Lesson #1: Why Working Out More is NOT The Solution to Building Your Perfect Body (No, It’s Not Cardio Either)

Lesson #1

Why Working Out More is NOT The Solution to Building Your Perfect Body 

(No, It’s Not Cardio or “Dieting” Either)





A lot of people don’t know this, but my journey in fitness started terribly.


It started more than 10 years ago. But I didn’t see any noticeable improvement until year 8.


For 8 years, I went from skinny to chunky. During those years, I thought that more means better. I thought that the more weight I lifted, the better I’ll look. If I lift heavy weights, I’ll grow muscles fast. 


I was wrong.  


There’s so much more to fitness than just lifting weights.


You need to know about nutrition. You need to have a workout regimen. You need to know when and how much to lift.


Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels. No matter what you do, how much you lift, or how often you work out…


…you will always fall short.


You might even hurt yourself. 


But everything changed in my 8th year. 


I started getting busy. I was already working. My time in the gym went from 6 days a week to 3 days a week. So I had to maximize each second I spent inside the gym. 


Oddly enough, that’s when I got BETTER RESULTS.


Yes, I got better results working out less. I lost weight, grew muscle, and achieved my dream body while working out 4 hours per week. 


8 Years of Working Out


Transformation of Cho



  Last 2 Years of Working Out



So what changed? 


Well, my approach changed. I found a minimalistic approach to fitness


And the foundation of my “Minimalist Fitness” approach are these 3 CRUCIAL FITNESS FACTORS:




Every human has an optimal training volume and frequency


Look at athletes…


They don’t train 24/7, right? They have a specific time for training, working out, and resting. 


They have to know what’s their limit…


…because once go over, they will experience diminishing returns. 


They won’t build muscle or get better. They’ll get worse. Their bodies start to deteriorate. It may even cause long-term damage. 


That’s why basketball teams hire the best nutritionists and trainers to take care of their athletes. They specifically design workout programs to…


  1. Test their optimal training volume and frequency
  2. Increase their limit so they can approach their peak
  3. Optimize their workouts so athletes don’t have a “weakness” in their game


When you’re working out, you need to do the same. 


You need to understand what your optimal training frequency is, know your limits, and progressively increase that to make substantial gains.






Once you figure out how much you should work out, how much weight you should lift, and what exercise to do…


…the next step is REST.


You see, muscles aren’t grown in the gym. They grow during rest. 


Whenever you lift, you’re tearing your muscle fibers. Since the body repairs itself, your body will start producing more muscle fibers to heal that tear. Thus, it will thicken, and your body “swells” after a workout. 




Doing this often — without rest — will harm your body. 


Here’s why:


The more you work out, the more you stress your muscles out. If you don’t give them time to rest, they won’t heal so your muscles won’t grow.


Now, onto the next…




Fasting is one of the oldest therapies in medicine. But like any other type of medicine, it isn’t a magic bullet.


Fasting works because it makes creating a caloric deficit much easier and enjoyable. You get to eat more in one to two sittings and you won’t feel that you’re “dieting” at all.


Unfortunately, most people use fasting the wrong way. They feel that if they fast for 12-16 hours straight, they now have a license to eat “whatever” they want in “unlimited” amounts — which is why they haven’t seen any results yet.


“Naka IF ako pero walang nangyayari”


That’s because you’re still eating more than you’re burning. 


If these people can use fasting properly, they can maximize its fat burning potential and receive many other benefits. 


Imagine getting rock-solid abs by just incorporating IF to your fitness regimen.


Have amazing beach bodies while ceasing yourself from the disease.


Showing off with other people and leaving them wondering how you got such a great physique. 




If you want to understand more about Minimalist Fitness, where and how to start your physical fitness venture FAST…


watch out for the next lesson.


I’m going to show you the — The 5 Exercises You Should Do to See Rapid Results


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– Cho Lim



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