After Helping Skinny-Fat Filipinos Lose Fat and Gain Muscle, I Conclude That...


Discover How Cutting and Bulking Can Increase Your Sex Drive,
Strengthen Your Immune System, and Increase
Your Quality of Life and Lifespan…

Dear Kababayan,

When I was FINALLY gaining weight after my lampayatot days, I felt more confident and more assured.
“This is it! I’m on my way to getting my dream body.
Something unexpected happened.
I kept gaining weight.
I’d train and lift almost every day… like one possessed and on his way to a killer physique.
After my workouts, I’d treat myself for all my hard work…
I ate everything in plain sight.
Chicken. Vegetables. Rice. Check.
Pizza. Ice cream. Chips. Pasta. Yes, I definitely deserve it.
Beer and booze. Don’t get me started.
This routine went on for many months.
Every time I’d hit the scales, I’d see I was putting on weight almost effortlessly.
I was no longer small and frail. What an accomplishment for a hardgainer like me!
I kept thinking then, “My underweight days are definitely over.”
Yet when I looked at myself in the mirror…
And be totally honest with myself…

I Was Not Fit, I Was Skinny-Fat

I was getting too thick.
I had too little muscle…
…and TOO MUCH fat.
When I had my shirt on, I looked terrific… big, well-built, muscular.
Yet when I took it off, I had a belly with lumps of soft fat all over my body.
I could still see the makings of a six-pack… but to the touch, my tummy wasn’t firm, it was more like jelly.
And every time I trained and lifted, it was getting so much harder to sustain. 
I was taking longer rest periods so I can maintain my workout intensity and hit my training goals.
Not to mention, I was getting moody and irritable. And I was tired all the time.
So I dug deeper to pinpoint the problem and found out that…

Being Skinny-Fat Body is as Dangerous as Being Obese

A skinny-fat person has a normal (or under-) weight for his height, yet has high body fat.
Simply put, when you’re skinny-fat… you look normal with your shirt on, yet you carry a great deal of fat. 
You also have too little muscle. This makes you appear fat (when you’re shirtless) even if you’re skinny.
Looks aside, being skinny-fat causes real problems:

Being Skinny-Fat decreases your sex drive. The fat cells in your body change testosterone (hormone that affects your sex drive) to estrogen. 
Having low testosterone explains the drop in your sex drive and your ability to have satisfying sex.
This is also the reason why fat collects in “female places” like arms (flabby!), chest (man boobs), tummy (potbelly), and hips (they don’t lie).

Being Skinny-Fat lowers your immunity. Muscles contain immune cells that can be used by the body in cases of inflammation and infection. 
When you have little muscle, your body doesn’t have an army of reserve soldiers to help you fight infection.

Being Skinny-Fat exposes you to different illnesses. Skinny fat people are prone to develop different illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.

Being Skinny-Fat affects your brain health. Your muscles help you regulate insulin levels and help release growth factors that help your brain grow.
When you have little muscle mass, these growth factors are low and can lead you to troubles in attention, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Being Skinny-Fat Hurts You Long-Term. The quality of your life and your lifespan is affected when you’re skinny-fat.
Because being skinny-fat means you’re metabolically obese… making you at risk of developing the same diseases as obese people. And this can be a cause of early death.
Having little muscle can affect your mobility, power, and strength. This can affect your quality of life as you get older.
And I didn’t want to have these problems…
Gusto ko pang makasama ang pamilya at ang anak ko.
I want to live life to the fullest.
And I want to live a longer, more meaningful life.
How could I do that when I still had this body?
I had to make a change. That’s why…


I had to take a hard look at my workout and diet plan.
I had to do a complete overhaul.
I invested a lot of time and money to find a fitness program that would work for me.
Honestly, I was close to giving up many times before I finally found what I was looking for.
I had to piece it all together for myself.
I had to figure it all out until I arrived with this…

Solution: Cutting and Bulking

The only way I could trim out the fat excess in my body is to CUT.
I had to lose weight.
Yet keep my hard-gained muscles and reveal my hidden biceps and abs under layers of fat.
After I cut, I had to BULK.
I’d gain back the weight I lost while keeping fat to the minimum and increasing my muscle mass.
Let me tell you…

It was NOT easy

I had to get every element right.

  1. I had to get the “right” calculations. I needed to get the correct measurements for my body, like my body weight, fat levels, and even muscle mass.
    With these measurements, I can decide whether to cut or bulk. I can calculate the right calories for a caloric deficit or surplus. And most importantly, I can easily see if I made some progress or not.

  2. I had to eat “right.” Eating the right food and following daily caloric requirements as well as macros can help me lose fat and maintain muscle for cutting…

    …and increase muscle gains while keeping the fat low when bulking.

  3. I had to exercise “right.” I had to find the right workout to help me carve a great physique.
    It should be a workout that will help eliminate fat and maintain muscle mass when I’m cutting.
    And help maximize my muscle gains and keep fat low when I’m bulking.

It took me years to figure it out. But when I did, here's what happened:

When I understood the dangers of being skinny-fat, I made it my duty to help as many skinny-fat people as I can.
Because the worst part in all this is… skinny-fat people don’t even know they’re at risk since they look NORMAL on the outside.
That’s why it’s a blessing…


When I taught this to my friends and students, they got the same results

If you want to stop being skinny-fat and become ultra-ripped, I created a book for you:


The Definitive Guide to Learning When, How, And Why To Do Each For Maximum Results

This is your go-to handbook for building your dream body through cycles of bulking and cutting.
This guide will help you get on the right path to a lean, muscular body while shredding fat and promoting muscle growth.
If you want to be the fittest and strongest you’ve ever been, this is your first step to getting that dream physique.
Inside, you’ll discover:

The Truth About Skinny-Fat

  • How to solve the Skinny-Fat Dilemma and beat your genetics without starving yourself or following a severe training routine.
  • If you should bulk then cut… or bulk and cut? Know what you should choose first to sculpt your dream body as fast as possible.
  • Why skinny-fat sounds like pseudoscience and how to determine which category you’re in so you’ll know exactly what to do next.
  • The trouble with an unclear skinny-fat picture and my no-nonsense recommendation for ultimate fat loss and maximum muscle gains.
  • The #1 Reason why you should be bothered if you’re skinny-fat and the first thing you should do if you want to be fit and healthy.
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  • The Practical Skinny-Fat Guy’s Defense on why it’s tough to lose weight or add muscle and how to crush these excuses to finally unlock the body you’ve always wanted.
  • How answering 6 Target Questions can make it easier for you to decide if you’ll cut or bulk.

Making The Big Decision: Should You Cut or Bulk?

  • Why you need to be willing to give up the “abs” or bursting pecs and arms for size, strength, and muscle definition — and why it will all be worth it.
  • The “Drenched-in-ice-cold-water” Tip you need to hear when cutting or bulking — this will sustain you until you reach your goal physique.
  • The Most Common Mistake skinny-fat people do when they cut or bulk and what you can do instead to be the fittest you’ve ever been.
  • Why ____ is the best course of action if you don’t know where you stand. Follow this advice and you’ll be leaner, more muscular, stronger and closer to your goal physique than ever before.
  • How your body builds muscle and store fat — uncover how you can use this natural process to your advantage and build the body you’ve always wanted.
  • The body fat percentage you should aim for when you cut or bulk. You should tattoo these numbers in your brain for they’ll determine how effective your cutting and bulking is, and how far you’ll need to go in your fitness journey.
  • Why I don’t recommend body recomposition and why you shouldn’t go for this as well — know the biggest reason why recomp should be treated as a “side effect” and not as a “goal”.
  • Is cutting or bulking a faster process? Know the answer and find out exactly how fast it is, so you can mark your calendar and unveil your new body right on schedule

The Scoop On Cutting and Bulking

  • How to get quick wins when you’re cutting or bulking — and how to stay motivated in the long run and achieve your goal.
  • The Proven Bulking Strategy to easily increase your muscle growth and manage your fat gain.
  • The Cutting and Bulking Breakdown: get the body you desire — find out how to train, the exercises to focus on, the caloric requirements to follow and how much protein you need in your diet.
  • How long should you cut or bulk? Get the short and long answer so you can best plan your cutting or bulking targets and get the results you’ve always wanted — a fitter, leaner, more muscular body.
  • The Bodybuilder Secret to setting your cutting or bulking timeline so you can maximize your muscle gains and fat loss.
  • What you could look like if you’ll get an entirely transformed physique at the same bodyweight — you won’t believe your eyes if you see how good you’ll look!.
  • How about if you’re still not satisfied after you reach your cutting or bulking targets? Here’s what I recommend you should do next…
  • Why fitness newbies have the upper hand when it comes to body recomposition — and what you should know if you want to build muscle while losing fat at the same time.

The Cutting and Bulking 360°

  • How to minimize frustrations when you’re training and eating for the cutting or bulking phases, and what you can do to see steady progress until you reach your goal.
  • The Best Way to Train when you’re cutting and bulking. Know your goals in each phase and focus on progressively overloading your exercises.
  • The Skinny-Fat Pitfalls that could get you stuck and the best way to deal with each one so you’ll stay true to your one goal.
  • How to end yo-yo dieting once and for all to get that breathtaking, post-worthy, editless physique the fastest way possible.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Cut if you want to change how your body looks and feels. Find out the best way to deal with this fear once and for all.
  • How to get out of the skinny-fat purgatory and how to make sure you don’t fall in one, either.
  • This is where I let it all out — Know my personal skinny-fat story and transformation, avoid my mistakes and speed up your journey to a better, stronger body.
  • The Complete Workout Programs I recommend to help you achieve your fitness and body goals in just a few weeks.

And let me ask you…


How much is it worth to you to never feel “conscious” about your body ever again?

How much is it worth to you never to be stuck between feeling “fat” and “skinny” for the rest of your life?
How much is it worth to have your friends (and family) be JEALOUS of what you’ve accomplished with your body… and the amazing transformation you’ve pulled off?
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How much is it worth to you to finally take control of your body and your life… so you’ll no longer have to worry about low sex drive and reduced immunity?
How much is it worth to you to improve your quality of life and extend your lifespan… so you can live longer with your family and the people who make your life worth living?
Imagine that for a second…
Then tell me…
What do you think would be a fair price to completely transform your skinny-fat body and gain the perfect physique in just a few short weeks?
If you’re completely honest, you’d say at least ₱3,500. It’s the price of one gym session with coaching from a personal trainer.
It’s the ultimate step for testing the waters and deciding if you’ll continue future workouts. 
Heck, you’d think this price is way cheap to never feel “fat” or “out of shape” ever again…
₱3,500 is a fair amount considering how this guide could possibly change your life forever and finally get you out of your “skinny-fat cage”…
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Yet, I’m not even going to ask you to spend ₱3,500…
Instead, you’ll get everything…

  • The Truth About Skinny-Fat (₱800 value) 
  • Making The Big Decision: Should You Cut or Bulk? (₱800 value)
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  • The Cutting and Bulking 360° (₱800 value)

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And if there’s still a little voice in the back of your head that isn’t quite sure…
Let me make this easy on you so you don’t let the “fear of regret” keep you from taking control of your body and your life…

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No questions asked.

Right now, I’m giving you the chance to write your OWN success story…

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If you leave now, you’ll slip back to your old habits and be content with your skinny-fat body…
But for how long?
You already know the risks of being skinny-fat, your looks are not the only thing at stake…
It’s your health and wellbeing, plus the quality and length of your life.
If you want change, you need a system to get you out of your present condition and give you the steps to transform your body and your life.
When to Bulk or Cut is that system.

At the end of the day, it’s still your decision.
Would you take a chance and experience what it’s like when…
Everyone you meet looks at you differently… amazed and envious of the power and strength of your body…
If you’re like most of my students, you’re going to have a hard time wiping that knowing and satisfied smile off your face…
Or keeping that mischievous and mysterious sparkle out of your eyes…
Or laughing when everybody asks to know your secret in creating a lean, muscular, powerful body…
The choice is yours.
Now, it’s time to make your decision.

Can’t wait to hear about your success!


– Cho Lim