Yes, you can burn fat fast with black coffee

How To Burn Fat Fast With Black Coffee

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If you want to know how you can burn fat fast with black coffee, then this guide will help you.

Okay okay. The past few days have been all about intermittent fasting–and I’m very pleased about that because it means I am capable of making even the slightest dent in this world.

The noise revolves around the physiological and psychological benefits of skipping meals, whether it be losing weight, creating more freedom and flexibility to one’s schedule, and the productivity it brings.

The basic idea of intermittent fasting, as I’ve discussed in the last article, is to compress your eating period to just 8-10 hours a day, instead of the traditional breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. That way, each meal would be much enjoyable because you get to feed yourself more without the fear of gaining weight.

Doing this eating strategy, your body learns to efficiently and effectively lose weight, and if you’re lucky, build muscle at the same time.

Now, if fasting only brings benefits, then why people aren’t into it?

A photo of a blank plate with fork and knife at the sides. A plate for intermittent fasters maybe?

The problem is not everyone does well with intermittent fasting. Their hunger distracts them more instead of making them more productive. As with any changes, it would get worse before it becomes better, but most people often give up just before they hit the finish line.

Once you get past the stage of, “Ugh I’m hungry, I couldn’t function,” period, morning will never be the same again. You’ll feel more awake, energized, and ready to get shit done — whatever that shit is. Since I think most of us depend on our brain(I hope) to function at a high level, I think this is good news.

So how do you survive those “I’m hungry and I’m going to die” days? What should you do to reap the most rewards while minimizing suffering?

Simple. Drink coffee. Black coffee.

Black Coffee and Intermittent Fasting


Since you’re here reading this, I’m assuming you’re interested in doing intermittent fasting or you’re already doing it. Therefore, like a rite of passage, I pass this statement onto you:

“All big time intermittent fasters love coffee.” Or at least, they drink it.

Why is that?

First reason is black coffee blunts the appetite. When I fast on a non-workout day, my hunger will show itself around 5-6 hours(that’s because I’m used to fasting already) after waking up.

Once I drink black coffee, my hunger will be suppressed for another 3 or 4 hours. This means I have 3-4 hours more to be productive. This is when I usually do my creative endeavors — writing blog posts, writing for clients, brainstorming ideas, writing anything, working on my speech, etc. Intermittent fasting + black coffee puts my creativity on steroids. Really big help.

Photo of me drinking my favorite beverage. Why favorite? Because you can burn fat fast with black coffee

The joy of sipping my Iced Cafe Americano

And if you think blunting hunger and giving you an extra productive time are the only things that coffee does, I will let this article tell you what other benefits it has.

Of course, I know you won’t click on that link so I’m just going to give you the key takeaways:

Coffee boosts workout performance

Coffee can help you lose weight

Coffee blunts appetite

Coffee has little or no calories

Coffee boosts cognitive performance

Coffee drinkers outlive nondrinkers

Coffee reduces the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, Diabetes, Liver disease

Coffee is one of the greatest sources of antioxidants

Coffee makes you feel amazing by boosting dopamine levels

In a nutshell, coffee is awesome–it’s one of the healthiest drinks you can consume that will jive well with intermittent fasting and your weight loss goals. The research is clear on this!

photo of hot cafe americano for the lazy lifter

I want it hot sometimes

When I was cutting out for summer, I was driving to Starbucks almost every day just to buy Cafe Americano. Not only did it blunt my hunger and made intermittent fasting so effortless, but it also kept me super focused on all my workouts. Back then, I was using pre-workout supplements, but when I ran out, I usually go back to black coffee.

Tips to get the most out of this weight-loss strategy:


  • Go with black coffee. Not the cappuccino, frappuccino, mocha, latte, macchiato, or any type of coffee that’s difficult to pronounce. I like either Americano or Espresso. I chose these two because they are the plainest ones–they don’t have milk and/or sugar that adds unnecessary calories unless you include them. Don’t be a pussy and enjoy the bitter flavor of it.

Though a little creamer, milk, or sugar won’t hurt, I suggest to just drink it plain and nakedno added anything. Every time I order Cafe Americano at any coffee shops, I always ask them not to put any sugar nor milk in it. If you add sugar to your coffee, that would lessen the effects of fasting because your system will now have an immediate energy source available, in this case, carbs(sugar), and your body won’t turn to fats for fuel.

  • To make the most out of drinking coffee and avoid building tolerance, make sure to drink it only during the fasting window. Drinking it after your fast will reduce your sensitivity to caffeine and you’ll find out later on that you need a higher dose to feel its effect. Remember, more is not always better, so more coffee wouldn’t be a good idea.

Also, for the purpose of getting past the initial stage of being hungry in the morning, I would also recommend not to drink coffee as soon as you wake up. Wait until you feel like you’re about to get hungry, then shoot up a black coffee in your system. This way, you’re only using the coffee for the purpose of suppressing the appetite, not as an energy crutch that you will get dependent on soon. This tip will make IF easier and more powerful.

  • Make sure to drink your coffee slowly and don’t chug it all down. Your coffee dose depends on your sensitivity to caffeine, so start slow and assess your tolerance. I suggest to limit yourself to 1-4 cups per day. Go higher at your own risk.
  • If you’re super sensitive to caffeine and you always feel wired, jittery, and nervous after drinking a cup, try to take your coffee with L-Theanine, a supplement that you can buy at Healthy Options(you’re welcome, healthy options). It is an amino acid that creates a calming effect and that goes really, really well with caffeine. I swear by this combo when it comes to giving me insane energy and focus without the jitters.

It’s safe, don’t worry. I won’t recommend anything that I personally don’t use and didn’t do research on. So go try it, and tell me its effect.

L-theanine is usually found exclusively in teas — which is why green tea is more calming than coffee.

  • Lastly, I would suggest cycling coffee on and off, meaning you simply take a break from consuming caffeine. You might also want to do this with your pre-workout drinks as most of them contain a considerable amount of caffeine.

One of the dreadful effects of taking caffeine is the Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. It is usually characterized by morning tiredness and lack of focus. Habitual drinkers of coffee may have experienced some of these symptoms — even though they got 8-10 hours of sleep, they would still feel tired after waking up. There’a lot of theories and arguments regarding whether or not Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome really exists, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I suggest a cycle of 1 month on, 2 weeks off. If you’ve been a drinker since, I suggest you take a break for at least a good month.

Final Notes


A cup(not glass) of coffee has around 40mg of caffeine. I’m taking around 200mg of caffeine a day. Studies show that 400mg is even safe, but don’t quote me on that.

If you will use L-Theanine with caffeine, I suggest a 1:1 or 2:1 caffeine to L-theanine. I do 200mg caffeine and 200mg l-theanine.

And if you want to read more about intermittent fasting, the most popular site that covers everything about it is I found this site around the same time I bought the EatStopEat guide. If you’re that type who wants to read scientific studies and data to back a claim up, this one’s worth a visit.

That’s it.

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