Lesson #2: The 5 Exercises You Should Do to See Results Fast

Lesson #2

The 5 Exercises You Should Do to See Rapid Results

See Your Fat Melt Away and Build Your Dream Body




Do you need to sacrifice your lifestyle to get a great body FAST?


Do you need to work longer hours, live in the gym, and lift weights 5-7 times a week to get rock-hard abs?


Do you need to follow strict workout and diet rules to get amazing beach bodies?


The short answer…is NO.


Of course, you do need the effort to get results, but it doesn’t have to be back-breaking.


You see…


There are 5 exercises for busy people who want to see results fast.


These exercises will help you build muscle, lose fat, improve strength and overall fitness conditioning.


I call these the “Big 5”.


The ‘Big Five’ Exercises For People Who Want To See Results Fast


Let me break each way real quick:




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If you want to add slabs of muscle to your lower and upper body — PLUS, lose weight, prevent back pain in your 40s and 50s, and (of course) create a stronger and more impressive physique — you can’t go past the deadlift.


The deadlift is one of the best weight lifting exercises of all time. Arguably, it’s the BEST.


While it is true that the Squat does rank as one of the best lower body builders (and on this basis alone should be included in everyone’s program)…


…the deadlift, in my opinion, builds the upper and lower body like no other movement.


That’s why almost every bodybuilding, cutting, and weight loss program have deadlifts in their workout regimens.


Okay, next…





The bench press is a classic exercise. It’s proven to be the best lifts you can do for your upper body. It has no parallel. 


It will get you quicker stronger than anything else.


Of course, there are a whole lot of other chest exercises you can do, from push-ups to cable crossovers.


But there is nothing that will allow you to place the amount of overload on the pecs that you can achieve with the classic, flat bench press. You can do incline or decline variations, but start with flat to give you the best foundation.


Bench pressing will also give you crazy strong and aesthetic delts and triceps…


…which means, when benching, you strengthen and develop a lot of muscles simultaneously.


And just like most compound movements, performing bench press will make your body’s natural production of testosterone goes into overdrive.


If you’re serious about getting big and strong, there’s absolutely no reason why you’d want to leave the bench press out of your routine.






Overhead Press


One of the best ways an athlete can test and develop their upper body strength and power is with the overhead press.


The overhead press will help build boulder shoulders and support a stronger bench, stronger lockout, and stable core.


The overhead press is also called the military press or just simply “the press”, is an exercise you often see done in gyms.


The main reason for that is: it’s effective.


When done right, the overhead press is the best shoulder exercise for pushing the greatest amount of weight overhead (using just the upper body muscles).


It will also generally make a man out of you — and make you look like one with those broad, aesthetic shoulders you develop with this exercise.







Squats are one exercise which should be part of everyone’s workout routine.


The most obvious benefit of squats is building your leg muscles – quadriceps, hamstrings, and most importantly, your GLUTES (butt).


Didn’t anyone tell you that having a great ass is so damn attractive? Some even said having a big butt for men is much more seductive than having abs.


That’s one big reason to do your Squats.


Apart from the sex appeal it will bring, Squats has so many benefits — from improving your ability to jump, to building your quadricep and hamstring muscles, to make you running faster.


And finally…






Pull-ups and Chin-ups are the most effective upper body exercises for developing pulling strength and muscle mass in the back and biceps. 

See those guys who have lats like wings? They look so big… and proportioned. This is because wide lats create the illusion of a small waist. 

Eto yung V-Taper na sinasabi nila, and they develop this body by doing lots of horizontal pulling.. and it looks so damn good.


The great thing about this is you can do pull-ups and chin-ups anywhere…


…whether it be at the gym, at home, at the park or even with gymnastic rings anchored from a tree.


Aside from developing your back muscles and biceps, Pull-ups also help grip strength which transfers to improving other exercises as well, and giving you rock-hard aesthetic forearms.


And that’s the reasons why every great program includes horizontal pulling like Pull-ups and Chin-ups in their training regimen.


So there you have it.


“The Big Five” Exercises that’s always included in paid training programs.


But this is just the tip of the iceberg.


The BEST is yet to come.


You see, if you just do the “standard” workout regimen, you’ll get the same results as everyone and you’ll never get the outcome you wanted.


That’s why in my next post, I’ll reveal my personal secret recipe in achieving a great physique FAST.


It’s called “Progressive Overload”.


Sadly, not many know how to do this. Madami dyan na punta lang ng punta sa gym without knowing this secret.


If you do this and combine it with the big five exercises, you can even just lie around 4 days a week — as long as you follow my lead, you will grow your arms, have amazing pecs, and get those rock-solid abs.


I’ll tell you more about it on my next post.


I’m going to share something I’ve not ever shared before…


You’ll know to put all of these together… 


You’ll discover how I used lessons #1 and #2 to create a revolutionary approach to getting your dream body fast while eating anything you want.


You’ll discover my Three Secrets for Getting Your Dream Body (by Cutting Your Gym Time in Half While Eating Anything You Want).


Watch out for that sa email. I’m going to send the link there and not sa social media.


– Cho Lim



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