Knowing the most important aspect of dieting will give you freedom to eat anything

Counting Calories: The Most Important Aspect Of Dieting

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If you want to take full control of your weight, then you have to learn the most important aspect of dieting.

Many people have been asking me what’s the most crucial element of dieting? Maybe because they’re wondering how I maintain or even lose weight when the foods I am eating are like these:


Photo of foods from mcdonalds. If you know the most important aspect of dieting, you can eat all these without gaining fat

Photo of 2 burgers from Wendys and Moshi Manju. Know their calories, track them, and you'll have full control of your body weight


That’s how most of my meals look like, and that’s how I eat regardless if I want to gain or lose weight–just a slight adjustment of some variables.

Would it be nice to eat the foods that you love and still lose weight? Do you think that’s not possible? I can tell you, it is.

Over the years, people have thought that losing or gaining weight was a very complicated process. It’s not. It’s very easy actually.

You just have to remember two things:

If you’re not losing weight, that means you have to eat less.

If you’re not gaining weight, that means you have to eat more.

That’s pretty basic, isn’t it? Yes, and that’s all you need to know for now.

Forget the military diet, no-rice diet, no-sugar diet, no-food diet, fruits-only diet, 6-meals-a-day-diet, Atkins diet, or any other diet!
Starting today, set aside all the things you’ve heard and read about “diets” and listen to me.

Regardless of what diet you choose, if you’re not following the most fundamental aspect of dieting that I will discuss in this article, you will not succeed.

Counting Calories: The Most Important Aspect Of Dieting


Nutrition facts photo. Counting calories is the most crucial part of dieting

Calories. Calories are everything. I’ll make this article as simple as possible so please pay attention.

Every human being burns calories, regardless of the activity he or she does for the day. Just thinking or breathing burns calories.

And every human being needs to consume calories by eating or drinking, or else he or she will die. We don’t inhale calories nor they get absorbed by our skin, we get them from the food we put in our mouths.

Think of your body as a balloon–a balloon that’s prone to explosion. And the air inside the balloon is the calories.

When we pump just enough air inside the balloon, it stays the same size. If we pump more than the air it needs, it becomes bigger. And if we don’t inflate it with air for a period of time, it shrinks.

This is the same with our body. If we consume just enough calories, our weight stays the same. If we consume more than the calories our body needs, we become bigger. And if we don’t consume enough calories for a period of time, our body shrinks.

This is the universal law of dieting, and no one can argue about it.

Still following?

To explain it further, think of it like this:

Each of us is a different balloon size–some are small, some are medium, and some are large. This is just to say that the air we need for us to be in a certain size varies. Also, the amount of time our body shrinks when air is not present also differs. This is our individual metabolism.

So let’s say I’m balloon #1, my size is medium, and my daily air(calories) needs is 3000. I need to have this 3000air every day for me to remain in the medium size. If I only take 2500air in a day, and this continues for a few days, I will shrink and maybe move to size small. On the other hand, if I consume over 3000air each day, and this continues for a couple of days, I will get bigger and maybe move to size large.

In the above example, each meal were over 1000 calories. My maintenance level of calories (compute here) is around 2500 calories. So basically, what’s happening is I only eat two meals per day, with around 1000-1500 calories per meal. That seems a lot for a single meal, but when computing for the total calories for the day, that is just about right for me. This is the reason why I don’t get fat — because I’m sticking to my maintenance level of calories, which is 2500.

Well, 2500 calories might be too much or not enough for you. Like I’ve said, we are all different balloon sizes. You have a different metabolism than I do and thus, a different maintenance level of calories.

The Not-So-Secret Way To Control Your Weight


A photo of a girl tracking her food macronutrients

If you’re really serious about reaching your fitness goal, your first assignment would be to know your maintenance level of calories and learn how to count and track your macros. You can start now by downloading MyFitnessPal on your phone and familiarizing yourself with it. Don’t worry about tracking the foods perfectly. Just select a meal/food in the database and forget about it.

Learning how to count your calories is probably the most important part of dieting. If you don’t make the effort to learn how to track yours, you will keep spinning your wheels and will grow sick and tired of second-guessing yourself and the process.

If you learn how to count and track your calories, you will be in total control of how your body will look and how your weight will be. If you want to lose weight, you just have to reduce your calories. If you want to gain weight, you just have to up your calories. You can eat chocolates, ice cream, or pizzas because you know that as long as you’re not going over your maintenance level, you will be fine.

Photo of my abs even after eating those fast foods

Yes, I have crooked abs

If I have to sum this article up in one sentence, this must be it:

HOW MUCH you eat is way more important than WHAT you eat.

Of course, this is not to say that you can just eat junk and unhealthy foods every day. The point I’m trying to make is that you can still enjoy eating the foods that you love and at the same time achieve your ideal weight, whatever that is.

The Lazy Lifter’s goal is to help you accomplish your fitness goal and at the same time enjoy life outside the gym. Isn’t it nice?

Also remember, it is not true that as long as you’re working out, you can eat anything you want. That’s a pretty bad advice. That 1 slice of pizza you just ate already requires almost an hour of jogging just to burn it off!
So it is pretty much obvious that the best way to lose weight is not exercise, but by taking care of your nutrition. Though of course, doing both will give you the best result.

Oh, hold up. I’m hearing someone out there shouting something…

“I’m not eating anything for a month now and I’m still not losing weight! You said calories are everything! WHY?!!!”

Crash diets won’t work because you’re not teaching your body to get rid of fat properly. Your body is very intelligent, and it will preserve every energy it has and hold on to every ounce of fat you have just to survive.

When doing crash diets or any diet that lets you consume way less calories than your maintenance, you’re sending a warning signal to your body that triggers a fight or flight response, which causes it to preserve all the energy(fat) it has for survival. You can’t trick your body. It doesn’t care about how you look, it just cares about how it will survive.

Consuming very little calories will not help you lose fat. Stop it.

That’s it.

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