always looking for ways to overcome circumstances whenever a new obstacle makes the journey even more difficult.


Amidst all the limitations that this year put upon you, you still endured and stayed committed to the challenge.


For this, I salute all of you!


I just want to say that I am really proud of your milestones and progress, and honored to have been given even the slightest credit for your results.


As someone who’s passionate to teach fitness to other people it’s great to be part of another person’s successful fitness journey.


So, now, I am proud to present the Big 5 winners of #MFChallengeV. I hope their stories will inspire you to take responsibility of your transformation story and start writing it NOW.

Note: Take inspiration from the stories and successful results of these people and remember to write your own fitness journey. Your results will vary based on different factors, but what’s most important is they are yours.

5th Place

Ivanford Go


Starting weight: 83.1kg or 182.82lbs

End weight: 68.4kg or 150.48lbs

Total lost: 14.7kg or 32.34lbs

Ivanford’s story might sound familiar to a lot of you. He’s your average gymgoer who thought that he need to spend countless hours in the gym to achieve his fitness goals.

Ivanford - Before MF
Ivanford - Before MF

Thankfully, he found friends in the MF community and that inspired him to join and try the MF difference for himself.


Ivanford made the commitment to read the book (RTB) and take the MF principles by heart and apply it to the way he approaches fitness.


This was the best decision in his fitness journey.

Ivanford - Before using MF
Ivanford - Before MF

Last 2020, he was able to test his limits and gain the proper momentum he needed for his dream transformation.

IvanFord - MFChallenge2020
He pressed on and worked his way to become better and stronger in this year’s #MFChallengeV.
Ivanford - MFChallengeV

Thanks to his determination, he was able to stick to his commitment in progressing with his workout and nutrition, allowing him to achieve his best year yet.

Ivanford - MFChallengeV

Ultimately, Ivanford is grateful that through MF, he was able to surpass his limitations and beat his previous best records. Take a look at what he has to say (you’ll learn lots of tips and tricks here):

Ivanford - Top 5

Congratulations, Ivanford!

4th Place

Cedric Umali

Starting weight: 71.9kg or 158.18lbs



End weight: 57.7kg or 126.5lbs



Total lost: 14.2kg or 31.68lbs

Cedric sees his fitness journey like a roller coaster ride. He always looked forward to riding it, but there were many ups and downs in his story.
Cedric - Before MF
When he decided to work on his fitness, he just marched into the gym and blindly worked his ass off without any particular plan to get to his goal.
Cedric - Before MF

Sounds familiar? Right. 

I’ve heard hundreds of similar stories from MF members who worked out without a clue what they were doing, hoping someday it might turn out as they expect it to.

Cedric - Before MF

He also admitted to being a lazy reader, not even properly reading the MF book. He always found an excuse to justify not apply the simple MF concepts.

Cedric - Results during Yoyo stage

As expected, the results made him unhappy and unsatisfied, because he knows that he got what he needs to know from the MF program. 

He just had to do his part.

Cedric - 2021

It was early in 2021 when Cedric had a wake-up call after life’s simultaneous reminders to him that he had to put health and fitness as a priority.

With the heart of a true MF warrior, instead of letting these challenges pull him down, he used these push him further into achieving his transformation goals. 

Week after week, he poured his heart out to beat his previous record and stay consistent in applying the MF principles. He was clearly on the way to achieving his best year yet.

Cedric - MFChallengeV

He now considers MF as a simple and effective means for one to ace his #fitnessgoals.

He is very grateful that MF has made it easier for him to focus his time and energy on the efforts that really made an impact. Here is his testimonial:

Cedric - MFChallengeV
Cedric - MFChallengeV
Cedric - 4th Place

Congratulations, Cedric!

3rd Place

JR Mercado

Starting weight: 60.7kg or 133.54lbs

End weight: 51.5kg or 113.3lbs

Total lost: 9.2kg or 20.24lbs

Have you ever felt like you’ve given everything you can to get the transformation you dream, but you never seem to get close enough to your goals?

This is how exactly JR felt before he found MF. It was as if his sacrifices were not enough for him to get what he was working for.

JR - Before MFChallengeV

All these changed the moment he read MF and applied its principles to his workout routines and nutrition.

He maximized the resources that MF opened up to him and made sure he was getting the extra motivation he needed by constantly connecting with the very supportive community exclusive to MF members.

It’s amazing to know that JR has transitioned from a reserved man whose goals seemed to be elusive to someone who is proud to celebrate his fitness milestones, big thanks to MF.

Today, JR is grateful and considers MF as the single most effective tool for someone who wants to achieve their #transformationgoals while still enjoying their life one day at a time. 

Read his testimonial:

JR - MFChallengeV
JR - MFChallengeV
JR - 3rd Place

Congratulations, JR!

2nd Place

Elmer Palacio

Starting weight: 69.4kg or 152.68lbs

End weight: 59.2kg or 130.24lbs

Total lost: 10.2kg or 22.44lbs

A lot of you reading this might’ve clicked on the announcement via email, and then you decided to take a look at what the buzz is about.

This is no coincidence, because Elmer was just like you before.

He subscribed to the Lazy Lifter website to get constant updates and announcements, but he never reads it. Sounds crazy, right?

Elmer - Before MFChallengeV

He found the courage to start his journey and he committed to his goals. All he needed to do is trust the process with the help of the MF principles and with the support of the community.


To boost his progress, he also decided to join #MFChallengeV

Elmer - Starting phase

Although he had the answers to the “how”, getting to his goal takes a lot of determination of hard work. He persevered through the highs and lows and he saw the change happen week after week

After achieving such an amazing feat, Elmer finds himself as a proud member of the MF community, and he will always attest to the positive change that this program has brought to his life. 

Read his testimonial here:

Elmer's Lazy Lifter car sticker
2nd place - Elmer

Congratulations, Elmer!

1st Place

MFChallengeV Champ - Thirdy

Napoleon “Thirdy” Largado

Starting weight: 71.6kg or 157.52lbs

End weight: 58.2kg or 128.04lbs

Total lost: 13.4kg or 29.48lbs

#MFChallengeV gave us some of the most amazing results we’ve seen in the history of this challenge. And this year’s champ stands out among the hundreds of contenders.

Thirdy may be one of the youngest contenders, but his desire to win is worth a century of grit and determination.

Thirdy - Before MFChallengeV

He admits being a beginner in this field, but he is serious in becoming an advocate for health and fitness.

Thirdy.- Before MFChallengeV

He even created a video journal to help himself stick to his #bodygoal and to prove that he has what it takes to finish at the top.

Check out his video:


Thirdy had his eye on the prize, and there was absolutely nothing that could stop him from achieving the transformation he had planned.


He stayed consistent with his helpful habits in both working out and nutrition, thanks to the principles he learned from the MF program.


With a humble disposition, an appetite for learning, and an optimistic outlook, he plans to continue on with his fitness journey as an aspirational coach for others.

Now, that is the heart of a champion.


Our champ has proven that working hard in silence can actually mean less distractions and more precision in shooting for the target. After all, success will make the loudest noise after a victorious feat.

Read the #MFChallengeV Champ’s testimonial here:

He stayed consistent with his helpful habits in both working out and nutrition, thanks to the principles he learned from the MF program.

Thirdy – #MFChallengeV Champ

Congratulations, Thirdy!

YouElmer, JR, Cedric, Ivanford, and all the successful #MFChallengeV contestants proved that Minimalist Fitness principles are legit and effective. More than this, you have proven that when the possibilities are endless when you go all in to achieve your dreams.

Your journey serves as living proof that the MF program and the MF community are great means to achieve one’s physical development.

As you said in your stories, along with thousands of testimonials from our members, Minimalist Fitness delivers has become essential in our positive holistic transformation.

So congratulations again to all contestants of the #MFChallengeV. Your progress, no matter how big or small, deserves recognition!

And speaking of recognition, let’s all take a moment to congratulate the other 5 contenders who made it to the Top 10 for this year’s challenge. I know you gave it your best so keep pushing to achieve greater milestones in your fitness journey. 

Top 10 - Ricky
Top 10 - Shanemark
Top 10 - Mobz
Top 10 - David
Top 10 - Dan

Start Your Transformation Today!

Ending this article, I just want to congratulate all the #MFChallengeV contestants for a job well done — you all did great! You’re all winners here for the experience and knowledge you’ve acquired.


You all deserve to be celebrated, which is why I can’t wait to hear and read more about your success stories and share it with the rest of the world.


If  you’re interested to have me as your guide in your 100-day transformation, check my NEW premium coaching program, Kaizen, by clicking the link below:

If you have questions, comment them below or shoot me a message on my social media accounts:

Thank you so much!